The war of Market is miserable and even the economical analyzers predictions for the future for things get improved is very far away. The hard negotiations are still fresh, that took part in Europe around the issue of money, that Greece is facing up but also many other European countries that are being located in the bay of the Euro zone, like Spain, Portugal but also financial problems are infesting the European Union, like Germany, France and Great Britain. Speculators but also the insolvency of many nations, including Greece, in responding at the hard rules of financial politics that has been created a nightmarish atmosphere in the market, that obviously, have as unique director the profit, itself. That fact, has come to give straight blows in the Eurozone’s existence, at the substance of the Euro as a currency, but also in the international markets too, including even giants such as USA and China.

Unfortunately, those who will sense the consequences of global financial crisis is just humble people, that see in this crisis the purchasing power to be reduced dramatically, and the percentage of unemployment to reach on tragic levels. What we can conclude easily, is the fact that we still are in the threshold of many more changes that no one can really predict.
The balance of powers is altering, and also with it, the map of Nations, the central spots of decisions and mainly wealth and the financial power is changing hands constantly. In ten years, the Conjunction of Saturn-Pluto, an aspect which is being accompanied significantly from the total reversal of equilibrium. Through this time, we can see how Nations will handle the challenges, in front of the reverse of the economical systems and how they will define the game on International level.

Europe in Crisis

The last Circle of Saturn-Pluto, is the most important one that started with a Conjunction in November of 1982.Since the end of 2009 till August of 2010, those two planets will shape a Square, about three times. That means we have two tough regulators, the one opposite the other, something that is leading to tensions, violent collisions, abuse of power and etc…
All these are happening on a off-stage level, and so too little are these information that will come into the light of publicity, till the situation will seize to stop being secretive. In the Ring of Saturn-Pluto, which means uncertainty, collisions, oppositions, entered the Lisbon Treaty, and that comes to regulate the structure and the function of the European Union (1/12/2009) theoretically, this Treaty came to transform Europe, financially and militarily, into a powerful organization that would cover the blank, which seems USA consent as a unique superpower. Despite that fact, the Treaty was activated in December of 2009 under the Square of Saturn-Pluto.

So, it was clear from the start, that with such aspect, the horoscope of the Treaty, problems would be sufficient. From an astrological interpretation, the less we could expect is an aggressive atmosphere between the Nations and a permanent fear of breakdown of the European Union. At least not yet….or they haven’t let it come on the surface. The months that passed away, we see intense influences between the countries-members around the issues that have to do with the financial support of many countries, which are economically harsh. The French-German axis reached the brink of collapse, since Germany denied to be involved in a common active plan and in a mutual mechanism of support with the reason that Eurozone should be contained only from Nations that can compete the others in the International Market.

However, Germany, in reality is in front of a hard crossroad. The total solar eclipse that will occur on 22/7/2009, defines on a great mark the developments till the next total solar eclipse that will happen soon on 11/7/2010, this summer. The zero degree of Taurus at the cusp of the 11th house, in German horoscope, give us the picture for a stable fall of the exports, which is the most powerful «weapon « of Germany.
The eclipse is shaping an accurate Square, with the axis of the 5th and the 11th House. In the horoscope of the European Union, (Brussels) there is a Conjunction between the 2nd/8th House at the 29th degree of Cancer-Capricorn with the eclipse, at the 29 degree and 26’ of Cancer. The unity of the European Union that is being reflected from the axis of the 2nd and 8th House is truly stands on the air.

Looking at Germany Horoscope again, we can see the Square of Neptune, as the ruler of the 2nd house in Conjunction with Chiron at the axis of IC- MC and also an accurate Conjunction of the Moon Nodes of the axis AC-DC. It s very clear, that the economical situation will get worst and the people will be called for one more time to “put out the fire”.

