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Full Moon in Capricorn- 20 July 2016

July Full moon will take place at 00:56:31 am of 20 July, 2016, at the 27th degree of Capricorn (some people perhaps work quite strange and unconventionally repeating thei same mistakes) in Capricorn -Cancer axis. It will affect the signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. It will be held on the 9th house of the solar horoscope, which is the axis of communication and foreign poltics (3/9th house).

The events have been observed in the previous period will be extended and many discussions will begin concerning political and social issues which rather seem to obscure rather than to be clarified their root causes. However, there will be  irritability in our personal and our romantic relationships as well as theft and accidents will be increased. Finally, it will be expressed a sudden, and new reality that most of us is not ready to accept or see.

99jhghgThe full moon has the positive energy and courage of Mars to Uranus that promote change and freedom. This full moon requires unorthodox and innovative approaches to address personal challenges. The integration can be found by those who seek to improve the world self, even through political activism.
As in all the full moon the view dominates the Moon-Sun opposition. The full moon is related to the new moon, projects initiated by the new moon of July 4 can now be perfected or completed, is the harvest season. Emotions and instincts climax.

The Full Moon at 27 ° 40 ‘Capricorn has a strong influence from the positive energy of Mars plus a fixed star is Mercury nature and Mars. The challenging aspects to Uranus require patience to convert someone this difficult action in a unique and unorthodox solutions for personal challenges.

Uranus also represents the technological developments such as the Internet that can help in our personal development. By contrast the Sun-Moon are likely to encounter conflicts or crisis developed by the new moon of July 4th.
That may be experiencing failure or inability feelings, anxiety, guilt and fear. The others may try to make you a mess to be attacked and to mix in your personal life, or you may need to juggle as much as regards a polarity developed within the home and work, or as much respect your needs and responsibilities over others. In your personal life can increase the tension between you and the family members, with additional emotional burdens placed upon you.

You should draw strength from your instincts and your heart to overcome these challenges. The key is to balance the emotions and the conscious intention. <span title=”Παρά αυτές τις προκλήσεις, μπορείτε να επιτύχετε πραγματικά πολλά ή την πρόοδο στην προσωπική και επαγγελματική σας ζωή μέσα στις επόμενες δύο εβδομάδες.

“>Despite these challenges, you can achieve a lot or really progress in your personal and professional life in the next two weeks.

The fixed star Procyon in 26 ♋ 00 Cancer conjuncts the Sun is the main stellar influence without the influence of other stars on the full moon. While this gives wealth and fame, Procyon also brings intense activity, lack of composure and violence. It is related to the rise and success followed by a fall from a high position can be avoided if connected to planets and aspects that show a patient and conservative approach and a political level, since the Sun represents the highest authority of a State, the President <span title=”η τον πρωθυπουργό.

“>the Prime Minister.

<span title=”Ο Ήλιος ιδίως με αυτό το αστέρι δίνει βοήθεια από φίλους, δωρεές και κληροδοτήματα, αν δεν έχουν προσβληθεί, θάρρος και τη στρατιωτική ή την εξέλιξη-ανάπτυξη μιας επιχείρησης μετά από μεγάλους αγώνες και έξοδα.

“>The Sun in particular with this star gives help from friends, donations and bequests, if not affected, courage and military or the evolution and development of an enterprise after great struggles and costs.

The aspects of Mars and Uranus stress the need to act with prudence and foresight to prevent a possible economic collapse that we see our profits to evaporate. However, the large shape faces shown on the map increases your energy and confidence to succeed.
The formation of Huber formation, gives inner ambivalence, which is hidden from combative attitude. The self-development comes from the skillful use of natural talents and experience to turn difficult situations into opportunities for success. The self-development comes from the skillful use of natural talents and experience to transform difficult situations into opportunities for success.

The positive aspects of Mars represent introverted periods of rest and recreation, where you can let yourself go where your heart says. Mars manifested here as talent and experience.
The Sun-Mars triangle brings highlights many talents and skills developed and can be used at work. He brings confidence and enthusiasm, initiative and courage to make the right choice and the right actions. Furthermore the charisma and charm that will help you succeed, but it is also handy when looking for enjoyable activities. You can enjoy the benefits of a relationship and the sex appeal is sufficiently increased.

The Moon -Mars sextile increases passion, your desire for intimacy and makes finding a new partner a real possibility. The sense of adventure allows a wider range of more pleasant pursuits. Increased initiative, competitive nature and good instincts can be applied to achieve your goals when it comes to work.
Uranus manifests as targeted effort and achievement.

The square of Sun/Uranus requires openness and flexibility as you enter into a phase of uncertainty. Changes in your personal appearance and self-esteem can lead to a brave new path. This is a good time to address any bad habits or addictions, as such a step would satisfy your craving to rid yourself of limiting and show the world how strong you really are.
The Moon-Uranus square, can cause rapid mood swings and impulsive reactions. This is not the time for boring routine or important tasks. Your natural instinct says to escape from any emotionally demanding situations. A tendency to attack yourself could escalate any creating dramas. <span title=”Αν και πολύ ανατρεπτική οψη, η ατμόσφαιρα θα καθαρίσει και θα επιστρέψετε πολύ γρήγορα στην κατάσταση που ήσασταν και πριν.

“>Although very subversive aspect, the atmosphere will clean and will return very quickly to the situation you were before.

The aspect between Mars and Uranus will need to decide if you need to hold the doubt and feelings of insecurity. This aspect will affect work, relationships and communication. This facilitates the choice between a bad choice and ignored the good option used.

Mars quincunx Uranus brings forward and increase the intensive time when things do not happen as fast as you want. You have your own goals and how to reach them, but others will push you to comply in accordance with social standards. Further increase of tension leads to a critical point where you can get a split decision and take action. This rapid release tension calms the situation then the whole cycle begins again. <span title=”Το κλειδί για την επιτυχή έκβαση είναι να αποφευχθεί η επανάσταση η προσωπική ανταρσία του καθενός, που θα μπορούσε να προκαλέσει σάλο.

“>The key to success is to avoid personal revolution or mutiny of each one of you, which could cause a stir.

However, the full moon also brings courage and sense of adventure to both work but also in the erotic game.Skills and confidence acquired during the period of enjoyment can be converted to personal achievement, conflict resolution and reduce stress.
Too much fun and relaxation can bring feelings of guilt, but will carry too much stress by working very hard. Finding the right balance between work and pleasure as our personal life in general may be easier to achieve to avoid mixing the two.

Yet, we have the Sun-Uranus square that  will create situations of tension and unrest, will increase accidents and disasters and the known square of Saturn-Neptune will continue to influence any hard situation in the world, creating new conditions and circumstances. With the full moon in Capricorn that is associated with hierarchy and leaders, there will be calumnies, while Venus at the midpoint of Mars-Uranus is likely to bring sudden interventions and sudden events or developments.

1 2 3

Mars at the midpoint of Mercury-Neptune, and Venus/Neptune, urges us to think in a more mature of our plans and our purposes and we may have and the discovery of a new invention. At the second one,perversion be will increased and will be somewhat difficult to fulfill our dreams and even issues of peace.

Saturn conjunct stable star Antares, and will emphasize any bizarre circumstances created by the environment, it is about religious hypocrisy, the loss through quarrels and lawsuits, is detrimental to domestic issues, and is also connected to illness and grief from children .

Saturn also fall at the midpoint of  Sun -Uranus showing rebellion and revolution against any restriction of freedom, a sudden loss, a sudden separation, while weakness and stupidity and frustration is evident. Moon-Pluto conjunction as I have explained before is connected to explosions of any kind and unusual changes, sudden changes and conflicts that will play an important role.

555Compared with the chart of Greece the full moon affects the 9th house, which is connected to foreign policy, laws and religion, our relations to EU will keep us busy, tourism, immigration issues and the revision of constitution. We possibly question ourselves what dawns concerning our future in the European Union and developments will cause strange feelings to people. The point is that with all that is happening and will happen will further open up the debate on the benefits of our stay or not in Eurozone and the European Union.Regarding the issue of the electoral law, it is likely to be reactions in the government coalition.

In this process, the New Democratic party will keep the distances and will not deal with it. Pressure from abroad also will continue concerning our obligations and our country will be affected by external events now. Moon-Pluto conjunction ,connected to explosions of any kind and unusual changes, sudden changes and conflicts will play now an important role.

Uranus and Pluto influence once again England, France (Bordeaux and Lyon) and Spain, Belgium, where there will be twists on a political level and the full moon seems to affect central Europe, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bosnia also with their decisions. Mars will affect our country, our relations with other member-states, as well as Central Europe.

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New Moon in Cancer-4 July 2016

The New Moon for the month of July, will be held on July 4, 2016, at 13:00:57 pm. At the 12th degree of Cancer, and as you can imagine will affect US as it occurs during  the independence day while affects her natal horoscope directly ,it is something like a solar return. The New Moon in Cancer, would affect Cancers, Aries, Libra and Capricorn and activates the legendary square of Uranus-Pluto again in angular houses.During this period, these signs will be forced to go through symplegades stones in order to maintain their acquired and there may be difficult developments in emotional and family issues.

After the Brexit, we see a large and important country in the world economy to withdraw from the European Union and our forecasts have fallen into exactly according to the date of the referendum, considering many parameters that will ultimately emerge from this. The picture is no different from the astrological picture given by the Capital controls of Greece on 29 June 2015, it is possible as I notice from June to an other financial event, and it could be not strange if that will be England, with Moon in Cancer with Sun / Pluto conjunction but we know that  (opposition Sun / Pluto)dominated in July .Uranus from Aries in the 7th house will bring up and down literally in any negotiations and relations of European states and not only. We only have to wait the next step and decisions, and the next referendum, which is likely to have a second one with Mercury in Gemini,at the chart of the first referendum, however, the dam is opened for good and the countdown has begun for the decomposition of Europe.

With the new moon in Cancer, provided upheavals, foreign policy and change navigation policy as for example strategic maritime, crime will increase as mortality and there will be bad weather conditions but also the climate will not generally let say no amicably. There will be changes in education, religion, refugee issue, trade between nations, the overseas travel by air and sea, universities will be affected, the courts, visas and passports but also tourism, especially in the latter can expect twists. There will be twists in the living conditions of some nations, and will be activated national security, where it will be affected and the food, water, etc. There is an alignment in Cancer between the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus. The Moon is in the 12th to 13th degree of Cancer: A dagger next to a skull. Degree of extinction .– Destructive trends. Strong emotions. Neither the ascendant  is positive at the 17th degree of Libra that creates chaos and madness but also pugnacity.
The influence of the new moon lasts for four weeks until the next new moon, in this case, on August 2, 2016.
The Saturn-Neptune square strongest during this period, will dominate again the chart of the New Moon and it means fear, paranoia and intolerance will continue with greater intensity for at least another four weeks. This square of many that I have mentioned so it creates resignations and weakness in policy and general resignation of our plans and objectives, is the axis of weakness and disease, creates suffering, suffering, insecurity, prejudice, great mortality, worsening of an illness, increasing loss of metabolic stability, poverty, oppression, sickness. It creates fear and paranoia in politics and religious extremism. On a personal level represents sadness or disappointment. It causes great anxiety and confusion, phobias, depression, social anxiety and eating disorders, and other obligations.

On the chart, there is a dominant model, the trine of Huber, representing growth problems affecting the whole of our personality, and generally all areas of life. The process of development and transformation is slower but more deeply than with smaller triangles learning.

The square shows regular and active experience conflict due to feelings of inadequacy due to a specific problem. The quincunx is the next step, where searching a solution to the problem can lead to the change of our personal image. The triangle is the desired state of harmony that comes from creative problem solving. The transformation of the ego, resulting in a more dominant and influential personality of each.

The rotational direction of the above crisis mechanism: collision – effort for a solution – harmonization is clockwise or backward, instead of the zodiac. This retrograde direction means that many experiences needed to be achieved to provide necessary knowledge and development. More than one the one of the initial problems will also lead to multiple cycles of crisis mechanism.

The Saturn-Neptune square is the conflict or drama caused, leaving a certain trouble flared. It could be the separation, splitting, regression or some frustration exacerbated by guilt, anxiety, depression or paranoia. The fears can be so strong as to be debilitating, making it even more difficult to correct the problem. It takes patience and focus on the basics. You should follow a more practical and defensive approach to life and do not be too optimistic.

The quincunx, of Sun-Saturn contains, in finding a solution and change your image. This may include testing the boundaries between your own needs in relation to your duties. Gaining self-esteem and respect for others is a great way to progress in your career and may go ahead. However, there may be times when self-sufficiency and self-absorption leads to reckless indifference. While using a crutch, will help in times of sadness and loneliness, addiction may be more difficult to recover the internal confidence needed to proceed.

On the chart, of course there are also positive aspects such as the Sun-Neptune trine brings a spiritual harmony through creative expression. You realize that achieving your goals and dreams are essential in order to help others. The strong faith and morals means that you need not sacrifice her own needs or comfort. Your path to success can be aided by strong confidence even mental impressions, which will be more accurate now.

The Moon- Neptune trine sensitize your feelings, imagination and creativity. You can dream or fantasize about an ideal partner, but is just as likely to meet someone special man now. Relationships formed under this influence you will feel that you found my soul mate. Your intuition will be very strong, so you should pay special attention to any mental impressions the premonitions. Friends may comfort you to offer you their shoulder to cry.

The Mercury-Neptune trine is the perfect face to solve some problems by talking about them. Together with the other triangle sides, which we mentioned above, you will be extremely sensitive to all that others feel and think. If not psychic, you can count on to do a very strong intuition to guide you in choosing the right path forward. You should be able to visualize clearly all the features that were discovered during the search phase of the cross.

This is not the end of learning cycle or transformation. The Sun, the Moon and Mercury, offer solutions to problems that will be very beneficial. The session Sun-Moon, offers emotional balance and improve, so simmering problems can be resolved with a positive way, which stem from the Poseidon-Saturn square.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction enhances your mental skills and provides a more rational, based on the fact assessment of any problems. Communication is another strong point that can be used to exchange ideas. Favors quite like, clearance paperwork and bills, receiving and sending letters and emails, and short trips around town. This is an ideal time to make plans and start business deals, bargains, buy and sell.

The Moon-Mercury conjunction adds more than an intuitive approach to solving problems. You can more easily connect emotionally with other people, or to reminisce the past with family members or friends. This is a great opportunity to alleviate somehow things in your personal relationships. Conversations with women and family members, in particular, will be emotionally enjoyable.
Together, this combination of Sun, Moon and Mercury enables a more holistic approach to deal with any crisis, which stems from the Saturn / Neptune square. This is a great opportunity to leave behind your fears and guilt and other karmic baggage.

But the chart of the new moon we see important aspects that will play a role in global changes, as opposed Moon Pluto, associated with social explosion, the resentment, the arrogant, sudden changes, upheavals. Is the destruction of homes and food, flooded homes, the attack or defense of homeland war (war at any level as the economic war).

To this is added an extra tension to the Sun-Pluto opposition that we have seen the formation of the square since last summer but will affect the chart of England. Say a few words on the important aspect, the assumption of a Leadership position is the imposition of power at any cost, are fanatical ideas, but also the losses that follow because of this, linked to dictators, to test, torment, the loss of life. He is observed in the mass deaths disasters, nuclear accidents, the explosions in factories in general and explosions in nature as volcanoes where by contrast proved quite devastating. It is the individual reaction or fire deaths or massive fire. This concerns a massive fires, Pluto is the atomic energy, nuclear.

This opposition is quite powerful and transformative. The face that could materially affect people in the narrow male sex environment but principally leaders and governments. The aspect indicates the outbreak of a serious crisis with major events. Linked to espionage, manipulation, theft, violence, a natural disaster. The darker side of Pluto comes to the surface to light. Things and events can occur and be out of control, this action is absolutely disruptive.

The opposition played a big role for America and its presidents and leading figures. Let’s go to see some of them .. in a nation kosmogramma the Sun is the leader, the king, the highest authority of a state.
In 1066 AD the coronation charter of William on Christmas Day, the Sun represented William, king of England. On May 10, 1940 the Sun of the same map, represented by the then Prime Minister of England Winston Churchill. On August 8, 1974, Richard Nixon, President of the United States, resigned. That day formed Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Sun of America. They were both 13 degrees of Cancer, as now. The aspect of this is for the leaders.

The Sun also symbolizes the heart of a country. The Sun is the purpose, the will of the people that keep a country together. In the US chart, is “we the people” who according to the rule of law, guarantees all “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This is essentially what is created in the last 235 years, and what has America perhaps the greatest nation in human history.

Two things can happen with this aspect.
First, all the American experiment would collapse and die. And this can happen with the contrasts and meetings Pluto. Transit Pluto conjunct natal Sun of the Soviet Union caused the collapse. The transiting Pluto opposed the Nazis destroyed? Pluto here through this aspect appears as Nemesis, that Nazism never survived.

Second, many things in American culture will collapse, Americans should go back to basic values that were present during the establishment of the state, and the culture and civilization will be healthier and better for the people, and America is already in the same way as did Rome, England, Israel, ancient Egypt and other larger nations.

One thing is certain, the healthiest nations always survive through contrasts and attendants of Pluto, and survive many of them. The Sun -Ploutona contrast creates serious events and deep hits. The old Europe died, colonialism and imperialism received blows, the structures were destroyed that were built during the Renaissance period. Clearly not, this contrast may not be as catastrophic as much and the First World War. Defects in leadership character is most obvious, where it will receive severe criticism from the world. If the “cracks” are deep, they will fall. His fate will be the judge of any weakness here. There will be no mercy for the bad decisions. Lies can be catastrophic, the easy and makeshift solutions will not work. You may see a new kind of leadership in America, a suddenly obvious disconnect between the American people and its politicians, and bureaucrats and the administrators and judges, will be the leaders that will crumble. The new leadership will result from falling back to the original founding core values of America.

Maybe everything is going to change and that the way that most of us can not even dream of. This change will bring painful events, but will clean up corruption and out of the body politic. This is a creative destruction of Pluto. This aspect will affect important countries and leaders belonging to sign either have this account in the map, it as the UK, Germany, Russia, Austria and Turkey. Certainly nothing become lossless, thousands died.

