Good or bad times for us all?

Universally, 2009 in terms of numerology promises us all the chance to learn grow as human beings. 2+0+0+9= 11/2 Numerology forecasts reduce numbers to a single digit, except when the master numbers 11 and 22 are involved.This year the year does indeed reduce to a master number. But, that master number starts out as the number 29 so lets take a closer look at the number 29, itself, first. This number is indeed a testing number. By that, I mean that everything in life is a test, really. The main thing that we all have open to us in a free world , is choice. We all choose how to conduct ourselves our lives. Therefore, every opportunity that arises is a chance for us to learn love and forgiveness. Heaven knows that there is a lot going on in the world, financially, politically, physically and in the name of religion that is far from good. But each and every one of us has the choice to meet these challenges with negativity ( that prolongs the wrong) or with love and forgiveness that will ultimately cleanse the planet of all negative influences.

The number 29 is a very high numerical vibration to contend with. Bringing it down to the master number of 11, it is still high but can be interpreted into more understandable terms. As a prediction, the number 11 in the position of 2009 means that mankind will be forced to learn and grow about the true meaning of what it is to be human and part of a universal collective of people. A coming together of all nations and peoples is foreseen as we globally all unite and pull together for the good of all. Now, as this forced change that brings these events about is at present unforeseen, as a Numerologist I too can only ponder. Will it be the continuing decline of the financial markets? Will it be global warming that hinders crops making us all contribute to a communal harvest to ensure food for all?

Or will extraterrestrials finally make contact? If this happened then maybe wed clearly be able to identify ourselves as one.Wouldn’t it be remarkable that all that was needed to join us together as humankind was a visit from a stranger?Whatever does happen in 2009 the prognosis is good because we will learn from it how to truly live together in harmony. On a day to day basis I think 2009 will see us all becoming more contemplative of our actions, making sure that our conduct is and is seen to be for the good. I include all members of society in that statement.

People who have been quiet in the past (from all walks of life society) will now feel the urge to speak and they will have profound things to say. Visionaries will become the new celebrities and we will all welcome their messages of faith and hope for the future. May your own 2009.Numerology be happy very interesting! Let me be your personal Astrologer in 2009. All of my readings and insights are worked out by me. I dont use software at all. I put my 12 years experience and expertise into everything I do.