Τhe Moon (people) will be energized again from the aspect of Saturn –Uranus (unrest of the people). The aspects of Venus-Sun with Uranus-Neptune-Saturn, certainly is not promising anything good, for the financial crisis but not even for those who rule.
After all the Natal Chart of Angela Merkel, may even display temporary success. Jupiter is creating a favorable angle during that period, but later she will feel the frustration under her skin. How much important is the role of Germany in the global things can be shown from the aspect of Mercury-Pluto in the 12th House.
At the horoscope of the total solar eclipse, in July of 2010, the Square of Neptune- Chiron will stay at the axis of MC- IC .Mercury, the ruler of the 8th House will square with the axis of the 3rd House and the 9th House. The Conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus, at the second House is shaping a square with the axis of the 6th and the 12th house and with Pluto at the 12th house. All these, are hiding tremendous difficulties and large charges in countries such Germany.


We have already report that from the other side of the Atlantic, things will continue to be hard there too. The public dept. of USA has been grown vertically and in percentages that are almost the same with the dept. of Greece. The dept. of Greece is reaching the 100% of the GDP, something that is the same for USA too. We observe that Pluto, in 2009 shaped an opposition with Venus, of USA horoscope. That meant clearly, that the dollar, and the substance of the USA as a Global Power, will start to be questioned. Already, since March of 2009, we observed the vertical fall of the dollar, in USA horoscope, and USA will do her best efforts to improve her financial situation. However, it will not be enough (while after this economical condition, Germany will be influenced too).

So, Pluto will make his entrance, at the 2nd house of the USA horoscope (2012-2013) spreading the financial crisis in a greater mark and therefore the power of USA, itself in the International Markets. However, from the end of 2010, the transiting Saturn, will activate the particular square of the Sun-Saturn, which is pointing huge difficulties (for long time) for those who rule.

At the solar horoscope of the dollar, the transit of Mars, since November of 2009 with the Conjunction of Moon-Uranus, at the cusp of the 2nd house, in opposition with Pluto, is giving the delusion for a temporal reinforce of the dollar. Nevertheless, the Conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune, in aspect with Chiron, is hiding many perils for misleading .Additionally, Uranus, the ruler of the 8th house,(at the same horoscope) is a part of the instability ,of the Conjunction ,Moon-Uranus, at the cusp of the 2nd house. There is also being shaped the aspect of Pluto-Venus, and that is a fact that will bring loss and problems. The total solar eclipse on the 22/7/2009, at the 29 degree and 50’ of the Cancer, is shaping a Conjunction with the horoscope of the dollar and all these aspects are shaping the square of Jupiter-Neptune. Till the total eclipse of the Sun in July of 2010(this year) is certain that the dollar USA economy will accept a strong blow.

The Giant of the East

China, now is one of the most important regulators of Global Economy, and perhaps is the country that is possible to take the reins from the USA. At the total eclipse of the Sun, in July of 2009, we saw clearly, the role of China, at the global Economy but also some intense problems at the inside of the country, and because of the economical crisis, the demand of the Chinese products reduced drastically, since the purchasing power of the people, fall at a very low levels.
I wonder if that is a coincidence that the horoscope of China belongs at the zodiac sign of Libra. The annular eclipse that took part on 15/1/2010, we see that forms a Conjunction with Venus, as a ruler of the 5th house, which has to do with the trade, and the 12th house, that has to do with the public image, while falls at the 8th house (currency) and reflects the axis of IC-MC.
Mercury, as the ruler of the 1st house, is at the 7th house, in Conjunction with Pluto and in square with Saturn. All these signify the great role that China is playing, but also the fact that she will apply bigger pressure over USA.

At this point, we should say that the horoscope of the Solar Eclipse on the 11/7/2010, headquartered in China, we see the opposition of the Saturn-Uranus to shape a square with the axis AC-DC, where Jupiter is in Conjunction with Uranus. This eclipse is the cusp of the 2nd house. All these signs predict a not so pleasant atmosphere, while Beijing will face up many difficulties and their development role play will be tested on a global level.


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