A leader can find that is not the master of the game now, and as happens in countries belonging to the sign of Cancer, like the US, withdrawn and isolated from the world for at least 20 years. It is difficult to write one for the Sun-Pluto opposition, it is difficult to see easily Plutonian events until fall masks. The Pluto problem opposed to the US Venus in Cancer was that the financial bubble that was built for at least a decade, eventually brought the boom. The underlying problem of this contradiction was that before the crash of the bubble hardly anyone knew if there was a bubble that was going to collapse!

The opposition of Jupiter-Pluto, showed the discontent of Americans with their elected leaders, and elections in November 2010 many rejected. In foreign policy, the administration followed carefully disengagement policies worldwide. On May 2, 2011 Osama bin Laden was shot to death by a Special Forces team (Pluto was little more than a degree away from the exact antithesis of Jupiter).

On a personal level, it is important not to be too assertive, jealous, selfish, or to resist stubbornly change that will improve our lives (and eventually will discover that there cheriazete can have complete control) is also there can be habits it is destructive to yourself or others. To evolve your soul, so that you can live a better life and to experience greater satisfaction.

Back to the chart of the new moon to go with the other aspects, the Sun also squares the ascendant and this means that injustices will be quite intense and felt concerns drawbacks, mechanical damage where we will have explosions because of these, the separations, the false confidence but also a general explosion around the world.

The Sun squares Uranus, linked to situations and events of terrible tension, sudden reversals, the turmoil. The changes and reforms that come create such tensions and become thoughtlessly to view the interest, thereby causing serious problems.
The Mercury- Pluto opposition is associated with the reckless actions, irritability, rush and no worse than that especially for a leader to act and decide in this way. Linked to the manipulation, blackmail to succeed in what we want. Also linked to the destruction or communication lines.

The Venus square -Uranus gives earthquakes and shaking buildings but also instability in the economy and stock markets, diplomacy and relations between states. With aspects formed Venus in the last periood, it is expected to shake stock markets, but perhaps not in reality about it, perhaps with cause of Brexit, but I do not see any progress, in the economy as also concerning the Capitals controls in Greece. But certainly respect uncontrolled developments.

Moreover, Venus -Pluto opposition, is associated with an environmental disaster and they have economic implications understood. The square with the ascendant of the new moon, marks the slump in every respect, wastage, debauchery, fanaticism, rape, coercion. Our aspect of this go back without some progress, because the leaders among them do not seem to find them. That during this period, will create frustration and promises and agreements to give it overturned. But efforts need to be made ..

Opposition of Jupiter-Newptune we know is connected to scandals, speculation, a great fraud, political conflicts, losses.

The Saturn-North node square contribute to the limitations and instability and creates tensions and difficulties in cooperation level, Uranus squares the MC and this brings sudden and major upheavals in the world with great impact that angered us, and Uranus in opposition to rising of the new moon confirms a collective shock and the cold shower that permanently accept lately.

Let’s take a look at the fixed stars that accompany the new moon in Cancer ..

The fixed star Sirius in the 14 ° 18 Cancer, are well within the tolerance of 12 ° 53 ‘. This very bright, all the stars have planetary character of Jupiter-Mars, which is a sign of success. It gives honor, fame, wealth and loyalty. It makes you want to take care of things. The combination of Sun and Moon with Sirius is a good omen for success in business, good friendship and domestic harmony. Life also continue ..
3 4 5
Mercury conjunct Alhena gives popularity, benefits from the opposite sex, music and artistic ability, but little reputation, internal harmony, companies affected negatively by the pleasure and society.
Venus conjunct Castor sudden loss, distinction, keen mind, violence and disruption
Mars conjunct Agena, is the legal power, the price as a speaker or writer, great mental and physical capabilities.

*** IMPORTANT Saturn conjunct Antares means love for materialism, dishonesty through conditions created by the environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and lawsuits, the problem through enemies, many failures, blocking, bad for domestic issues, disease and grief from children. If at the same time the Moon with Aldebaran, the risk of death by sword or hanging. [Robson *, p.138.]
Comparing the chart of the new moon to that of our own country, we see affect our national economy create problems of the events coming from abroad. And do not tell me that someone Brexit for example, will not affect the economy of Greece immediately after the debt is subject to English law, as well as trade relations will be affected by the external. Do not forget that the pound is a currency quite powerful which will suffer severely and because of the colonies. The Moon -Sun opposition will bring conflicts and disagreements on legal issues such as the revision of the constitution and religious issues, the moon -neptune opposition ,dissatisfaction , the Moon-Pluto square sudden changes and explosions, the Venus -Neptune opposition will bring twists in the economy and is linked to the fraud, mockery. Also influences the constitution of Greece and the chart of Metapolitefsi.
The New Moon Cancer will affect the US, South America, China-Japan, India, Scotland, Holland, N. Zealand.


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Full Moon in Sagittarius-20 June 2016

The full moon of June, will be held in the sign of Sagittarius at 13:02:15 pm on 20 June 2016. The full moon will be the 29th anaretic degree of Sagittarius, at the third decan, so you get and characteristics of the 1 degree of Capricorn,of the first decan at he axis Gemini / Sagittarius and in this phenomenon Saturn will participate, Neptune, while negative aspects interfere with Uranus. Pisces will be affected, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. The full moon will be held  at the 3rd house of the solar horoscope, while Saturn in be at the same sign, in Sagittarius again.


The full moon of June is quite similar to the new moon, held on June 4, Venus remains dominant on the chart, a very important planet, that issues related to this continue to be tested as love, our own economic, the global economy and peace, diplomacy, art, ambassadors, values etc. that we have said. The emotional links vary and change the course and the program in many professional partnerships. It is very likely a criminal offense to employ a fraud to the public. <span title=”Υπο την επιρροή της θα βγουν στην επιφάνεια αλήθειες που θα εκθέσουν πολιτικά πρόσωπα η κυβερνήσεις και κόμματα που βρίσκονται στην εξουσία, εφόσον βρίσκεται στην κορυφή του ωροσκοπίου της πανσελήνου αλλα και γενικότερα ότι συνδέεται με αυτήν.

“>Under its influence will come to the surface truths that expose politicians the governments and parties in power, if it is on top of the horoscope of the full moon but in general it is associated with it.

Let me explain a few things for the 29th degree, each planet you find these points gives many important life lessons which are essential for the future development of both personal and cosmic level. The degrees are associated with any kind of suffering and hardship, misfortune and bad situations since they symbolize the end of a situation at a deeper level, but the change of a situation always involves pain, like a birth. The 29th degree is an attitude before the passage from a state of consciousness to another, that according to the nature of the planet will determine what those lessons that we should take to achieve this, which is why it has been observed that planets by this fate earn all their potential, either positive or negative.


The ultimate fate of each sign, the 29th that is catalytic relative to its weight and the load of a planet (energy and events suggests). In ancient times regarded primarily as a hard fate, tasked with obstacles, difficulties and pressing or subversive statements.

Today is as important as it indicates a “lesson” or even test / obstacle, through which the person will get in his lifetime. <span title=”Σημαντική είναι και για την πρόβλεψη γεγονότων, καθώς δηλώνει μια τεράστια αλλαγή, ένα τέλος ή μια ανατρεπτική κατάσταση όσον αφορά τα ζητήματα που κυβερνά και την ενέργεια που φέρει ο πλανήτης, που είναι τοποθετημένος σ’ αυτή τη μοίρα.

“>Equally important is to predict events, and represents a huge change, a fee or a subversive situation regarding the issues that govern and energy that carries the planet, which is located in this fate.

So, but the Moon and the Sun, they are there, the map of the full moon, on 29th degree. The Sun is associated with leaders, heads of state, the heart of a nation, national identity, but also those expressing national identity, Heads of Government and State, businessmen, celebrities, and mostly men. The Moon affects the female population, the people in general of a nation, home, family, national security, the liquid warming, ie seas, lakes, rivers, etc. Even those traveling in water, restaurants, food <span title=”, τις καλλιέργειες της γης, την ακίνητη περιουσία.

“>, land farming, real estate.

The Full Moon brings fears and concerns through a very significant astrological three days earlier and it is none other than the Saturn-Neptune square. The planet of communication, Mercury, is in a position where the open and frank discussions are vital to obtain the results as much respect in love matters, peace and economic, personal and cosmic level. As is done in all the full moon, the most important aspect is the astrological Moon-Sun opposition and focuses our attention on the relationships of all kinds. Feelings and events culminating in the full moon .The influence of the full moon will last until the next new moon, in this case, until July 4, where the love and the money will be the main issues and this because the Sun is conjunct Venus the 10th eco, where Venus is traveling slightly faster than the sun.

The full moon will show the obstacles in your love life, your influence on others and what you can do to improve your relationships. Also, ideas and improvements can be applied to your financial situation by saving money or managing a debt you have. <span title=”Η σύνοδος αυτή εστιάζεται και στην έκφραση συναισθημάτων, την κοινωνική μας ζωή και εικόνα, την επαγγελματική άνοδο, την δημοσιότητα, τις ερωτικές μας σχέσεις και την ανάπτυξη καλλιτεχνικών ικανοτήτων αλλα και το όποιο δυναμικο διαθέτει ο καθένας από μας.

“>This session focuses on the expression of emotions, our social life and image, professional rise, the public, our romantic relationships and the development of artistic skills but also to any potential offers each of us.

The conjunction of Sun- Venus is dominating the top of the solar horoscope, the 10th house, is all that you love and have value. As mentioned in the previous article, if you are alone you may feel a strong need for companionship and intimacy, the want to something you do to improve your relationship, you could look simply something else to make you spiritually and <span title=”επαγγελματικά, όπως μια δημιουργική εργασία ή χόμπι.

“>professionally as a creative work or hobbies.

The opposition of Moon- Venus is an aspect where a direct effect since the moon is in direct contact with it through an opposition. If for example, you leave an appointment with someone, there is a tendency to keep a low profile just to not feel alone. In such aspects, the relationships being created not during, but this is not as important to you right now as much as the need to get emotionally close to others. If you already are already committed, friction problems because everyone has different needs now moods can occur can occur. However, this passage alone is not definitely not a sign of great conflicts and insurmountable difficulties. Simply creating tensions that come to light, but surely you can work on them to overcome. <span title=”Η αντίθεση αυτή συνδέεται με την ιδιοτροπία, την οξυθυμία, μελαγχολία, συγκρούσεις στον ερωτα, την αδυναμία, επιφυλακτικότητα, την λανθασμένη εκτίμηση.

“>This opposition is associated with whim, irritability, sadness, conflicts in love, weakness, reluctance, the miscalculation.

The Saturn-Neptune square was a constant challenge for months, which is accurate only three days earlier, on June 17, where it brings frustration or failures and are more likely to expand or deepen the periods of sadness or depression that we all experience from hardships and problems. Even if it does not affect you, it is likely to create fear psychologically or paranoia that can lead you to uncertainty of world events. So things do not differ that much from the new moon on June 4, in Gemini, the only difference is the location of where Mercury will make communication difficult to block any successful outcome. Just to say that empowers the new moon. Besides, as in the past, the square Saturn -Neptune, is a very important cycle, which he brought transformational changes in the past but now.

Just remind you again, in summary, that Saturn in Sagittarius affect the very concept of justice in law enforcement, foreign policy of states, education, religion and sport, borders Member. Neptune in Pisces is in dominant position and affecting shipping, art, spirituality, doctrine, human thoughts and humanitarian activities, are the left parties. The living conditions of many people will change and there will be the proof of the great deception of the system and false promises.

The dissonance of Saturn to Neptune considered the aspect of fraud and healing. The “account” of the aspect will be at the end of 2017 and mainly in mid-2018 when Saturn will pass the third decan of Capricorn for good and Uranus in Taurus. unexplained and unjustified incidents will happen that with nothing can explain human reason. It is advisable therefore to mobilize his temper and prudence and to avoid illusions and delusions keeping subject to and distance from people and situations that we do not trust. In global politics will move phases where the scripts of strengths will afflict the world in various ways people worldwide. The square between these two questions the faith, prevent some projects affected by this, and dissolves. So the tone of the need for dissolution of the incumbent power authorities, aiming always renewing structures. But where Neptune is involved, there is confusion and hidden messages that common sense can not understand.

The year 1989 has linked the collective consciousness with the fall of the Berlin Wall. The weakening of the Soviet Union and the historical Perestroika Mikhail Gorbachev paved the way for the reunification of the divided Germany until then. Global feeling that “no man shall not be FREE” (and see the heart of Europe) and through repeated demonstrations eventually led to the fall of the “shame” wall on November 9, 1989 (third and last session), causing the great admiration of the “free world.”

Since the opening of the cycle in 1989 till today, Saturn with Neptune formed in the first block in the late of 90. In 1998, Saturn with Neptune are uncomfortable angle between them. The culmination was on 25 June 1998. The rebels of the Liberation Army of Kosovo, KLA, were dependent a controlled violence that caused the reaction of the Serbs and reminded Westerners the existence of the problem. The main source was the religion relationship – ethnicity, resulting in constant competition among Christians-Serbs and the Muslim-Albanians. The solution adopted in 1990 for temporary membership in the Yugoslav Federation – at least until they mature the conditions allowing the autonomy of Kosovo – essentially led to a situation dangerously seething. Remember then, waves of refugees fleeing the area (about 200,000) to escape the violence of war. Certainly, 16 years later, the victims-refugees everyone in sympathy and the “power” that promised to care, still not able to be repatriated. Let us not go back more, mention them known to all in recent history. <span title=”Με αυτόν τον κύκλο θα διαλυθούν και πολλά κόμματα αλλα και θα υπάρχει έλλειψη σταθερότητας.

“>This cycle will dissolve and many other parties and there will be instability.

The Mercury-Saturn opposition, brings serious thoughts and discussions but also negativity and grief. Low self-esteem can lead to difficulties in communication and isolation. You may feel better talking to the computer, rather than koinonikopoiithite with others, you will feel better just by investigating in depth some things to keep your mind busy. Fatigue is also another feature of this aspect, due to work commitments, you can accept pressure from others in your job, and it is difficult to respond to any requirements. <span title=”Η διέλευση είναι αρνητική για καινούργια ξεκινήματα, διότι δείχνει εξάντληση χωρίς ιδιαίτερο όφελος.

“>Transit is adverse for new beginnings, because it shows no particular benefit exhaustion.

Mercury also squares the Poseidon, which can cause confusion and complicate any discussions and business transactions. Even with there specific instructions, may be a lack of clarity and misinterpretation. If you have to deal with any major business, government and legal and military issues, seek professional advice or help from a trusted friend. However, the passage shows false promises, there is a strong element of exaggeration and abuse and affects cosmic level extra health, labor and foreign policy, education and religion. In any case could bring ruptures, disruption of relationships. Important is the fact that Mercury is associated with the intellect and aspects formed associated with all these crimes we are seeing lately.

Small planets and fixed stars are aligned with the full moon of June 20 in Sagittarius. While the full moon passes by Acumen, the full effects will be more noticeable when it passes by Sinistra. The Acumen, located in the sting of Scorpio, where it is really a beautiful star cluster called Ptolemy complex.

The Moon will be conjunct Acumen, on 28 ♐ 59 Sagittarius, with Sinistra in 29 ♐ 59, and the Sun conjunct Betelgeuse and Polaris. The Moon with Acumen has a tendency to create a “hellfire” around him or hear through vehement anti-religious, and yet instead -Theikis attitude. Additionally associated with lust, unwarranted, infamous and scandalous attitude, and gives addiction to magic and linked to the poisoning. With the Sinistra, gives a passionate, kind-hearted blind, wasteful and easily drift naturally connected with the invisible dangers, hostility and slander. Pliny had mentioned, that such a combination that caused too great a degree of mortality from poisonings. This constellation is also called, Asclepius, because governs medications.

Aris with Agena, is positive for those who want to express themselves through the written reasons and success with the masses at least, of course, for those who influence, but also the great mental and physical capabilities, the MC with Mirzam gives this success and intelligence, the South Link Achernar can give morality, love of science and religion, religious belief, a lot of traveling and a lot of changes, a position of principle, but because of its negative aspects with other planets gives drownings, accidents mainly into the sea, but something of the positives mentioned not favored, with Pluto perhaps only our calls to strengthen our faith more this time certainly everyone we need. They also say that it leads to violence, and reactions, stirring up war and other emotions like hatred anger etc.

The Sun to Betelgeuse means the interest and ability for occult and mystical subjects, brings acute diseases, fevers, honor and loyalty that leads to final destruction. This is not positive for the leaders. <span title=”[Robson *, ρ147.] Σύνοδος Ηλιου- Betelgeuse, συνδέεται με καταστροφές, βια και κινδύνους.

“>[Robson *, r147.] Session Iliou- Betelgeuse, associated with disasters, violence and hazards.

<span title=”Εχουμε και πολλά σημαντικά μεσοδιαστήματα στον χάρτη της πανσελήνου..

“>We have many important intervals on the map of the full moon ..

* In addition, the Sun is in the midpoint of Saturn-Pluto, which is the axis of ablation power, team containment and dictatorship, associated with leader resignation, deprivation but also the fact that we are witnessing important events in the world. This midpoint certainly still linked to mass deaths and was present at the slaughter of Orlando, which took place on Sunday 13 June, 2016 in Florida. There is of course something which probably will mention in a separate text.
* The Moon in the same midpoint is associated with frugality, temperance, and tragic incidents mainly affecting the female population is associated with women.

** The Meeting Jupiter-Mizar associated with devastating major fires and mass disasters in general.
** Saturn at the midpoint of Moon-Mars associated with restrictions, repression concealed emotions and controlled passion. It symbolizes a predicament and unsatisfied desire, lack of interest in work, work one to one relationship. We may suffer from a separation from the general dissatisfaction in our lives, whether in personal or professional.
* Neptune at the midpoint of Sun-Mars is associated with a state of depression, disbelief, emotional confusion. A trip by plane or boat, the longing for a distant parts, illness, weakness, lack of energy, someone who designs, with no prospect of achieving. <span title=”Συνδέεται επίσης με τις ανέντιμες ενέργειες, την απατη και το ξεγέλασμα.

“>also linked to the dishonest actions, the fraud and deceive.

The Kouaoar (English: Quaoar) (official name: 50000 Quaoar, temporary: 2002 LM60) is a large celestial body of the Kuiper belt. When discovered in 2002, it was most Trans-Neptunian Object. <span title=”Η τροχιά του Κουάοαρ είναι σχεδόν κυκλική με μέση απόσταση από τον Ήλιο 6,5 δισεκατομμύρια χιλιόμετρα (43,4 ΑΜ).

 “>The Kouaoar orbit is nearly circular with an average distance from the Sun 6.5 billion km (43.4 AM).

The procession lasts 286 earth years. At present it is the closest large object Pluto. The Kouaoar is a moderately red object and it is believed to consist rock and ice. It is believed that recent temperature reached at -160 ° C. This led to the creation of crystalline ice. Also traces (5% yperythou spectrum) solid methane and ethane solid, which create an explosive ice.
It is a minor planet minor, and its importance by astrologers according to Nick Anthony Fiorenza is:

The Quaoar seems to have character that supports a “harmonious revolution” – to help us free ourselves and surrender to the natural range of creative forces that govern life and death. Moreover, Quaoar will inspire our return to the “sanctity of life”; to realize that all things in life is sacred and that our responsibility to respect the natural order and living in harmony with nature; without it we have no respect for ourselves.

Compared with the chart of Greece, the full moon affects the 7th and 1st houses.The opposition of Venus-Jupiter, affects the masses, symbolizes complete indolence, negligence, incorrect behavior, arrogance, excess, loss, legal conflicts and religion. Also people who have different values from yours can be of a different nationality. The Moon-Pluto square, square Venus -Pluto perhaps we will have another financial fact, being linked to financial loss and a shock and tensions are created. Furthermore, is associated with the destruction of homes and food, flooded homes, attack or war and defending the homeland, we had seen before many times since Fall. Mercury aspects the full moon, is not accidental because with the square oif Mercury/Neptune, we had the announcement of the 2015 referendum, that the prime minister of this country wants again another one to launch, with similar  aspects that we have now and then.

6The Mercury-Mars opposition raises tensions both at parliamentary level but also in diplomacy. Mars squares the Life, says opposition to the regulations and principles, voltage exaggeration, rush, incontinence, faced with a decision to be taken, conflict, dispute, breach of contract, marital conflicts. Overspending.

Jupiter at the ascendant, the north node, Mars and MC  in opposition to Jupiter  in disharmonious aspet is associated with high tensions in the environment, and aggression. It creates conflicts and problems in partnerships. Disharmony of Mars-Node is linked to the destruction of a partnership, the disruption and alienation.

1 2 3 4 5

* Withdrawal – Loneliness – The limits – Departures or detachment associated with partners – problems- – Run demanding tasks – Obstacles related or other collaborations – Allotriosi- Sacrifices – Uncertainty, insecurity or instability – Frustration – weakness – dishonesty – deception of the world
* Family units – Exchange houses with other strong-antistasi- Thoughts on strong trade unions – News concerning the strength and unity – Extreme communications affect relationships –
* Thoughts on the great fortune – Success Through Writing – Actions that contribute to corporate profits – Talk about power and money – power or influence in law and communications – big impact with legal notices

* Continuous good fortune through influence – Significant costs – high strength economic problems – Minimized influence related to financial matters – Legal problems relating to policy or power issues

Actions contributing to transparency; associated with the discovery of the real peristatikon- – New cultural work – The demand for ethics in sport
Need for continuous adjustment – Times of mandatory changes
Serious or critical concerns – Significant losses – Extraordinary sadness or grief

Actions that contribute to problems during the reform – Intense stimulation of departures or detachment – Major attacks – rebellions related supervision or mandatory restrictions;- Sudden confusuion- Interior chaos
In times of war – warring peoples or nations – Fires- hidden motives – Abuse – Application of cheating

Losses related sudden rupture – Earthquakes

<span title=”Η τροχιά του Κουάοαρ είναι σχεδόν κυκλική με μέση απόσταση από τον Ήλιο 6,5 δισεκατομμύρια χιλιόμετρα (43,4 ΑΜ).



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<span title=”Η τροχιά του Κουάοαρ είναι σχεδόν κυκλική με μέση απόσταση από τον Ήλιο 6,5 δισεκατομμύρια χιλιόμετρα (43,4 ΑΜ).


New Moon in Gemini-5 June 2016

On June 5, the New Moon will be held in the sign of Gemini at 4:59:31 am, 14th degree of Gemini, at the first house of the solar horoscope. Saturn will participate, Neptune and Venus with negative aspects where it will burden with their energy the zodiac signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgos and Sagittarius.

new moon

This time of period will be very hard and generally the whole June, about emotional life of the zodiac signs are affected, with a very high probability of illusions, unrealistic sexual relations and uneconomic choices but also for the economy. Any potential economic and emotional opportunities should not rely on promises. We will see increasing accidents and smuggling. The chart of New Moon, we see a small alignment again, where the Moon, the Sun and Venus at the 1st house is aligned at the sign of Gemini, the 14th degree ( confusion). The Ascendant of the new moon is also in Gemini in the 12th degree (gluttony and selfishness) and is expected to affect our country especially since Greece has its moon in this sign. As Nostradamus and I’ve reported again concerning alignments, our years refers to unusual planetary alignments and other astronomical formula that spark massive upheavals on earth and changes, of course that include major earthquakes or tsunamis too.

The first house is the most important because every cosmic chart represents the people, the general situation of a country, public affairs, societies of a country and public health. The first house is the ordinary people, the way of expression, their own characteristics. It is also the interior ministry. A favorable planet, with many fundamental strengths and positive aspects to the ascendant, will show that the country’s situation will improve and people will be pleased. But if affected badly or some malefic planets, the opposite will happen.

Gemini is a sign related to communications, but also the freedom of speech, spoken or written, television, radio, post offices, computers, phones and all media, all national communication and information networks and transport because Mercury is their ruler, agreements, trade. Note that when Gemini displayed a variety or a mixture of factors are joined together by creating changes, and there is a need to adjust them. However, the new moon reveals many tests and challenges in efforts that everyone does about love and money, issues which are represented by Venus.

Greed, fear and delusion are matters formed by Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in formation T-Square where refers to the obstacles that stand between you and true love. A number of difficult planetary aspects enable us to give up and sink more in self-pity. However, we should understand that these difficult aspects is providing opportunities to improve our love life and our finances so that we can appreciate what we have. This moon phase lasts from June 4 until June 20 which is the next full moon.

The New Moon at 14 ° 53 ‘of Gemini is located right next to Venus also at 14 ° 24’ of Gemini. This very close alignment of the Sun, Moon and Venus is undoubtedly the primary influence of this new moon actually. Clearly, of course, is something much more than the sign of Gemini, the constellation of Orion (Orion) adds more influence on this phenomenon and on Venus is together with the fixed star Rigel in the 17 ° 03 ‘Twin. This bright blue star gives happiness, wealth, honor and glory.

Given this initial brilliance that emits the map of the new moon, you will discover, unfortunately, that this is a real shock as you begin to unfurl the interpretation of the new moon in Gemini. All promise to give this shining star for love, riches and glory become shivers, the influence of the Grand Cross that you form the map of the new moon. The innocence of youth emitting Gemini, plagued by greed, fear and illusion of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune forming the T-Square on the map.

Imagine then, the New Moon conjunct Venus as ideal, with everything you would like to have, namely money and love. Could there be a great and companion in your life, real happiness, healthy children, faithful friends, fame or wealth. This new moon, Venus glow to the fore (first house) represents all those who love and want each of us and all the values that he carries the planet. To share the love is really something very important now and your loved ones will play a central role in your life in the next four weeks. Your happiness and prosperity may depend on them, and vice versa.

If you are alone is free, you may feel a stronger need for companionship and intimacy, and will want to do something to improve your chances of creating a romance. Or you could look for something different that would cause the release of sexual chemicals in your brain like a creative job or hobby where you like to immerse yourself in it.
By literally hang over your ideal for your love life and luxury is positive but there is a T-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This basically means that for karmic reasons (with retrograde Saturn), any delay or disappointment that will affect your love life or your finances is a lesson to teach you that you need to keep in touch with reality. Many of the worries and concerns due to greed, deception, excessive behavior or unrealistic expectations.
There are many tests and challenges that stand between you and your perfect love. All these aspects of the map of the new moon, for example, have the ability to turn you into a lover loose, unkempt, indolent and with plenty of fat. In reality, however effort to stop what is happening to you, that is!
The aspects under the T-square, the planets are forming to Venus represent the hard facts and relationships that must be experienced in order to improve your life in the field of love and your finances. The aspects listed below offer some clues on how to at least pass the exam.

The square of Sun/ Jupiter can make you feel very confident, proud, lucky and optimistic for the slightest reason. The best way to handle this expectation is to show respect, moderation and discipline. Focus your energy on a single pair-group tasks. Try to be conservative with your finances, as there is a tendency to accumulate things you do not really need. Moderation is needed in all areas, with your behavior and your morals.

In cosmic level associated with the tough requirements conflict with the law, the bad food, the arrogance, the physical and natural abundance, epideiktikotita, frequent negligence, conflict of ideas.
The Sun-Saturn opposition puts caveats in your life and this is due to the actions of other people or due to circumstances prevailing. These restrictions may seem too difficult to overcome, because you find it difficult to express yourself. Your low energy and resistance around you means that it is not the time to force you by others or trying to promote yourself and abilities to your feelings. The accumulation of disappointments can best be dealt with in a plodding your personal goal, where the help of others is needed.

On a cosmic level, the opposition is associated with the suppression of the system, the fragile health, the vitality containment, isolation in a simple way of life, a serious illness, a complete change because of migration flows, the change of environment but also affects leaders but also linked the fires.

The Sun / Neptune square has a strong impact on your vitality, making it difficult to get motivated or to be excited so simply with nothing, especially when it comes to hard work. Events or other people can cause confusion and frustration that will force you to give battle against the odds. To address this misleading influence should have full knowledge about become. This is not the best time for hard and high competition, such as commercial transactions or negotiations, and that it have a higher risk to your advantage some predators.
In cosmic level expresses the scandals, cheating, the chaos, the chemical fire and perhaps nuclear power, as we have seen recently and chemical explosions in factories in Europe, one in England and one in Sweden somewhere if I remember.

The square of Jupiter-Venus is generally a good time to socialize and make new friends. Care must be taken, however, not lower your standards, you say you go out on a date, as this could lead to wrong choices or embarrassing situations. You may be more willing to have a relationship at this time that will eventually fail, leading to stress in a marriage. Dieters may have difficulty to avoid overeating at this time. There will be a tendency to exceed the budget for luxury goods, fashion, cosmetics, holidays and fun, something you can really do unless money is quite limited.

Our Venus / Saturn opposition says it is not a good time for socializing so you should prepare for some time to be alone. Try to work out to do some work on your self-development. This is a good time to prepare any work. Try to pay off any debts and if you can not, then at least get organized to know where you stand. If you are subject to depression try to realize this is probably a bad phase of life.

The Venus / Neptune square can lead to feelings of insecurity about yourself and how you see one. There is a tendency to over-idealization of romantic interest at the moment, ignoring the obvious mistakes that are easy for others to see. It would be wiser to wait until they pass the crossing this before you commit to someone else to trust a person. The tendency towards depression, alcohol use and substance will now be easier than ever. Regular users should pay attention to overdose and speak for those who make a drug therapy potentially, infections, or cheating by traders is very likely.
A cosmic level Venus aspects associated with large landslides and other infections.

Globally, this drama unfolds at peace talks and exchanges. There must be great efforts to maintain the cease-fires, to maintain peace, to prevent new clashes between Member. As regards the great migration crisis we will see increased efforts to solve through treaties signed among nations. However, as become and personal relationships, you need the continuous efforts for peace be maintained and increased since these aspects are completely negative aspiring the very opposite, unfortunately, those who have not realized the world peace and economy hanging from a string literally.

With the New Moon in Gemini will be serious developments in global stock markets while Venus rules the money, Jupiter rules the wealth, and Saturn governing banks, investment houses and the vaults. Neptune is associated with a large-scale deception and deception of the masses by the few who threatens to expose the underground nature of Pluto (quincunx with new moon).
1 2 3 4
Compared with the chart of our country, we see that the new moon in Gemini affects first house of  Greece (the people, the general situation of the country, state cases, a country societies and public health) and the 7th to Mars / Saturn conjunction (house overt enemies, contracts or wars, civil partnerships, conditions have been signed) where between these two companies create a tremendous polarity as the full moon of May. The moon trines the Sun and Saturn seextiles which means that there are some who try to do their best to overcome difficulties and obstacles but there are those who are indifferent and looking to simply go well the better. But also the moon is in opposition to Mars in the 7th house of the country showing reactions, violence against limitations the restrictions. Anyway alignments such as the sign that is affecting matters where connected.

The Sun is in opposition to Mars, do list for hasty decisions, irritability, disagreements, inconvenience, stress. the Sun zextiles Saturn, Mercury trines Neptune, Venus trines Sun, Venus is opposed to Mars, Venus sextiles Saturn. These are positive aspects that affect our country outside of opposition Venus / Mars. As an overview with stellium affect the first economic but is not at all positive where you create a huge polarization between people and government decisions, certainly expected dramatic developments, as have other and September as we will write later is extremely negative, if you read the Solar return to Greece for 2016. the new moon clearly affects the map of the prime minister, while sitting on the ascendant as of our country. So we see the Gemini stellioum sitting on the right, maybe this is going to face. The moon is also conjunct Mars in Scorpio, Neptune trines Saturn, but his position challenged by opoosition of Jupiter / Neptune.

seeing the following equations,

Problems- lack – Run demanding tasks – isolation – barriers associated with co – Alteration / withdrawal.
Surprising or unexpected announcements associated with partners – Sudden variations on ideas – Adventurous thinking – News about the events in the environment – reports on the events – troubled communications involving others – reports about tensions – arguments or disputes
Starting on teamwork – Started on active partnerships – hard living – – Attempts to stochous- Start fires or ignition – Work or operations involving weapons – Mandatory decisions – anxiety – Restriction.
Official influence – Civil – dictators / Actions involving confusion or chaos – loss – Intense uncertainty or deceit
Unrecognized force concerning populations or nations – Efforts related uncertainty or instability – Intense frustration – unsuccessful efforts, despite the power or influence – Showers – Hours blackouts
Significant costs – High impact on economic problems – Legal problems relating to policy or power
Delays – Difficult times- infection or contamination
Dissemination of culture – something I take for granted-resistance or obstacles related -freezing attractions emotions – Restrictions on physical pleasure –
religious conversions
Restrictions on physical pleasure – News related to cooperatives and peaceful governments – Exceptional artistic ideas – Talk about prominent artists



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Full Moon in Sagittarius & cosmological phenomenon of Mars-Saturn Opposition-21 May,2016

The full moon of May, will be held on May 21, 2016, at 11:14:21 pm, the 10th house of the solar horoscope, at the 1st degree of Sagittarius, at  the axis of Gemini / Sagittarius, that Neptune, Saturn and Mars with form negative aspects and will ill burden the zodiac signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. This influence will borne personal and social interests. Disharmony of Saturn / Neptune is an aspect of fanaticism, but conspiracies and false assessments. These properties will saturate the behavior of those who manage the fate of nations and systems. You have to take great initiative and make decisions. Well, it is a very important full moon that a lot are going to happen and we will see why.


The 10th house, where the full moon will take place, is very important house, and angular,  and affects the head of state, the president of the republic, the prime minister, public figures, high society. For countries that have reign shows the king. Generally, is the highest authority and persons who have a strong position in a state. Dominates and the honor and reputation of the country. It is the ruling party, the government, the highest state office, the position and the state power on the international diplomatic scene. The heads of state. The nobles, the entities claiming. The price of the product. The mother. Managers. Popularity. The sense of duty, the relationship with senior people. The acceptance or rejection of hierarchy. Our possibilities to become known in a wider context. Our position in society. This house is connected with the sign of Capricorn and determines our capacity for social recognition and development. Rules also, the Judges, administrators, presidents, governors, rulers and prime ministers. Rules also the profession or trade.

full moon sagittarius

The 4th house, opposite the 10th, is the structure of power, natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, fires- and agricultural production. The opposition party. The buildings and land, crop land, farming, subsoil, mines, earthquakes and weather. They proceed from land areas, public buildings. It represents our roots, family and homeland. It is very important house. Traditionally, it is associated with the sign of Cancer. He is one of the most metaphysical houses. Our property. Fields, gardens, houses, Hidden Treasures on the ground. Municipalities, cities, mines, Graves. The end of all things. The ground.


The full moon will be held at the 1st degree of Sagittarius. From 0 -1 degree in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces = what has started can be changed. In mutable signs always it means anxiety, nervousness and change. Shows indecision and weakness. In predictive astrology, what has begun may now change. Considered a leading degree. The person wants to have precedence (it is very uncertain how it will succeed) but some “strange” and mysteriously manages to exercise power. The first degree can be seen in charts of the “self-motivated” leaders who have the correct timing and to know how and who must act. Here, gives a disproportionate selfishness that can work as an inexhaustible motive force. People with the presence of the first degree may manifest stubbornness but also have the guts to succeed. Here, the first degree of Sagittarius, shows deprivation and injuries and has a military character. Authoritarian, defiant and stubborn character on a cosmic level. It is the physical aggression that requires a lot of energy and strength.


Important is also the fact that the full moon in Sagittarius has the ascendant at the 22nd degree of Capricorn. Here, things are quite strange and deserve special mention and attention since the 22nd degree, is connected to murder (either figuratively or literally). Confidently, the person aims to go higher on hierarchy and, when this cannot be done, then it becomes ruthless and bloodthirsty. There, at this point that is because this degree is unfolding the issue of murder. Besides the “cosmic” theater of the universe pretty much all of us we have the role of a sidekick. Thus the protagonists are few, murderers and murdered a lot. The 22nd of Capricorn, has a weak character, inability to dominate over our passions, this degree describes a death, a havoc, and a possible assassination important of a person in politics, as we had seen in equations of recent articles of April and May.

Before I begin the analysis we have two significant astronomical phenomena that will affect developments on this planet. The first one is that we have a seasonal Blue Moon. Of course, we had a Blue Moon at 31 July 2015, we had also analyzed then, and you will see the reason why we have the seasonal one, now. You may also see more information here

I will remind you what I had written then about Blue Moon:

By astrological point of view, a Blue Moon is preparing many surprises on a cosmic level! In 2007, for example, we had the deadly fires that burned throughout Greece, while also launched national elections. In 2009, we had again a “blue moon”, and again proclaimed elections, which took place in 2012. This phenomenon brings all kinds of twists. It is considered important fact and causes serious events depending on which sign occurs and Sagittarius sign is about war particularly when there are so many important aspects that we will describe later in the article. So we are talking about a very powerful full moon that will change the world. On a social level the Blue Moon will bring exaltation of crime and migration, as was done respectively in the years 1961, 1999, 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2015. At the same time triggers extreme weather phenomena earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions and tidals. You may also search these years in Wikipedia and see the events that took place around the world.

Particularly in Europe, it will create as already we see threats, such as terrorist attacks which will thrill many countries as we mentioned in the previous months, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Russia, America, England etc. Economic instability will create major problems. America will experience, like it is also now experiencing extremism and criminality, and economic impasse. There will be earthquakes in Los Angeles, Chile and Brazil, Turkey, Japan as well as civil conflicts, social riots, intense twists and new violence and conflict outbreaks will also will experience the people of the Middle East, South America and there will be twists in economy of China, something that I said in last year’s Blue Moon. A few days later, China’s stock market began to collapse. Some of them have already happened or are underway.

Important was also the Blue Moon in the year 1999: On January 1, was created the European currency. On 13 June elections were conducted, and on August 17 earthquake struck the Kocaeli Province of northwestern Turkey with over 15,000 dead. On September 7th we had in Athens earthquake 5.9 on the Richter scale with a total of around 145 dead. Under Blue moon influence we had the arrest of Abdullah Ocalan, while on 24 March the NATO launched air strikes against Serbia. So it is very important, especially in the houses it takes place. This may also contribute to the possible split of Europe.

The other astronomical phenomenon is that Mars will approach the Earth on 22 may, 2016 as also Saturn will approach earth by the 2-3 June 2016.

In 2016, the planet Mars will appear brightest from May 18 to June 3.Mars Close Approach is May 30, 2016. That is the point in Mars’ orbit when it comes closest to Earth. Mars will be at a distance of 46.8 million miles (75.3 million kilometers). Mars reaches its highest point around midnight — about 35 degrees above the southern horizon, or one third of the distance between the horizon and overhead. Mars will be visible for much of the night.

By mid-June, Mars will become fainter as Mars and Earth travel farther away from each other in their orbits around the Sun. Saturn will shine in close vicinity of ruddy Antares, the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius the Scorpion.


You may also read more here

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This phenomenon is called Mars and Saturn opposition. Concerning Mars opposition phenomenon, important was the year 2003 where Mars was at the closest distance of earth. You may see important events there where we will almost experience the same and much worst this time

Mars-Sky-Viewing-May2016-sm Mars-Sky-Viewing-May2016-sm 2016-june-2-mars-saturn-antares-scorpius

From the astrological point of view, both planets do not give a positive interpretation. With Mars: Harmful habits force affecting the life, quarrels with friends and relatives, quite favorable for profit.

With Saturn: materialistic, dishonest through circumstances caused by the environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and lawsuits, the problem through enemies, many failures, bad for domestic issues, much illness and grief children [Robson *, p.138.]

Back in May full moon. In the Full Moon of May intense and particularly aggressive Mars is, that dominates the at the chart of the full moon, also at the first degree of Sagittarius, where together create serious aggression and major tension issues in all sort of relationships, whether those are relations personal, professional, between states and leaders and nations . So we have the Mars / Moon conjunction at the 1st degree of Sagittarius at the 10th house, and, both of them are opposed to the Sun and Venus in the 4th House, as you observe at the chart of the full moon.

It is true that till now have occurred significant and rare alignments across the sky and most of them are stemming from the red blood moon, the 2015 blue moon. The planet will change, much will happen to all these phenomena that we have described in recent months. The Moon / Mars conjunction is opposite to the Sun and Venus which is a quite an uncomfortable and unstable polarity that requires a little bit of patience and understanding at least in our personal lives, because in political level usually things are extremely difficult. Also with this full moon, notorious fixed stars activated indicating a high risk on a cosmic level, when we act impulsively. Depression and misfortune will become quite obvious by many, but because of this situation will certainly there will be people that will show sympathy and offer comfort and support. The universe literally is full of omens, months now.

The Moon / Mars conjunction is the strongest feature in the illustration of the full moon. This is a particular strong combination, because both are to the same degree. But there are also positive features given in this conjunction, such as passion, strength, bravery and strong sex appeal, overstimulation, vivid emotion, spontaneity, the emotions, the intellectual activity, courage, is the perception of openness, honesty, strong will and it matches a Sagittarius. The conjunction itself seems to be quite good, however, because of the opposition to the Sun and Venus in Taurus and Gemini respectively, tells us that this full moon will lead to more fights, battles and will open war fronts.

Opposition of the Sun / Moon is similar to the Venus / Mars opposition, but also of higher intensity, due to strong polarity that is being created between male energy (Mars) and female energy (Venus). The Moon and Venus are both conciliatory and passive, while the Sun and Mars is dominant and energetic. This kind of polarity, I such houses simply does not sit well at all.

Any hope of peace and harmony because of the Sun / Venus conjunction in the 4th house, will neutralize the aggression of Mars and disharmony of the oppositions. Venus opposite Mars puts excessive pressure on relationships and adds for example, sexual tension between partners, but mainly creates enormous tensions between associates, leaders and nations. The polarity between those two is particularly highlighted. Concerning, your personal relationships, roles and responsibilities of each partner is likely to arise through the conflict. Traditional sexual stereotypes have no meaning in this full moon. There will be a kind of struggle for supremacy between partners that will be reflected by an internal conflict between male and female and the weakest should decide to stand alone.


Mars retrograde, do not forget that, until the end of June, reinforcing the need to think twice before assert or act impulsively, either in personal or on a cosmic level. It is better, of course, on a personal level, to continue the hard work and avoid arguments or conflicts. We should be able to talk about what is bothering us in connection with a close associate as well as our friends. You should be very careful with all the others, however. Some people will not go well with this energy and will be particularly irritable and aggressive. It is an aspect of high risk.

The Moon / Venus opposition shows the miscalculation that we have about a situation, the inability to estimate things and also indicates the direction and manipulation by others, timidity, reticence. It also shows disorder, irritability, sadness, conflict. The conjunction of Moon / Mars shows strong tensions, the rush, early action but also the fighting spirit, strife, trouble, intolerance demonstration / intolerance and problems. The opposition of Sun / Mars, is showing tenacity, stubbornness, restlessness, recklessness in the decisions, but also on a cosmic level shows terrorists, violent people, the military, the stress, disruption, failure from excessive demands, symbolizing the fires. And the houses where these aspects take place are quite important. The 10th house are the governments, the 4th, the territory of a country, the country, and the inhabitants of a country. This aspect is also connected depending on the situations, and the call for military service if there will be an outbreak of a war, for example. Many states will accept a terrorist attack or new war conflicts will open up.

The Venus / Mars opposition in a cosmic level shows the explosion, the sudden outbreak, and disruption of diplomatic relations since both planets affect war and peace, economy, violence which will grow and we will be witnesses of important developments. It also symbolizes the looting or vulnerable victims eg. during a disaster. With such aspects indeed I do not hope for peace, negotiations concerning the improvement of economy or any other improvement, in angular houses.

Undoubtedly, aspects are not missing from the chart of the full moon is the square of Jupiter / Saturn (restriction, forced change, fear, resentment) between 8 / 11th house, where it is not at all positive for the political and economic situation and the conditions in which we live, the opposition of Jupiter / Neptune (feasibility, political conflicts, losses, scandals, instability, speculation, poverty, economic tsunami or because of an earthquake) with the north Node between 2 / 8th, repeated, at the economic axis and death, as seen from solar eclipse articles.


The latter also applies to large earthquakes, tsunamis and disasters with massive losses and where we will have. Saturn also squares the North Node (forced separation and dissolution, group isolation, difficulties in collaboration with others, lack of adaptability, oppression, restrictions, massive losses) but also Neptune (dark, epidemics, undermining situations, loss of firmness, decay, rot , prejudice, insecurity, alternating moods).


Further aspects that being formed is the square of the Sun / Jupiter, (high heat, fires, arrogance, showdown, the conflict with the law, bad diet), the Sun / Saturn opposition (persistent long fires, serious illness, loss of life) the square of the Sun / Neptune (chemical fire, chaos, tangling in scandal, deception, the self-deception and concern leaders where you see the sun is involved), the square of the Moon / Neptune (bizarre circumstances, holding) the Venus opposition / Saturn (obstacles in the economy and in peace, suffering, isolation, prevention, landslides, ground subsidence), the square of Venus / Neptune (infection, difficult realization of ideas, madness, mania, delusion, absurdity) square of Mars / Jupiter, (large fires, early action, clearing through confrontation, rebellion, dissolution and determination) known in the past two months articles as the conjunction of Mars-Saturn that has lit fires at the Aegean Sea, and since this aspect forms an opposition to Venus and other aspects not are not positive we should expect he war game to be developed there, waiting a lot to happen, that is also is triggering long time now the square of Mars- Neptune (weakness, paralysis, impotence, epidemics axis, lack of purpose, failure, misfortune, lack of planning, crime increase).


Fixed stars, are placed to the chart of May full Moon are several and very significant. The stable star Dschubba on 02 ♐ 48 Sagittarius, is within the tolerance of both the Moon and Mars. According to Robson produces sudden attacks, malice, the immorality and shamelessness. Ebertin says that causes difficulties, obstacles and losses, and of course in secular maps, there is an indication of mass disasters when Mars involved, Saturn or Uranus, and indeed is the first degrees of Sagittarius. The cosmic map, is reflecting the planets in universe means world events and this star, just mentioned, is not the only indicator of a tragedy and war in the full moon of May, 21, 2016. Mars particularly with Dschubba is famed for violence, harm and crime, violent and sudden deaths.


The stable star Alcyone in 00 ♊ 12 Gemini, conjuncts the Sun. This star brings optimism and love, when the aspects are favorable, but deep sadness and tragedies due to the completely negative aspects are being formed. Alcyone, has also been associated with homosexuality, especially in men. I would not be surprised if this full moon, as shows the nature of the planets, to encourage people to come out to protest or incur significant events relating to human rights and equality but also peace and war. Alcyone conjunct the Sun and according to Robson, is connected to diseases of the throat, chronic catarrh, blindness, the bad eyesight, injuries to the face, illness, shame, the bad mood (on homosexuality), the killer or those who were killed, imprisonment, death from plague, the blows, the stabbing, shooting, beheading or shipwreck (either into the sea or a political shipwreck).


And finally, to emphasize the significance of the events that will evolve, we have the appearance of the notorious fixed star Algol (everybody know and have heard) on 26 ♉ 23 Taurus, there is no good omen for world peace and economy when possibly conjuncts Venus. The Algol and Alcyone when activated, and so many fixed stars together, indicate extreme misery and events that will bring sorrow. Due to the strong polarity that exists in this chart, do not forget that man will show and the best properties during a disaster or a tragic event. Marks also the decapitation or a murderer or someone who meets a violent death. With such combinations, as we know in the past, many leaders are threatened with assassination attempts, that mainly have on their chart the Jupiter / Saturn square, opposition or conjunction. Algol was also, at the Second World War broke out when and at other important moments of world history. During the Second World War, Uranus crossed over Algol. It was there when September 1, London accept an airstrike. However, you may read on last year Moons on June,2015 but Algol, appeared also in Taurus New Moon,2015, as also a lot take place in the world.


Nevertheless … there is always another ray of hope in my personal opinion, whether the politicians do not give much room for it, and that comes from the Great trine of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto. It brings people together to build a better future based on optimism and faith. Do not forget that. The full moon of May 6 has shown us that there will be some limited situation to be overcome in order to rise to a personal, professional and spiritual development. But the May 21 marks a boundary condition, a tragedy in the world leading to an outpouring of compassion and humanity. After, all Saturn in Sagittarius, is testing our faith.


Let’s see how it will affect our country and other countries too. For Greece, the full moon will affect the 1st and 7th angular house which are important houses.

1 2 3

We have the square of Sun-Mercury, which creates problems concerning communication, lack of targets, tensions and problems, the square of Saturn/Mercury, which means rupture, a break –down that is very dangerous for negotiations, highway blockades * (i.e. strikes), the square of Sun-MC to points out the mistakes made and that the difficulties to achieve the aims set, but also Saturn-MC associated with obstacles and difficulties of the government meets. The disharmony of Saturn-Neptune, will continue to affect the country’s parliament and political parties. The full moon conjuncts to Mars and Saturn affects the 7th house of the country, symbolizes the opposing country in time of war, is the house of overt enemies, whether it is about parties split, contracts or wars, diplomatic relations of the state and the popular reaction to the decisions of a government. The first house is more important because in the chart represents the people, the general situation of the country, government affairs and public health. It is also the interior ministry. So there, we see a huge bias to be created, regarding the decisions and agreements (memorandums), the people’s reaction but also the issue regarding the Aegean Sea, where it has become the focus of developments, as I have reported, is very likely to see there another type of Imia episode to be developed and something more than this.


Aspects that affect our country for long time is the disharmony of Sun-Uranus , associated with critical situations, explosions at several levels and twists, in our relations with other countries and leaders, where it makes the management of things even more difficult. Disharmony of Mars-Uranus (violence, pressure, tension, struggle for survival, suddenly events, surgery), the quincunx of Jupiter/Uranus (instability, lack of good diplomacy, waste fine opportunities, perhaps and prepare a revolt of religion as a general flare ), the Uranus/ Mercury square (tangle, conflicts, peculiar effects, eccentricities, unrest, and no good for the media affected) the square of Uranus-Saturn (challenging behavior, conflict, rebellion, unpleasant interventions, conflicts, limiting freedom), the opposition of Jupiter-Pluto (a waste, exploitation of the masses, abusers of power, serious problems with the authorities of the place).

Also at the chart of Metapolitefsi, affects the 11th and 5th houses of the country associated with fun, children, young, speculation, diplomats, ambassadors and schools and education boards.

At the chart of the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, we see the full moon affecting his 6th house. Maybe try to make an attempt to respond to all have been imposed, as he did last year but he will have to face also intense reactions within the country both political and on a pop level.


We have also the Moon –Mars square (coercion, boldness, troubles, problems, against restrictions, impulsive actions, recklessness), the Square of Sun -Mars (recklessness in decisions, stubbornness and obstinacy, hurry, upset, tension, stress, overwork, failures), the Opposition of Moon/Venus, the Moon-Saturn square (melancholy, conflicts, erroneous assessment of a situation, weakness).The opposition of Sun -Saturn (bound to lead to isolation from the circumstances, fragility, dealing a severe situation, requires discipline).Of course there are also positive aspects between planets where he could perform much better things but the axis is worrying me is of Saturn -Pluto (catalyzing power, dictatorship, collective limitation) .The opposition of Mercury over our country shows lack of purpose, appreciation, and changes. We need to be more specific on many issues and change policy and diplomacy, and surely the design of our objectives while the communication with the outside will become more critical.


europe turkey 2algolfrance

The full moon will however affect Russia-Turkey relations to the extremes. The Uranus in opposition to he ascendant of the full moon affects France, where there are happening and will continue to happen sudden and subversive events, France shows that will accept another terroristic blow while bloody turbulence will continue now, in fact is interpreted as a team- shock that this people suffered. Particular challenges will face also the Middle East, while the US will have to deal with a major earthquakes and other extreme phenomena, something that I have analyzed in previous months.

Why California and in general the Western States? The state of California is Virgo (on September 9, 1850). While Pluto is trine Sun California this sign of the fact that this state is moving toward a new phase. With natal Saturn, Pluto and Uranus in Aries .All starts with Saturn. All this time, we see fires, droughts, earthquakes and even a tsunami is likely, California will be reborn in some way. Moreover, compared with the chart of the full moon, on 21 May, 2016, we see that Algol and Alcyone, there. Pluto trines the Sun, mainly at February 13, but also on June 26 and on December 18, it may be dangerous dates. Uranus and Saturn are going to shake for good. Finally, the full moon particularly affects South America, Brazil that is hosting the Olympics and Northern Europe.


I also would like to make a small reference to Cyprus … The Pluto transit from the natal Saturn of Cyprus in the 8th house will still affect, as I had said until 2014, creating a new economic regime, but nevertheless always this planet allows an optimistic thought of an active regeneration. Furthermore, the transit of Jupiter through the 1st and the 2nd house of Cyprus can put the country on a growth path. Many of course depend on the policy that the government will follow, as if succumbing to constant blackmail without maneuver, then the future for the next seven years appears to be dark. Jupiter is quite strong in the horoscope of Cyprus (in Sagittarius and the 7th house), where can – contribute to “openings” and outside of Eurozone in each case. It is expected, however, a triumphant recovery of the country, in 2023, though, Cyprus is facing even more serious issues, and it is none other than the territory issue. Of course, the influence of Saturn, in 2020 (Venus, Mars and the Moon Cyprus), will put the island and its inhabitants in serious tests.


Within the dramatic change of course includes the exit from the Eurozone, not necessarily with the responsibility of Cyprus but because of general developments. But it is expected to be significant geopolitical developments and no one can make plans counting on the maintaining of the island. From this point of view any obsession for solutions within the Eurozone and within the existing framework of alliances, perhaps that is futile. Then, after the economic issues and since Cyprus exit the memorandum-economical crisis, there will be military issues. Besides, as I saw in yesterday’s interview, with the President of the Cypric Republic, the common astrological sensitivity between Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, certainly marks parallel and interlinked developments in all three countries.


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The astrological significance of Mercury Transit

A transit of Mercury – the innermost planet of our solar system – is coming up on May 9, 2016! A transit occurs when Mercury passes directly in front of the sun. At such times, Mercury can been seen through telescopes with solar filters as a small black dot crossing the sun’s face. Mercury will come into view on the sun’s face at 7:12 a.m. EDT (1112 UTC). It’ll make a leisurely journey across the sun’s face, reaching mid-point at approximately 10:47 a.m. EDT (1447 UTC) and finally exiting at 2:42 p.m. EDT (1842 UTC). Translate to your time zone here. The entire 7.5-hour path across the sun will be visible across the U.S. East – with magnification and proper solar filters – while those in the U.S. West can observe the transit in progress after sunrise. Play the video and follow the links below to learn more about the May 9, 2016 transit of Mercury.More here


Who will see this phenomenon? For North America, the transit of Mercury begins in the early hours of May 9. The eastern part of North America will see the opening of the transit after sunrise of May 9, while the western part will be seen passing in progress as the sun rises on May 9. As for the rest of the world in the eastern hemisphere – Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia – the transit will begin around noon on May 9 in the western parts of Africa and Europe, and late in the afternoon of May 9 in East Asia ( China, Mongolia, Thailand). In western Asia and East Africa, Ford begins around the middle of the afternoon of May 9.

The “entrance” of the planet to the Sun is expected to take place at 14:12 (local time) of Greece, in which the first contact Mercury tangent externally Sun. After three minutes the planet has now entered whole and tangent internally to the solar disk. During the next six hours Mercury will appear to “cross” the solar disk, reaching the deepest point of the crossing in 17:57. The phenomenon will be completed at 21:42, when now the Sun has set, so the end of thetransit will not be visible from Greece. The phenomenon will be visible in its entirety from Western Europe, West Africa, as well as eastern America, North and South. The transit of Mercury can be watched online via Slooh telescope .

So together later with Mars, first on May 9, 2016 will have a relatively rare astronomical phenomenon called “transit of Mercury» (Eclipse of Mercury). Basically it is an eclipse of the Sun from Mercury, which is certainly an eclipse in name only, since Mercury is passing between Earth and the Sun and very close to it, it appears as a small dot in the solar disk and can not be the hide from Earth observers. Something similar we had in June 2012, with the even rarer event was the transit of Venus.


Mercury as seen from Earth, will be aligned with the Sun and Earth, a time when it is between the two celestial bodies and the second time when the sun is between Earth and Mercury. The first is called “lower conjunction” and the second “upper conjunction.” Obviously, the “transit of Mercury” occurs only when we have a lower conjunction and simultaneously the parallel Mercury- Sun conjunction. There are lower conjunctions that Mercury is not parallel to the Sun, and is not visible from the Earth observer to pass through the solar disk. In this lower conjunction we do not have the effect of the transit. During its transit, Mercury is always at aphelion, ie. at the greatest distance of the elliptical orbit of the sun. There develops the less speed. It is also always in retrograde motion. This phenomenon takes place either in May or in November, in the Taurus and Scorpio zodiacs respectively.
Kepler had predicted the transit of November 7, 1631, which was first observed by Pierre Gassendi. The transit of Mercury periodically comes in pairs (not always) and is 13 to 14 times per century. Below quote the dates that had been conducted during the 20th and will come up in the 21st century. You can see more dates corresponding to NASA’s website,

November 14, 1907
November 7, 1914
May 8, 1924
November 10, 1927
May 11, 1937
November 11, 1940
November 14, 1953
May 6, 1957
November 7, 1960
May 9, 1970
November 10, 1973
November 13, 1986
November 6, 1993
November 15, 1999
May 7, 2003
November 8, 2006
May 9, 2016
November 11, 2019
November 13, 2032
November 7, 2039
May 7, 2049
November 9, 2052
May 10, 2062
November 11, 2065
November 14, 2078
November 7, 2085
May 8, 2095
November 10, 2098
May 12, 2108

The periodicity of the phenomenon does not have the same accuracy of Venus Transit but follows a cycle similar to that of Saros, that is valid for lunar eclipses as well as eclipses of the Sun by the Moon. In the case of Mercury seriesare  comprising each cycle are much shorter and do not include many manifestations of the phenomenon. This crossing of May belongs to the series 7 and occurs at the South Node of Mercury. It will last 7.5 hours. It will be visible from western Europe, eastern North America and most of the south. The last in the series was in 1970 and the next will be in 2062.


The astrological significance of Mercury Transit

It takes place at the 19th 24 of Taurus. (Intrigue, difficult decisions)
In principle, it should be understood that such phenomena have no particular effect on personal horoscopes. But it is extremely important for mankind. Note here that Venus transits move retrograde in the zodiac, just as it occurs with the migration of point G of the Spring Equinox. Therefore, is associated with the astrological “Seasons” or Platonic “Months.” It thus has a more macrocosmic influence on mankind.
So, the influence of these phenomena mark significant events, such as geophysical and weather large scale phenomena, creating large organizations,nations or religions, economic and stock market events and generally give the widest “guiding” framework in which the planetary cycles will work. Also the years of the transit we observe bridge constructions as well as a somewhat an increased frequency in plane crashes and major earthquakes.

Let’s see some indication of the years we have had the phenomenon of Mercury Transit:

1789: We will see how important was the influence of the Mercury Transit from the 14th degree of Scorpio for the creation and evolution of the French revolution. Observe the Sun and Mercury in a very hard T-square with Mars, Uranus, Pluto. Mars is in opposition to the same degree with Pluto, which gives even more power to the formation and certainly related to the intensity of the revolution and the horrors that followed.
There are very interesting things in the charts of the revolution rates. Louis XVI had Moon at the 8th degree of Scorpio and Maria Antoinette, Sun at the 11th degree of the same sign. But we can see perfectly the influence of the Transited Mercury, at the horoscope of the major protagonist of the revolution, Robespierre. Robespierre had his Sun at the 16th degree of Taurus in a square to Mars from the 16th 59 degree of Leo. Exactly,on the T- square formation of the Transit, with great accuracy! There had been two other short periods of Mercury Transit in 1782 and 1786. Especially, the latter had very difficult astrological formations with the Transit to square Saturn and Pluto and Mars conjunct Uranus. There, we will find the causes of the French Revolution, one of which was also the eruption of Lakagígar volcano in Iceland.
This eruption is considered the most deadly in historical times, both within and outside Europe! The volcanic cloud caused destruction of crops in France and led to the famine of the period 1785- 1787, which was a very basic cause of the revolt. Of course the ideology of the revolution, as well as the dissemination, whether seen from humanitarian point of view or from the perspective of propaganda, symbolically is associated with Mercury, as well as the cycle of Jupiter- Uranus. In pre-revolutionary period, starting in 1786, we have the square of the two planets, which becomes a conjunction at its beginning in 1789.
But new revolutionary ideas spread in Europe in 1848. The transit of the Sun from Aquarius and Mars from Taurus earlier that year, triggered the Transit of Mercury in November of the same year in Scorpio and starts from Italy a revolutionary wave, that next month broadcasts in France and then throughout Europe.

1815: Luxembourg becomes an independent state. In April we have the largest volcanic eruption ever recorded, the volcano Tambora in Indonesia with 70,000 dead. Mars squares the transit of Mercury and Pluto passing over the Moon of the transit.

1924: That year the Progressive Sun of Greece in a conunction of the same degreee with the transit of Mercury at the 18th degree of Taurus! This was a very intense year. The political world teeters between monarchy and democracy in a war environment, of poverty and social misery. Finally,we have the establishment of the “Second Greek Republic,” while we also have the first “bloody 1st of May Day” with many episodes.

In 1960 become independent the states of Madagascar, Congo, Dahomey, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Chad, Cyprus, the Central African Republic, Gabon, Nigeria, Mauritania.

1970: in November we have the establishment of the Assad regime in Syria, while on 11 August, with Sun and Mars in exact square with the transit of Mercury, alos begins the great cholera epidemic that began in India and spreads across the Soviet Union to Turkey and Romania.

1986: On April 26 is the explosion of the nuclear factory in Chernobyl. At the chart of the Transit  we have Sun and Mercury in a very tight square to Mars. Please, note that the South Node of Mars is the 19th 51 of Scorpio, creating an additional connection between the Transit of Mercury and Mars. On the day of the explosion, the transiting Mars at the 13th degree of Capricorn, just squares precisely the Moonat the chart of the Transit, as it does also two days earlier, during the lunar eclipse. When Mars came again exactly at the same degree, on August 21, we had a blast at Lake Nyos in Cameroon. Released huge amounts of carbon dioxide, killing 1,800 people by asphyxiation.


On 24/05/1993 Eritrea became independent from Ethiopia with Mars square the Transit of Mercury.

1999: Creation of the Euro. Depression in the Greek stock market. On August 17th is the big earthquake in Kocaeli of Turkey with 15,000 dead. The Sun is at the same degree squaring the transit of Mercury, Saturn squares the Moon at the same degree, Mars on the T-formation at the chart of the Trnaist, with the Sun, Moon, Uranus and Saturn! Istanbul suffered a huge destruction and here I have to make a more detailed analysis, which confirms the birth chart of Istanbul. On 11 August, there was Solar Eclipse at the 18th of Leo, where the Lights were in a hard formation to a “the Grand Cross” with Mars, Saturn and Uranus, that “hit” the natal Sun of Istanbul at the 21st degree of Taurus! The November Mercury Transit does the same, while the T-formation of the chart of strikes and the natal Moon of the city. It is worth noting however, that the day of the earthquake, the Transit is being activated more precisely, but not the eclipse. The Sun by transit, just on the 24th degree of Leo in precise aspect of the Sun of the Transit at the 24 degree of Scorpio, while the transiting Saturn squares at the same degree the Moon of the Transit!

Also the phenomenon of Mercury Transit, found at the creation of the USA  in 1776, the economic recession of 1937 and the creation of the FED (Federal Bank of USA) in 1914. At the same year we and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, which is also the cause of the First World War .

1789 Chernobyl 1986 Konstantinoupoli- Tr. Mercury- Earthqake Mercury Tr- Eclipse 1999In May 2003 we have the largest number of tornadoes in US history and a host of terrorist attacks in different countries. The main event of that year was certainly the war in Iraq. Cambodia declared independence from France in November 1953. In 1973 we have the events of the Polytechnic School in Greece, which led to the fall of the dictatorship. In 2006 we have Montenegro’s independence. But there are cases of long-termed influence, such as the “bubble” of real estate in the US, a consequence of low interest rates starting period from late 1999 to the peak of 2006, which led to the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. in all these and many other events, the Transit of Mercury, naturally was a significant astrological factor in relation to the horoscopes of countries involved.
A very important observation concerning the Transit of Mercury, is that enough the transit  of a “personal” planet at the months before or after the transit, as the Sun or Mars, to trigger a very significant event, while in the other case we would expect the participation of more “heavy” planets.

When Mercury retrogrades at the lower conjunction to the Sun, symbolically named after the great astrologer Dane Rudhyar, as «Prometheus retrograde”. The speed is at the lowest point of its orbit and is the closest distance to Earth. Deemed symbolically trapped by its strength, suggesting some kind of attachment. It gives a rebellious attitude, as well as the human tendency to focus on excessive mental activity. So is being removed from contact with nature and lose the true meaning of existence. It is the revolutionary Prometheus that originally is identical and later is being destroyed by his own cause. Basically,he has no access to the sense of the body as well as his emotions. When that occurs at the sign of Taurus, as this year’s Transit, the mental activity is directed solely to utilitarian goals. Of course there is practicality, but risks being removed from the true values of life. This essentially is the major issue. To direct his creative thought into a great vision, beneficial and not utilitarian. The destruction of the environment, the waste of energy, the food scandals, the “virtual” money, are some of the pieces that make up the puzzle of the problem. The necessity or interest giving temporary solutions with disastrous long-term results. On the other hand, there are studies to save the planet and natural resources. Practical applications with revolutionary and humanistic perspective.

All these features of the ‘Prometheus retrograde Mercury”, are being highlighted even further by the 20th degree of Taurus where the conjunction is being held. It is a degree that gives ambition and perseverance in the objectives that lead to success. But often the lack of measure, a sense of dissatisfaction and arivism, are quickly lead to corruption and self-destruction.
The main formation at te chart of the Transit Mercury, is the T-square between Jupiter-Saturn- Neptune. It is important for two reasons. The first is because it was formed in 2006 by the previous Transit, but not with absolute precision. The second is that a short time, in May and June that will be formed accurately the individual squares of Jupiter to Saturn and to Neptune respectively. In the meantime, on June 6, will be held an eclipse of Venus from the Sun at the 17th degree of Gemini, which of course will be conjunct … to the reverse eclipse, ie. of the Sun from Venus, when we had the Venus Transit in 2012 . All this … complicating stuff, in relation to the a forementioned slow motion of Mercury, which is an important indicator for economical astrology, are definetely emphasizing the theme of the global economy. The need for realism will show its hard face in many vulnerable society groups.

May 2016

The global economy will be led into greater recession and slowdown with mathematical precision. On the basis of this story will be the low demand for raw materials from the market, leading chain in decline of other industries to follow. Stock markets will move downward particularly favoring any kind of speculation. Of course we exaltation of the migration that has already begun as we know, because as I said above, the influence of the Transit, begins much earlier time. Particularly the period of May and November we may see a large earthquake or a fatal crash or accident with many people dead. The second significant formation at the chart of the Mercury Transit, is the large trine of the Sun and Mercury with Jupiter and Pluto seems initially to be very promising, particularly that related to the economy. But the kind of growth potentially will bring, will not come from healthy productive welfare procedures and is likely to favor aggressive speculative trade movements in financial markets, currencies or economies. The Bidcoins, is not a finished story as many believe and go to a new growth cycle, no matter if that is good or bad.
Important role, at the chart of Mercury Transit is also the Middle East. Sun and Mercury are opposed to the Sun of Syria, in Scorpio. Also, is in precise opposition to the Moon of Yemen. The realization of the ceasefire there is a very difficult task and the first concerns the overtrhow of the Assad regime is a very strange way. Besides, the terrorist attack of November in Paris was not unconnected with the Transit of Mercury although preceded it! That was shortly after the New Moon of the month, which was in direct correlation with the chart of the Mercury Transit, with main point, the oppposition, at the same degree of the Lights, with the Sun and Mercury transit, at the 20th degree of Taurus- Scorpio! Saturn just above the trasnited Mars, while Mars exactly squares the Moon. I also believe that this year we will have the first proclamation and recognition of the Kurdish state.
Finally, with the Mercury Transit of May will begin a new cycle of important discoveries in the field of space research, the experimental verification of theoretical assumptions of physics, finding new alternative energy sources as well as the technology to tackle chronic diseases.

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New Moon in Taurus-6 May 2016

The New Moon will be held on May 6, 2016 at 9:29:26 pm, at the 16th degree of Taurus (inertia, inefficiency, risk of unpopularity and failure after long efforts), at the 5th house solar horoscope. It will provide new development opportunities in a hard way for Taurus, Leo, Scorpions and Aquarians. The signs will be obliged to face the reality of their life and according to their needs to take place. In this phase, Venus will participate, Mercury and Pluto with the last two to be in retrograde motion. Generally, expect the economic, commercial and trade issues to be accentuated. In the foreign policy area new difficulties and complications will be developed.
The 5th house relates to the world of entertainment, stock, theater and symposiums, creativity, luck, gambling, casinos, taverns. Represents the ambassadors and representatives of other countries. The relations of statewith children. It refers to young people, the ways and means of public entertainment, artistic creations and rate of births. It is speculation, international relations, social affairs, official ceremonies and state cases but also about business. The sign of Taurus is known to be linked to national economy and the banking system.

The new moon in Taurus, is linked to karmic effects, because as we explained in previous article ,there are five retrograde planets simultaneously, and this phenomenon is extremely rare. The new moon of May, however, shows how you can relieve yourselves of any karmic intensity is being created in your life, dealing with proper handling, for specific limitations and circumstances that have been in your life. Guilt that probably has come to the surface or any ther negative notions, but, the formation of a Grand Trine, in the new moon chart, in signs of  earth, bring opportunities for personal, professional or spiritual development but self-confidence too. Happiness, development and significant changes can occur through travel, career, relationships or any business dealings.The influence of the new moon lasts for four weeks until the next new moon, in this case, until the new moon on June 4, 2016.

The new moon at the 16th degree of Taurus, is not conjuncting any important fixed star, however, a Grand trine is being formed, as shown on the chart. Our personal development and metamorphosis of Jupiter and Pluto are the main themes of the new moon. The Grand Trine shows convenience, abundance and good luck, but also a tendency to let the opportunity slip from our hands because we enjoy the good moments in our lives and we have simply left ourselves in total pleasure. Most astrologers agree that the formation also motivates to mass action.

So, there is a small alignment between the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Taurus in the 5th house. This also will give very strong shakes in economy but also strong earthquakes too around the planet.
The square of Saturn/Jupiter creates more inner tension and we will have to face criticism or restricting situations in our lives. Structures or beliefs that we had for years may collapse feeling uncertain and insecure about the future. Any area of your life is out of control can be found, or the creation of this trend will be subject to the strong influence of Saturn. You could experience financial difficulties and in this case you should limit expenditure on luxuries or entertainment. A relationship also has no basis may result in separation or large rearrangements. Events may cause you to reassess some aspects. Destructive behaviors such as addiction can come to an end during this period.

Jupiter and Saturn retrograde both, so that will further complicate your situation is generally things and this may be a recurring theme in your life. This adds more importance to create and fix any issue once and for all. So, until Jupiter will turn on straight motion on May 9, in a few days, there will be five retrograde planets. This will make the world seem to slow down or developing incidents may unwrapped incredibly slowly. It can show an increase of bizarre or prescribed events, including accidents and physical or psychological violence. Also relates to events, persons and situations are repeated and connect to the past, and this applies also to politics.

The quincunx of Sun-Saturn creates an imbalance between your own personal goals and responsibilities, or limitations caused by the square Jupiter- Saturn. Whatever the problem is, for example, that could damage your self-esteem or even causing a disease. The quincunx brings inequality in health and a karmic balancing. There will be a repetition of the cycle of rising tensions and then rapid release. This tension will ease and will take responsibility and to admit mistakes. This brings more trust and respect from others.

The Sun-Jupiter trine brings warm and friendly relations with all. Opportunities may come in the form of personal, intellectual and physical development. Economic benefits are possible, which will increase your overall net worth, and the level of satisfaction and pleasure. Personal and spiritual growth can come through education and travel, which are aimed at broadening perspective on life.

The Sun-Pluto trine leads to intense and profound experiences. You will have more power and influence your life, allowing the positive transformations. You can also exercise greater power and influence in the events in your life over the people around you. Personal or professional problems may also be more easily solved now.

The trine of Jupiter-Pluto will greatly increase your power and influence. You will have the opportunity to use this power to positively change your life, your environment, and the lives of other people. You will feel the control of situations, and can find yourself in positions of power or as a group controller. These changes could include the promotion of your career, resulting in increase of wealth and power. Trips made now will bear heavily your new outlook on life, and to gain unforgettable experiences.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction emphasizes thinking and communication. Expect a lot of your personal communication, clearing bureaucracy and accounts, receiving and sending letters and emails, and short trips around town. This is an ideal time to make plans and start business deals.

The Mercury retrograde lasts until May 22 (not final after coming out of the retrograde phase zone on June 6, this applies to all the planets) and allows you to get in touch with deeply buried memories, so that you can heal old wounds . Old friends can enter on your new life to settle old karma to allow you to proceed.

I do not have to say something different, on a cosmic level, also the trine of Mars-Uranus  is the axis of intervasions, and sudden events of revolution, is the struggle for independence, a strong test, but on a positive note together means courage, the mood for arguments, the desire for independence and freedom, the property not want to submit ourselves nor retreat, hasty moves and this will influence internal developments in the country.

What will affect us mostly, is the small alignment in Taurus that will bring massive mobilizations regarding issues we mention through the new moon, ie. finances, taxes, memorandums, etc. It is therefore a challenging formation, which again would put us to the test. Saturn in the 1st house, at the 15th degree is an ominous degree that brings frustration and sad events, but also the Uranus-Pluto square shows that sow divisions within the country and tensions due to economic issues we everyone know, with Pluto in 2nd with 4th house, pushing the national economy, the currency and the stock market and other national issues.

What is really of great significance is the full moon of May, in the sign of Sagittarius, where on May 21 we will have “blue moon” to Mars, where it will be located very close to Earth on that date. The red planet shining like a star with a yellow-orange color and can vary significantly in brightness. In 2016, Mars will be bright enough during the May 18 / June 3. Mars will form a contrast with the Sun where Mars will be aligned with the Earth. On May 22, the red planet rises at sunset, and is at its highest point in the south at midnight until sunrise the next day. Then Mars will be quite bright for 2016, with -2.1 size almost twice as bright as Sirius, which is the brightest star in the sky. Eight days later, on May 30, Mars will approach the Earth will end at 17:35 EDT (2135 GMT), at a distance of 46.8 million miles (75.3 million kilometers).

The approach of Mars to Earth is considered one of the closest to occur by 2013. In the coming weeks and months after the contrast, by the end of May and for the rest of the year, Mars will begin to recede from the Earth and, therefore, it seems fainter in the sky. This will be quite a significant phenomenon, astrologically and astrocartographically speaking, where there will bring major developments.
2 444 1111 6666
Compared with the horoscope of Greece, the new moon of 6 May, 2016, will influence the 12th house, activating a large background on a political level, affecting issues such as (Espionage, crime, hospitals, prisons and other institutions, immigration, hidden enemies of the government, and everything is hidden, terrorist activities, hostage situations, manipulation, slavery, human rights issues, criminals and crime, third world nations, spies and secret enemies, covert aggression or exile conditions.) but also the 7th house (international treaties, agreements, wars, external relations, conditions, business relationships, agreements. This house governs our relations with other societies or nations or organizations. It also rules conditions, alliances, political divorces and civil partnerships or divisions, the trade balance).

Let’s look at the Uranian equations …

Departures or detachment associated with partners – Problems – division- Run demanding tasks – isolation – barriers related or other collaborations – Allotriosi- surprise or unexpected announcements associated with partners – Sudden variations on ideas – News about events in the environment – reports on the events in location – troubled communications involving others – reports about tensions – arguments or disputes the disputes

Compounds related to the past or the history-resistance or obstacles related organizations; Withdrawal from combinations – endings associated with synergasies- Sadness or depression related to contacts – Extensive reforms – technical levels
Unexpected events relating to power – Increasing tensions – actions that lead to the overthrow and substantial changes
Preferences on the armed forces – Intentions regarding armed intervention
economic problems with great impact – Minimize impact associated with financial matters – Legal problems relating to policy or power issues

Problems related to the losses and the power- Intense uncertainty, confusion, or frustrations related departures or distancing – movements that contribute to continuous uncertainty, insecurity, and instability – Fuzzy restrictions – hidden pressure to -uncertainty alienation, insecurity, or instability associated with supervision – Insufficient protection or defense

Fight for power- Facts related to current or instantaneous activities – Clarification on the power (eventually as elections sounds self) -Stadiakes departures or distancing – Substantive changes – delays in the development or improvement – Slowing growth prosdokion- Dilimmata- unrest Unexpected uncertainty or instability – Sudden confusion – Sudden rejection – – interior chaos- Cooperative sacrifices – former old colleagues.

Concerns or fears associated with social issues – damages or injuries groups – Social aneparkeiesRixeis compounds that affect the synergasies- Obstacles – endings – Divorces (political) -Dialysi ongoing-instability-Frustration about departures or distancing-losses
Speech problems with officials – Delays in communication with superiors – New or announcement on the government and restrictions – Significant reductions relating to mobility
– Losses on the sudden rupture – Earthquakes

Problems at the border in relation to others-destabilizing relations-Key travel – Serious discussions on aftodynamia- talks with officials – communications concerning the extent of the problems and what pensions,News or announcement on the government and restrictions – Significant reductions relating to mobility

Different interpretations of -empodia events in relation to education – Variations in teaching – Problems associated with significant changes – Kathysterisi- Problematic changes associated with spiritual or ideological issues-Delays in scientific work.
Work involving ancient or folk art-Crimes of passion.

future profits or revenues – Unknown profits – Easily-earn money – financial sacrifices – Speculation – Unrecognized value – favorable weather conditions – Financial loss – Injustice
Official conflicts – wars-Games for freedom
Resurgence of the past or historical relationships – Industrial – Refusal of cooperation – manipulation – abortive collaboration with others – unemployment – Impotence or Infertility

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Full Moon in Scorpio & the Rare Phenomenon of 5 Retrograde Planets

The full moon of April, will be held on 22 of the month, at 7:23:32 in the morning on the 6th house of the solar horoscope, at the 2nd degree of Scorpio (degree of Frustration). This will take place at the Taurus-Scorpio axis and will affect the Taurus, Scorpios, Leos and Aquarians. These people will fight for their own success but also for the implementation of their ideas. The issue for of this full moon concerns the global economy, while new economic measures will be accepted followed by reactions in many countries and it will be obvious that something serious is hidden behind. This full moon will cause many professionals realize their economic reality. But it may help the field of philosophy, mathematics and scientific research.


The sixth house, where the full moon takes place, is associated with the disease, global health, healing, service to man, and is the preoccupation with work. It also addresses the trade and commodities, especially cereals. Affects rule workers, office workers, factory workers, farmers, tenants, accountants and secretaries. Small animals’. It is about work rights, drudgery and dealing with the analysis include computers and calculators. As for the disease, it includes the type of the cause of, the curability and its duration. It concerns the status and quality of the supply of hospital care, the functioning of government, bureaucracy, the working class, all public services and trade unions, is also the daily living conditions, public health epidemics. The army, the navy, and the security forces. The Labor Department.


Scorpio is associated with taxes, debt, national tax structure, Insurance, Investment, Research, Death, pollution and recycling. The full moon is showing fear of negative karma consequences, the impact and the fateful events that hold us back and slow our progress. Saturn squares the North Node in the chart of the full moon and is heightened by the five planets retrograde during this moon phase. This rare phenomenon may lead to an increase or prescribed bizarre events around the world, including physical accidents and psychological violence. Fear and prejudice, will increase enough .The people which are divided into groups, it is not an easy way to progress, to move forward but it is just a way to avoid our fears, which may turn into reality.

As in all the full moon we see the Sun-Moon opposition. The full moon focuses your attention on relationships of all kinds and related to the previous new moon. Those that began on April 7, will now be completed during this phase. All events that begin then will now reach the peak and we should be more objective and balanced no matter if those are relations or events. The influence of the full moon will be valid until the new moon of May 6. In the full moon of April 22, there is an astrology formation called (Crossbow) which we had met before the full moon of February.

When Saturn forms aspects with the lunar nodes means that fatal incidents will impede our progress and our destiny. The North Node connects to our spiritual direction and the effects of someone’s actions to the total, and the South Node to our spiritual past. The fact that five planets are simultaneously retrograde is a very rare phenomenon. Someone may think that many retrograde planets in a chart, probably will make the world appear to slow down. We may feel that we live in a different dimension with less internal uncertainty. However, there will be an increase of strange events or fatal phenomena which may include accidents physical or psychological violence as mentioned above. The Crossbow if you remember, represents the release of tension that has accumulated. It can indicate risk for the Sun (Sun), where it activates a strong survival instinct. The internal stress and tension externalized and displayed as events from the reaction point (Moon).


Although this astrology pattern may represent a complex long-term challenge or conflict, also releases strain and addresses a problem, in all levels. The nervous tension is caused by emotional turmoil of the moon may eventually be made through the emotions, instinct, home, family and personal relationships, politics.

The square of Saturn-North Node shows fear of the future because of past events and those that have recently occurred. All the negative news and events that we see and read, whether they occur in your community or the world can make you want to lock yourself more in your own stronghold. We feel that these fatal events occurring continue to support a scary future without hope. The square of North Node-Saturn will strengthen negativity and a pessimistic belief in a prosperous future. Will create more internal strain while we will have to face restrict situations in our lives. Structures or beliefs that we had for many years can now collapse feeling more uncertain and insecure about the future. A very obvious example of this square is the crisis of migration caused by wars. Specifically, this may have to do in which way we see mass migration which is used by political leaders around the world in order to spread fear. Additionally, the square of Saturn- Neptune is getting stronger but also increases deception and fear. Uranus conjuncts the star of Baten Kaitos that connects to migration on 22 ♈ 10 degrees of Aries, and means that shocking events, terrorist attacks and drownings at the sea will continue to occur until March 2017.


The full moon April shows we expose ourselves more and more to fear we have for the future. You can look back at the past and see the similarities between the current crisis and the Second World War that definitely there are significant similarities, concerning propaganda which that never actually changed at all. The Sun conjuncts the fixed star Mira at the 01 ♉ 44 degrees of Taurus which brings failures, a big fiasco and hostility. This is something which we expect from the external events that will occur and be activated by the formation of the Crossbow. This comes from the conscious expression of our fears and prejudices that exist in the majority of the masses.


Fundamentally, the of square Saturn –North Node is associated with isolation, loneliness, is the lack of adaptability, difficulty getting together with others, the feeling of oppression, restrictions, difficulties through the affiliate partners, the losses through others, a group work become more and more difficult and occurs on a political level, showing separation and isolation. In the full moon chart the aspects between Venus, Saturn and Uranus, but also the Venus -Pluto square will create more unexpected events and difficult conditions in economy and war where that will have massive impact as also increases the passion for power. The Sun-Pluto square, is linked to the arrogance, conceit, exploitation of energy reserves, the continuous stress, inflammation in the body, loss of life, test, torment, suffering, the dictators, great passion for strength but also the threat of nuclear weapons.

The retrograde motion of the five planets are also linked in political astrology with past persons from politics, past events and history of a country or someone may assume that past issues may be triggered and come on the surface or some of us may return back to a past situation instead of moving forward…like a Brexit, Grexit or anything else and return back to past regime. The square, however, of Mars-Jupiter, invites us to face up any situation with more vigor and determination as to cope with a difficult situation. This causes disintegration, conflicts and problems concerning civil servants, government officials, and those related to legal professions, writing new laws and other persons holding a business but also the migration that will create many problems for governments and European states. Under these conditions but also to astrological transits I have write in previous articles are showing that EU will split up as also the euro currency may break down. It will be difficult to sustain.

The Mars-Neptune square is associated to frustration, the outbreak of diseases, paralysis and the inability of the political system, lack of determination, weakness, lack of planning, exploitation. Mars is opposed to the ascendant of the full moon, and that is connected to a suffocating situation, and of course the Jupiter/Saturn square that we have explained many times before. The square between Pluto/ Uranus is formed between the 11-8th house is pushing the economy and taxation matters, and global organizations and important also is the opposition of Jupiter/Neptune ,that is linked to political conflicts, a great fraud, volatility and scandals but also very strong and huge earthquakes too as that one in Japan and Ecuador very recently. (I have write this article since the beginning of April as also mentioned in eclipses too).


In connection to our country, Greece we see the full moon in Scorpio, to impact the 6th house of Greece, as mentioned above (daily living conditions, public health epidemics. It is the army, the navy, and forces, the labor rights) the moon in opposition to Chiron, the Sun conjuncts Chiron, and we see our country to become again an object of attack but simultaneously affects negatively also the Greek Prime Minister, where he should reassess his goals, his actions and get a new direction, but also Chiron is the one who gives lessons. I will leave this matter here, at the moment but the Greek PM will accept another blow.


The square of Venus/ Neptune  marks the illusion, the delusion, the fact that we have been deceived, the incorrect response, the disappointment, the frustration, the difficult realization in terms of taxes, and all issues related to our country. The Mars-Saturn conjunction, continues to influence important issues such as the limitation and change of borders, and our living conditions, political cooperation, our relations with hostile states, i.e. affecting the 6 and 7th house. The Mars/Saturn conjunction affects Greece immediately, because its natal Mars is in Sagittarius that marks serious developments at the Aegean Sea as I have mentioned before.

The Saturn-ascendant opposition, shows that we will suffer from restrictive conditions and circumstances. Clearly marks the loss, the isolation of the country, and a separation and saying goodbye from the EU. The square of Uranus -Neptune is talking about a mass uprising, possible on a global level of course, and great instability in the 8th house of our country concerning the debt, taxation, insurance matters and etc. (we are one day before the full moon and more heavy taxes have been agree with IMF).

Let’s look a little bit of Uranian equations…

Influence or strength or other – Facts and the truth than other persons- Clarity affects cooperations- Truth or events related partners- * Surprise or unexpected announcements associated with partners – Suddenly obstacles — News related the events in the environment – reports on the events – troubled communications involving others – reports about tensions – Submissions or conflicts- contacts with powerful people – games related to partnerships – uncertainty, insecurity, and instability associated with the Surveillance Inadequate protection or defense –

Intense uncertainty, confusion, or frustrations related departures or distancing – Actions contributing to continued uncertainty, insecurity or instability -secret pressure for isolation – – Combinations about the past or history – resistance or obstacles related Withdrawal from the compounds; compounds; decreases- Financial problems associated with fire or ignition – Abandonment targets problems concerning the society – divorce or separation of the Communities news or announcement on restrictions from government-scale problems

Unethical behavior – Actions relating ideological damage or slur – murder of characters Conducting strong measures or orders –

Problems due to errors – Uncertainties regarding deaths – Mysterious deaths or unclear


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<span title=”Μπορεί όμως να βοηθήσει και τον τομέα της φιλοσοφίας, των μαθηματικών και της επιστημονικής έρευνας.


Midheaven in Zodiac Signs


You will choose a profession which provides independence and autonomy. Assertion, power and initiative are shown publicly. You prefer to be a leader, rather than a follower in your chosen life direction.



You require routine and stability in your career, and will choose a reliable and determined path. You will be attracted to a traditional career such as a government role, or earth sciences.



Stimulation and activity are required in your professional life. Communication is also important. You would like to be recognised for your intellect.



You need a safe and secure profession, and caring for others is often a key. You will experience strong emotions about your public status.



Your sense of self-importance is strongly linked with your public status. You like to shine in your professional field. You have power, strength and leadership skills in your profession.



You are hardworking, critical and exacting in your profession. You prefer order at work, and like to be recognised for your high standards and detailed work.



You will choose a profession for beauty, harmony and balance. Social skills are also viewed as important in your chosen path. You prefer a harmonious work environment.



You have an intense need for recognition in your work.Your ability to dig deep is brought to your professional life, and you may attract crises at work. Research and public resources often feature in your chosen career.



You have an enthusiastic approach to your career. You like to be noticed publicly, and you may have foreign connections in your career.



You will choose a responsible and respectable career path. You prefer to be seen as authoritative and reliable. You may experience some early career setbacks, but your hard work will pay off in the end and you will receive the respect you desire.



You will be ingenious and original in your chosen profession. You may choose an unconventional career path. You want to make a contribution to humanity. You may change careers.



You will serve humanity through your career. You may suffer through changes of profession, and chase fantasies about your life direction. You may feel overwhelmed by career decisions.


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Ascendant Through Zodiac Signs

Ascendant in Aries

The sign of Aries is considered “masculine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re more likely to actively seek your purpose in life, taking the initiative rather than waiting until circumstances are comfortable. Aries is also a Cardinal sign denoting enterprise, enthusiasm, self-assertion and initiative. You’re frank, pioneering, headstrong and self-reliant. You like to be first. You value challenges, particularly those that test you physically and mentally. Your challenge is to see your ideas through to completion in any project, either by yourself or by ensuring that others can carry out your ideas. You also need to restrain your impulsive nature at times, to make sure that you’re not risking your own and other people’s safety.


Ascendant in Taurus

The sign of Taurus is considered “feminine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re more likely to wait until you feel comfortable before pursuing your purpose. You’re also likely to depend on other people to take the initiative. Taurus is also a Fixed sign denoting fixity of purpose, resolution, self-reliance and independence. Structure, stability and reliability are the cornerstones of your life. Your primary motivation is for security, in particular material security, and you aim to achieve this security through practical feats. It’s likely to be a slow process towards successfully achieving your purpose, because you’ll not be hurried. In fact you need to be wary of becoming too fixed in your comfort zone. The positive side of this tendency is that when you do commit to a course of action, then you can be relied on to come up with the goods.


Ascendant in Gemini

The sign of Gemini is considered to be “masculine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re more likely to actively seek your purpose in life, taking the initiative rather than waiting until circumstances are comfortable. Gemini is also a Mutable sign denoting versatility, flexibility, adaptability, sensitivity, restlessness, indecision and anxiety. You’re clever, cunning, intuitive and restless. Enjoying life at a fast pace you certainly live up to the Mutable side of the sign of Gemini. You delight in taking a flexible and adaptable approach to life, preferring to keep all of your options open rather than committing to one course of action. Your primary motivation is stimulation, because you hate to be bored. For this reason you’re rarely settled in one place for long. You enjoy exchanging ideas with other people, whether it be through the spoken or written word. Communication is vital, and you soon develop a strong desire for knowledge and expression to help you overcome the dualities in your life.


Ascendant in Cancer

The sign of Cancer is considered “feminine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re not a risk-taker, but are more likely to wait until you feel comfortable before pursuing your purpose. You’re also likely to depend on other people to take the initiative. Cancer is also a Cardinal sign denoting enterprise, enthusiasm, self-assertion and initiative. Caring for others is your major purpose in life. This could be caring for your own family and friends, extended family, pets, children or the elderly, or caring for humanity, or all of these. You’re impressionable, tenacious, hospitable, sympathetic and moody. You’ve strong feelings, ranging from the most pure feelings of compassion to the most intense feelings of hatred. On the positive side your life is motivated by the highest form of feelings motivating you to care for other people, and bringing both you and the other parties a sense of warmth and emotional satisfaction.


Ascendant in Leo

The sign of Leo is considered to be “masculine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re more likely to actively seek your purpose in life, taking the initiative rather than waiting until circumstances are comfortable. Leo is also a fixed sign denoting fixity of purpose, resolution, self-reliance and independence. You’re sincere, generous and ambitious, enjoying a sense of autonomy in all that you do. You’re adept at organising your own life, and enjoy the independence. Generally speaking you’re assured of your own purpose, and your life is full and eventful. However, there are times when your passion and haste lead to downfalls, and you also have to be wary of the dictum “pride before a fall”. Fortunately you’re usually back on track quickly thanks to your vital and sunny nature.


Ascendant in Virgo

The sign of Virgo is considered “feminine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re not a risk-taker, but are more likely to wait until you feel comfortable before pursuing your purpose. You’re also likely to depend on other people to take the initiative. Virgo is also a Mutable sign denoting versatility, flexibility, adaptability, sensitivity, restlessness, indecision and anxiety. You’ve a quiet, reserved, retiring and receptive side to your nature. Although you’re not strongly ambitious you do persevere to accomplish your goals in life. You’re economical, thrifty, hygienic, tidy in body and mind. Order and precision are your preferred modes of self-expression, and you like other people to follow your lead. Your intellectual ability could also feature strongly in your life, perhaps through research.


Ascendant in Libra

The sign of Libra is considered to be “masculine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re more likely to actively seek your purpose in life, taking the initiative rather than waiting until circumstances are comfortable. Libra is also a Cardinal sign denoting enterprise, enthusiasm, self-assertion and initiative. You’re courteous, affectionate, thoughtful, modest and indecisive. Much of your life’s purpose is connected with your relationships, both personal and professional. Human relationships are your primary motivation in life. You spend much of your time devoted to thinking about the needs and wishes of other people, ensuring that everyone is treating each other in a fair manner. For this reason your purpose may be connected with justice, mediation or diplomatic work.


Ascendant in Scorpio

The sign of Scorpio is considered to be “feminine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re more likely to wait until you feel comfortable before pursuing your purpose. You’re also likely to depend on other people to take the initiative. Scorpio is also a Fixed Sign denoting fixity of purpose, resolution, self-reliance and independence. You’re shrewd, resourceful, perceptive, secretive, proud, and reserved. You’re fated to experience some battles in life, resulting in possible crises in your emotional state, your physical health or your public status. The key to achieving your true purpose is to act with integrity at all times. You’ve a strong will, which is best applied to achieving positive results.


Ascendant in Sagittarius

The sign of Sagittarius is considered “masculine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re more likely to actively seek your purpose in life, taking the initiative rather than waiting until circumstances are comfortable. Sagittarius is also a Mutable sign denoting versatility, flexibility, adaptability, sensitivity, restlessness, indecision and anxiety. You’re open-minded, honest, idealistic, jovial, impulsive and a deep thinker. You view life as a continual adventure with many exciting lessons, experiencing good fortune on your travels. Your irrepressible enthusiasm is irresistible, and others are keen to join your adventures.
You’re ardent, affectionate, and kind-hearted. If you can restrain your impulses and harness your positive traits then you’re likely to be fortunate in life and an inspiration to others.


Ascendant in Capricorn

The sign of Capricorn is considered to be “feminine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re more likely to wait until you feel comfortable before pursuing your purpose. You’re also likely to depend on other people to take the initiative. Capricorn is also a Cardinal Sign denoting enterprise, enthusiasm, self-assertion and initiative. You’re ambitious, persistent, cautious, prudent and self-reliant. Responsibility and reserve often feature as your first choice of self-expression. You approach most things in life cautiously, making careful plans before starting anything new. You’re a plodder, and take life rather seriously. Your ambitions are attainable through hard work and perseverance.


Ascendant in Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius is considered “masculine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re more likely to actively seek your purpose in life, taking the initiative rather than waiting until circumstances are comfortable. Aquarius is also a Fixed Sign denoting fixity of purpose, resolution, self-reliance and independence. You’re gregarious and unconventional, original and objective. You’re independent, and yet your purpose and fate are strongly linked with your friends and associates, and groups of people. Your associates can either help or hinder you achieve your purpose, depending on how quickly you learn to assert yourself. You’re usually a good judge of character, but need to learn to trust your instincts. Your purpose may be linked with humanitarian causes, or with metaphysical groups or pursuits. It’s also possible that you’re interested in scientific ideals.


Ascendant in Pisces

The sign of Pisces is considered to be “feminine” by Ancient astrologers suggesting that you’re not a risk-taker, but more likely to wait until you feel comfortable before pursuing your purpose. You’re also likely to depend on other people to take the initiative. Pisces is also a Mutable Sign denoting versatility, flexibility, adaptability, sensitivity, restlessness, indecision and anxiety. You’re sensitive, impressionable, romantic, sentimental, imaginative, affectionate, kind, helpful and misunderstood. Your sensitivity to other people and your environment is both physical and emotional, possibly to the extent that you possess psychic or mediumistic gifts. You’re able to sympathise with other people, lending an understanding ear to their troubles and soothing their problems. Your purpose may be linked with physical or emotional healing work.



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South Node in Zodiac Signs

South Node in Aries

This is a quest to learn co-operation. You have a tendency to want your own way and to force your opinions onto others. You need to develop selflessness, the ability to share and a sensitivity to the needs of other people.


South Node in Taurus

When the South Node falls in Taurus; in past lives there has been an over-emphasis on material and/or physical values. You must reassess your values. You were probably a good child who supported family values more than other sibling(s) in your growing up years. You have a strong drive to develop your skills, talents and resources, to prove that you can do it yourself with or without the support of others. You may feel that you have to be self sufficient to become independent. At some stage in your life you may suffer loss, or lose everything to the point that you may not know “who you are” or “what you want”.


South Node in Gemini

This is a quest for loyalty and one-pointed vision. You have a tendency to be unstable filling your life with many people and activities. You may also experience conflict in your decisions. You need to develop a sense of direction and a higher vision.


South Node in Cancer

This is a quest for maturity. You have a tendency to become over- dependent on other people and cling to them as if you were a child. You burden others with your real or imagined emotional problems wanting them to take a parental role. You will spend much of your life searching for a father-figure unless you can rise to the challenge of becoming responsible for your own life. You need to let go of your personal problems and work towards your own respected place in the world.


South Node in Leo

This is a quest towards service to humankind. You will experience a struggle between your own personal needs and a sense of dedication to others. You need to lay aside your personal need for honor and prestige and use your talents to serve the world.


Soputh Node in Virgo

This is a quest for compassion and faith. You have a tendency to rigidly build structure, order and cleanliness in your own personal world and to become judgmental of others. This is blocking your understanding of your oneness with the universe. You need to develop spiritual understanding and learn to rely on your intuition.


South Node in Libra

This is a quest to become assertive and self-empowered. You have a tendency to be indecisive, always considering the needs of others first. Now you need to discover a sense of your own identity and initiate your own projects.


South Node in Scorpio

This is a quest to overcome your distrust of change, to develop creative outlets for your intense emotions and to avoid hitting out at loved ones. These attributes plagued you in this life because of suffering and traumatic endings in past-lives which left you with deep emotional wounds and a feeling of being cheated. In learning this life’s lesson of trusting the process of change you will develop a newfound sense of peace and stability.


South Node in Sagittarius

This is a quest to learn to see life from other people’s point of view and to become adept in the art of communication. You have a tendency to be restless and scattered. You need to develop focus and the ability to communicate your ideas in a way that helps the many people in your life.


South Node in Capricorn

This is a quest to overcome inner pride and to tolerate your own failures. You have a tendency to make life harder than it need be. This is based on past lives where you had to work hard for people’s respect. You need to learn humility and to express your emotions honestly so that you can nurture others with your wealth of wisdom.


South Node in Aquarius

This a quest to develop your inner strength. You may find that you experience times of loneliness. These times are part of your lesson to forge your own creative life in order to give generously to the world.


South Node in Pisces

This is a quest to become dedicated to the service of others. You will need to overcome the tendency to daydream and feel overwhelmed and to put your compassion and wisdom to practical use for humanity.



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The North Node in Zodiac Signs

North Node in Aries

This is a quest to become assertive and self-empowered. You have a tendency to be indecisive, always considering the needs of others first. Now you need to discover a sense of your own identity and initiate your own projects.


North Node in Taurus

This is a quest to overcome your distrust of change, to develop creative outlets for your intense emotions and to avoid hitting out at loved ones. These attributes plagued you in this life because of suffering and traumatic endings in past-lives which left you with deep emotional wounds and a feeling of being cheated. In learning this life’s lesson of trusting the process of change you will develop a newfound sense of peace and stability.


North Node in Gemini

This is a quest to learn to see life from other people’s point of view and to become adept in the art of communication. You have a tendency to be restless and scattered. You need to develop focus and the ability to communicate your ideas in a way that helps the many people in your life.


North Node in Cancer

This is a quest to overcome inner pride and to tolerate your own failures. You have a tendency to make life harder than it need be. This is based on past lives where you had to work hard for people’s respect. You need to learn humility and to express your emotions honestly so that you can nurture others with your wealth of wisdom.


Noreth Node in Leo

This a quest to develop your inner strength. You may find that you experience times of loneliness. These times are part of your lesson to forge your own creative life in order to give generously to the world.


North Node in Virgo

This is a quest to become dedicated to the service of others. You will need to overcome the tendency to daydream and feel overwhelmed and to put your compassion and wisdom to practical use for humanity.


North Node in Libra

This is a quest to learn co-operation. You have a tendency to want your own way and to force your opinions onto others. You need to develop selflessness, the ability to share and a sensitivity to the needs of other people.


North Node in Scorpio

This is a quest to incorporate change in your life. Your tendency is to want peace and quiet at all costs. You need to avoid weakening your spiritual strength by resisting change. Your challenge is to remain open to new possibilities. You may find that your life is transformed at some stage, stripping away the old to make way for the new.


North Node in Sagittarius

This is a quest for loyalty and one-pointed vision. You have a tendency to be unstable filling your life with many people and activities. You may also experience conflict in your decisions. You need to develop a sense of direction and a higher vision.


North Node in Capricorn

This is a quest for maturity. You have a tendency to become over- dependent on other people and cling to them as if you were a child. You burden others with your real or imagined emotional problems wanting them to take a parental role. You will spend much of your life searching for a father-figure unless you can rise to the challenge of becoming responsible for your own life. You need to let go of your personal problems and work towards your own respected place in the world.


North Node in Aquarius

This is a quest towards service to humankind. You will experience a struggle between your own personal needs and a sense of dedication to others. You need to lay aside your personal need for honor and prestige and use your talents to serve the world.


North Node in Pisces

This is a quest for compassion and faith. You have a tendency to rigidly build structure, order and cleanliness in your own personal world and to become judgmental of others. This is blocking your understanding of your oneness with the universe. You need to develop spiritual understanding and learn to rely on your intuition.


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Crescent Moon Covers Aldebaran in Blue Sky

Seconds before the waxing crescent Moon covered Aldebaran exactly 19 years earlier, on the night of April 10, 1997, Los Angeles astrophotographer Michael Stecker caught this shot using a 5-inch refractor. (The image in the homepage slideshow is a colored photo-illustration to suggest Sunday's blue-sky view.) - See more at:
Seconds before the waxing crescent Moon covered Aldebaran exactly 19 years earlier, on the night of April 10, 1997, Los Angeles astrophotographer Michael Stecker caught this shot using a 5-inch refractor. (The image in the homepage slideshow is a colored photo-illustration to suggest Sunday’s blue-sky view.) – See more at:

On Sunday afternoon, April 10th, you’ll see the waxing crescent Moon hanging high in a sunny blue sky if the weather is as good as we hope it’ll be. Look with a telescope from nearly anywhere in North America, and you can find something else too. Somewhere in the Moon’s vicinity will be 1st-magnitude Aldebaran: a tiny yellow-orange spark shimmering in the blue. And if you’re watching at the right moment, you can see Aldebaran snap out of view in the blink of an eye as the Moon’s dark limb (invisible in the daylight!) covers it up.

The farther east you are, the later in the afternoon the occultation will happen, so the lower the Sun will be and the more readily you should be able to sweep up Aldebaran.

The event happens a little after sunset in much of the Canadian Maritimes. Along the East Coast from Maine to Miami, the Sun will still be about 3° to 12° above the western horizon. Farther west the Sun will be higher and the sky brighter, so the clarity of your air will matter more. Only northern Canada and Alaska miss the occultation completely.

Aldebaran will reappear from out from behind the Moon’s bright limb up to an hour or more later, when the Sun will be lower and even, for the East Coast, may have recently set. But Aldebaran will be harder to see as it buds out from the sunlit moonscape, so you’d still need the telescope.

The Moon will be a thinnish, 17%-illuminated crescent. You’ll find it about 50° to the Sun’s celestial east.

Some predicted times of the star’s disappearance and reappearance, at cities from east to west:

Halifax: disappearance 8:00 p.m., reappearance 8:56 p.m. ADT.
Montreal,  d. 6:47,  r. 7:48 p.m. EDT.
Boston,  d. 6:51,  r. 7:56 p.m. EDT.
Toronto,  d. 6:39,  r. 7:46 p.m. EDT.
Washington, DC,  d. 6:43,  r. 7:55 p.m. EDT.
Atlanta,  d. 6:34,  r. 7:49 p.m. EDT.
Miami,  d. 6:57,  r. 7:50 p.m. EDT.
Chicago,  d. 5:25,  r. 6:39 p.m. CDT.
Kansas City,  d. 5:11 , r. 6:31 p.m. CDT.
Austin,  d. 5:07, r.  6:22 p.m. CDT.
Winnipeg,  d. 5:17,  r. 6:13 p.m. CDT.
Denver,  d. 3:51,  r. 5:11 p.m. MDT.
Edmonton,  d. 4:12, r.  4:36 p.m. MDT.
Vancouver,  d. 2:48,  r. 3:28 p.m. PDT.
Berkeley,  d. 2:21,  r. 3:37 p.m. PDT,
Los Angeles,  d. 2:21,  r. 3:42 p.m. PDT
Honolulu,  d. 10:29,  r. 11:28 a.m. HST.

Detailed timetables for 570 cities and towns, including in Mexico and the Caribbean, are on the massive website of the International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA). In the timetables are the altitudes of the Sun and Moon at the time of the event for each location.

That link brings up three tables: for Aldebaran’s disappearance, reappearance, and the locations of the cities. The three are stacked without very obvious demarcations between them, so watch for the breaks as you scroll. The two capital letters designate the country; remember CA means Canada, not California.

– See more at:


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New Moon in Aries-April 2016

The April New Moon in Aries will be held on 7 April, 2016, at 1:23:35 pm in the sign of Aries, at the second decan, and will give an opportunity for reconstruction for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These signs must be more diligent in terms of personal and professional life but also in health issues too. In general the existing difficulties may be the reason to start their reorganization. However, it would be better harsh policy to be avoided at local level but also worldwide. The New Moon, at the the 18th degree Aries (degree of possession), will give a new turn to geopolitical plans of those who dominate the world. We have a micro stellioum, a small alignment in Aries between Uranus, Sun, Venus and the Moon at the 9th house.

new moon 7 april 2016

The new moon is being centered in Uranus planet, which is the planet of change, revolution, the sudden, independence, reform, originality, represents anyything new and modern, stimulation, is technology, is the planet of subversion. The New Moon of April, is being aligned to Uranus in order to create a link between the past and the future. The past is represented by the mess and chaos because of the square between Uranus -Pluto. The future brings smoother and structured changes because of the trine  between Uranus and Saturn,at least on a personal level nevertheless none of those two planets are in favorable degree.

Other features concerning the chart of the New Moon, shows that caution is required when we address matters of change, this is going to be a kind of transitional period, especially if the change affects your personal life or  finances. The influence of the new moon lasts for four weeks until the next new moon, until May 7 2016. The New Moon at 18 ° 04 ‘Aries conuncts  Uranus at the 20 ° 18’ degrees of Aries.
Change, enthusiasm and awareness are the main themes of this new moon. There are two other aspects in this new moon that are important, such as the trine with Saturn and the square to Pluto. The square of Uranus-Pluto- starts now to be weakened after years of chaos and unrest,however, now we see the results of this cycle. Saturn /Uranus trine may now gradually bring new and more structured or corrected changes on a personal level.

Any change may have to be done in a careful way because it is the axis of sudden restrictions, and the sudden intensity. Harsh conditions, violence by the power that rules a country. Violent people. The aspect shows the inability to adjust ourselves to difficult situations. The power to help someone to overtake the problems, will and determination, unusual emotional intensity, toughness. Action and reaction against restrictions of freedom. Conflicts.

Saturn represents the forces of the past and the future by Uranus. The encounter of those two planets has brought serious disturbances in universe in past times. In mythology, Saturn who did not like changes, castrated Uranus. The conjunction of 1942,for instance brought the Second World War, and in 1988, the end of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. This combination shows up in how far they can reach reforms in society depending on the aspects are being formed in the sky. Generally, however, there is a strong polarization between adults and young people during this intense phases of this cycle; for example when an aspect of opposition was formed in 1965, the youth left the traditional society. This aspect is also marks a milestone in the practical application of modern technology.

The New Moon of April, represents a period of transition ,from the chaotic and unexpected changes in planned and structured change. Saturn retrogrades in 2016 shows that this change should  be done slowly and carefully at first. The conjunction between the Sun/Uranus , marks a moment of excitement, the unexpected change, but freedom and rebellion too. We should feel a strong desire to break free from everyday life, to do something completely different from our usual activities. To reduce anxiety , it is better to be more active and to try to make something out of the ordinary, instead of waiting for change to happen.

The square of Sun/Pluto  increases the need to control, but can also lead to conflicts with other powerful people or authorities but also to extreme or destructive behavior. Such challenges may force you to isolation, where you either have to defend your position or make a significant change.

The Sun-Saturn trine brings success and recognition for previous attempts. Focus on achieving your long-term goals, but it is also important to keep your balance reasonably well. The stabilizing effect of the Sun/Saturn trine will dominate the manipulation of the square of Sun/Pluto, because the Uranus/Pluto square declines now and it will be easier for you to deal with.However,Saturn during its retrograde mode will focus on addressing some previous or current frustrations regarding your personal life or your financial situation. 

The square of Jupiter/Saturn creates internal tensions and you will have to face criticism or limit any circumstances in your life. You may encounter financial difficulties where you should limit expenditure on luxuries or entertainment. A relationship that does not lead anywhere for any reason can lead to separation or to give you a great shaking in your personal life. Events may cause you to reassess the powerful beliefs you have.

The square of Mars/Neptune can bring frustration, weakness and feelings of inadequacy. Self-deception and the deception of others is more likely to happen now. This is not the time to be take any risks or chasing rainbows. Your desire for all imaginative things do not match the reality at the moment. Your career aspirations and your sex life may lose touch with reality.The changes now and in the coming months will be more permanent than before, but will be less extreme. This reflects to a change that becomes from the square of Uranus/Pluto in a positive aspect to Saturn. It could be a change, a radical change,a trasitional period of time but definetely a  more determined one.

But in world politics is likely to see a political of social revolution;The 9th house affects the legal issues, the courts, judges, clergy, the religion, morality, science, university faculties and general and higher education. It is the religious attitude of the people. Is shipping (not war), foreign policy, trade and transactions of the state with distant countries, religious figures, the international diplomacy, contracts with foreign legislation, higher education institutions and the functioning of justice .

The Sun-Moon conunction, the Sun-Uranus conjunction (explosion), the Moon -Uranus do list for social revolution and social or political explosion but is usually associated with sudden twists in matters concerning the 9th house. Uranus and the position of the planets in the 9th house are having a kind of awakening role, linked to tensions and violent reactions and explosions worldwide, which will mainly affect Europe and America.

Venus squares Pluto and shows frustrations, delays and scandals in economy, religion and perhaps that includes an environmental disaster. Of course, Venus trines Saturn and Mars is showing some restraint and the prejudice and self/control giving a chance to improve things or to express something else, which will be made through hard efforts mainly on peace issues.

Jupiter,of course in the 2nd house,concerning economy,forms an opposition to Neptune, where it continues to warn us that we should not fool ourselves, the reality is very different regading economy, where there will be speculation, scandals, losses, instability and political conflicts but also marks major disasters related to water, seas and lakes, the rivers even large earthquakes.

We also see the square of Jupiter-Saturn, Saturn in 5th house conjuncts the fixed star Merak, giving Prudence, moderation, but also distrust, self-control, while other long thymus when there is uprising, is the love to give orders to tohers but also the potential for success. Neptune at the 8th house, conjuncts the fixed star of Agena associated with disillusionment, sharp words, stubbornness, poor implementation capacity, loss through law and speculation, barriers to success, many false friends and enemies, responsible for accidents, death by colds or fever. The conjunction of  Marfic – South Node is associated with deception but also the blind passion.

Compared with the chart of Greece, we see the new moon affect the 11th house that (Symbolizes but also affects our partisan beliefs, goals, hopes, Companies, the parliament, long-term planning finances and civilian targets and public law, friendly relations of the state with other states, the accession of the country to other organizations such as NATO, Europe, etc., and other organizations.


Jupiter squares Mars, between 5-6th house, where it is associated with large fires and high flames, the reaction, the resistance against disposal rules and regulations, the rush, the exaggeration. This refers to a period of gradual cleansing. Problems and conflicts, quarrels and fights of artistic and cultural nature and generally will affect the ambassadors, the relations of the youth to the state. (Already we have a serious issues that is quite big challenge for our culture), we have also the square of Uranus-Neptune that is related to the lack of control and balance, one-sided views and erroneous ideas, tangled and bizarre situations, losses.

The North Node squares the moon that contributes to the alienation of the country, to break relations and is opposed to Venus is not a favorable aspect for all that is happening regarding cooperation policies the artistic themes and even peace issues in our country, the conjunction of Mars-Saturn (war but also this aspects affects the borders.Saturn in Sagittarius is conncted to borders of a nation and that might be changed something here) is quite challenging aspect that still affects the 6th houseof the country and the 7th house too, is the army,the law enforcement, welfare, labor, public health, but also international treaties, political cooperation, and of course our relationship with neighboring hostile countries. The square of Neptune/Venus, is connected to economic losses, vulgarity, promiscuity, the illegitimacy, rape, crime, the degeneration. The New Moon will affect at a large percentage Europe, especially Germany and central Europe in general, as seen on the map,also Italy and Sweden.

mar 1mar 2

Uranian equations …

Discussions with partners – announcements about partnerships – Appeal – reports the discussions on culture -synergates – Rich families – Social privilege – Comfortable homes – Economic associations – isolated surroundings – Sacrifices other related disadvantages – health issues – environmental shortcomings, water or air pollution – Refusal or reset a disease and partners – cheating – exposure to fraud – corruption or degradation

Enlargement intellectual horizons – mental or spiritual freedom – Cultural studies – under pressure – pushed or forced to do things- Important katastaseis- Nerve state-intensity on men, Links about the past or history – barriers associated with consolidation
Making plans for action – instructions or orders – speeches – companies – traders- – mistakes – Inadequate governments- dissapointment- manipulation – cheating

Confusion- Rejection between contacts or synergaton- damage or loss in connection with the partner colleagues
Strong jams or opposition of the world Dealing with the past or historical themes- Work on creation -the resistance to illness or inability of a disease; Attempts to stabilize
Continuous electricity shortages – Uncertainty, insecurity or instability related to surveillance; inadequate protection or defense;
Intense uncertainty, confusion, or frustrations related departures – Actions contributing to continued uncertainty, insecurity, and instability – Fuzzy restrictions – hidden pressure isolation –

Propaganda– Aprovlepsimotita – Sudden insecurity or instability – endings on controversial reforms – – Ineffective resistance to tension
Ignition objects – Entities or objects at risk of fire – Mandatory actions or -fotia activities, ignition, or arms – armed nations – diatages- Limitations- Actions contributing to stress– Explosions
Government power – Influence of states – Political action – Domination on influential persons
Nations and their battles – Public unrest – Fires – Shots
Sudden actions – actions that contribute to tensions – Initiation of public unrest – Starting popular uprisings – Explosions
Increasing apoxenosis- Departures or detachment associated with partners
Actions which arouse the world- coercion on the peoples or nations
Ruptures or breaks related deaths
Principles on freedom outside world
Mars-.. Unethical behavior – Actions related to the ideological damage or slur – character assassination (America)
Deaths associated with important personalities – Resistance on official reforms – Rebellion on demarcations
Cultural restrictions on deliveries
Successful efforts related to peace – Battles on freedom and justice



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Brussels Attacks

As you know yesterday there was a terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium, occurred local time at 8:00 in the morning. The ascendant at that moment was in Taurus (11th degree of conquest, at the axis of Taurus / Scorpio, 11th of Scorpio / degree of Defense) and his ruler Venus in Pisces approaching Saturn in Sagittarius through a square, who also was in the 8th house, and of course that is associated with loss and death.


Three planets were at the 12th house, which it is attached to things are well kept and secret, and that was the subversive Uranus, the Sun and Mercury, in Aries. Aries is known as a ruler of Mars, where he was at the 7th house of the chart, concerning the open enemies. The conjunction of Sun / Mercury was also sitting at the point of Aries is an aggressive and alarming aspect while connected to serious concerns regarding traveling and movements. At this point I will add something else extra. Mercury, at the hour of the terrorist attack was conjuncting the fixed star Scheat that is associated with many accidents, many enemies and that is not at all positive for within the country. Mercury is known as related to all public transport, trains, airplanes, railway stations, cars etc.

The square of Jupiter / Saturn from the 6th house to the 8th house, of death, today I write this during the current lunar eclipse in Libra, is becoming accurate. Jupiter, concerns religion and those are hidden under a disguise. The conjunction of Jupiter/ Moon is showing men of foreign origin, Moon trines Pluto in the 9th house and that is pointing to the connection with people of foreign background. The ISIS assumes responsibility for the attacks. The attack takes place on the eve of the strong lunar eclipse in Libra which is opposed to Mercury and Sun in the sign of Aries, which also rules the young and those are traveling. More than two explosions, as I heard, occurred at the airport and the metro station.


The solar eclipse on March 9, 2016, in Pisces, but also today clearly showed that we should be extremely concerned about attacks by religious extremists, as I have mentioned in lunar phenomena and eclipses, and the fact that we will listen news for extremists who commit murder in the name of religion, atrocities or threats will be almost a daily occurrence.


The square of Jupiter / Saturn this week, and for some time in 2016 ahead, will give several high-risk alerts for terrorism around the world, with military and police forces to try to stamp out any kind of suspicious activity. In my opinion of course, something quite different happens, in fact, as I wrote my article concerning for Saturn in Sagittarius, and that is that our freedoms are threatened, and general personal freedoms worldwide may suffer serious consequences because of the situation . Saturn in Sagittarius, is a serious matter, linked to revolts, religious wars, but also restricting freedoms in Saturn. The square of Uranus / Pluto was there of course, which is the main source of explosions and attacks of such kind, and compared to the natal chart of Belgium, we see the Sun / Mercury conjunction hitting the 3rd house of (public transport, communications) Belgium while Uranus hits the 4th, which is the home, the ground of the country . Saturn in Sagittarius sits on the first house, almost on the ascendant and Mars at the 12th, activating angular houses.

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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra- 23 March 2016

The lunar eclipse will perform on 23 March, 2016, 2:46 pm, the axis of Libra / Aries and will influence the zodiac signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn in some strange way. The eclipse will bring difficulties in our personal relationships, will increase health problems, and will be the reason for ruptures on a political level while accidents will be multiplied. The lunar eclipse will bring the results of the eclipsed Sun that preceded that portends a very difficult period of time as much of the implementation of some decisions, the administration and communication. You better not start anything important in the next 14 days. The Lunar eclipse in Libra will occur at the communication axis, at the 3 / 9th house at 3 ° 17 ° (degree of impulse) of Libra, at his first decan, where usually creates extreme weather phenomena, storms and hail.


The lunar eclipse goes headlong forward, so to speak, towards significant changes. Mercury, from the position of Aries, on his 2nd degree (Showdown) at the chart of the eclipse, is very important as the thought and communication will be the main issues, but of course it will create polarization and imbalance, while forming an opposition to the lunar eclipse in Libra. The somewhat favorable placement of Mars shows to resolve any conflict, apparently an additional initiative, under an atmosphere quite intense. Mars also adds passion and sexual attraction for relationships and favors quick romances. As always, with the Sun / Moon opposition, feelings and instincts reach their climax. The Lunar eclipse will remain active until the lunar eclipse of September 2016.


The 3rd HOUSE – refers to telecommunications, public transport, newspapers, the press in general and the relations of a nation with neighboring states. The speech oral or written, the primary and secondary education, the neighboring countries, news, rumors, information, diplomatic messages, the way we adjust ourselves to the events, journalists, public discussions, post offices, trade with neighboring countries. The shares and bonds in economy. The deals that have been signed between nations .That is the house of communication and information but also affects car/industry too.


The 9th HOUSE – refers to international diplomacy, ecclesiastical diplomacy, contracts with foreign law, higher education institutions and their functioning. Philosophy, science, religion, faith, the clergy, the patriarch. Senior clerics. The courts, the religious attitude of the people. Is shipping (not war), the trade and the rule of trade with distant countries. The satellite transmissions. Foreign policy. Immigrants, long-distance travel, the nation’s interests abroad, religious institutions, cults, the courts and the justice system, legal issues, law, morality, international law, universities, higher education, scientific institutes, the science, invention, publication, broadcast, wireless and international communications, maritime and air traffic, prophecy, prediction.


The major issue of the eclipse will mostly is that will cause imbalance, bias, intense polarization and disharmony to a communication level between nations. Focuses on the way we communicate with other people, and negotiating. In this eclipse there are no fancy astrological patterns to analyze, nor fixed stars to interpret. The aspects that dominate on the chart of the eclipse is the opposition of Mercury with the lunar eclipse and the opposition of the Sun / Moon.


On the other hand, the 9th house, the Sun / Mercury in Aries conjunction, will increase mental activity and will affect others more easily. Thinking, reading, writing, speaking and walking will take up more of our time and we will be busier with their neighbors and brothers, the short trips, bureaucracy, messages and discussions, training, etc. Yet and the focus of our discussions that is in our interest will focus on the above issues represented by those houses. The collection and exchange of information. Fast reflexes and the ability to adjust ourselves will play a major role. Mercury represents the nervous system and thus the rest and relaxation will be important, but will also increase the daily pace, so there will be more stress and confusion to the Moon / Mercury opposition.


In political discussions, the polarization of ideas will become more extreme and more emotionally charged. Even though the conjunction of the Sun / Mercury is telling us that normally, logic should prevail, as much as the decision-making process, planning, and relationship issues in general but also in foreign policy and the issues posed by these houses, where the eclipse will take place. The Moon conjuncts the fixed star Zaniah on 04 ♈ 45 in Aries, and that means concern, loss, problems, and the fact that we may be carried away by sympathies or other motivations.


The Sun and Mercury are aligned with the fixed star Deneb Kaitos at the 02 ♈ 48 degree of Aries. Although this star causes damage when is with the Sun, is causing mental disorder, a large loss is keenly felt, accidents, burns and cuts the shortages, with Mercury instead gives an active mind, writing or speaking, for prosperity of citizens, the laws for the benefit of the community, and is conducive to social affairs. The sextile of Mars / Moon and Sun / Mercury trine are the only aspects that directly affect the lunar eclipse. This means additional initiative, a common desire to bridge successfully the gap between the opposing forces. Adds speed and confidence in decision-making and planning. In politics, adds great excitement and immediacy and a common goal, while promoting, in this case, the most aggressive competitors of a country. The Mercury / Mars trine increases mental energy and concentration. The quick thinking and determination means that some projects will be favored and those that will succeed, are the most adventurous and take risks where it will lead to positive results.


Thus, a large amount of energy will be directed to issues of the 9th house, with the Sun in Aries, since it is exalted there, and the data are broadcasted is determination, freedom of adventure, bravery, action, leadership, spirit acidity. The Sun trines Saturn, which is dealing with a serious situation wisely (such as the refugee issue, etc.) but also squares Pluto that is connected to the apply of power, the passion for power and control, expressed as a continuous tense but more the most worrying is that this aspect has been observed in mass deaths by disasters such as the use of nuclear power, for example Chernobyl, so probably we may see again such a kind of “accident”.


The opposition of the Sun / Moon, but also the square of the Moon / Pluto is an explosion indicator, conflicts and major sudden changes .The Mercury / Saturn trine suggests logic, attention, concentration, intense discussions and dialogues but also being methodical, but Mercury squares also Pluto showing hasty actions, overestimation of a situation or ourselves, wild spirit and irritability, recklessness, where the resistance threshold is quite small. Leaders must show subjectivity and knowledge instead of impatience, weakness and make statements or actions to impress and the worst to make mistakes without recognizing them.


Venus in Pisces is also exalted there. The opposition of Venus / Jupiter and Venus / Neptune conjunction shows how difficult it is to place some ideas and plans, showing hallucinations, delusion, frustration, absurdity and folly concerning financial matters (at the 2 / 8th house), in discussions for such matters but also serious problems in diplomatic relations, and inactivity while global health is in great danger and there will be twists. These aspects are also linked to landslides and contaminated land. Jupiter in 2nd house conjunct Zaurak and gives melancholy, fear of death and suicides.


The Saturn / Neptune square, we already know from so many times that we have analyzed, shows losses, insecurity, mistrust, prejudice. This axis is associated with epidemics. Uranus in the 9th house can involve technological discoveries but also may create unrest and instability, radical changes in matters concerning this house. Do not forget also the square of Uranus / Pluto in the 6th house (which is the welfare, workers, public health. It is the army, the navy, the security forces) associated with a sudden, massive explosion, death, extreme weather phenomena. Fatal attack by insurgents or terrorist group, it seems as you see in the maps below that will affect the heart of Europe, France, Germany, England, Italy, etc. The North Node at the midpoint of the Sun / Neptune and at the midpoint of Mercury / Neptune describes the total chaos. All this shows uncertainty and weakness where external events seem to affect us all too much. The inclination towards mysticism and culture of our mental life is important but also a balanced use of intuition and logic of each one of us.


The Lunar eclipse will be visible and will affect mostly the following countries at least some parts of the eclipse: A large part of Asia, Australia, North America, much of South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, the Arctic, Antarctic area.


Concerning our country, Greece, the Lunar eclipse will mainly affect the economy, the government, parliament but mainly the 5th house of related arts, entertainment, children, gambling, speculative interests, associated with Exchange , and our social life, the birth rate, foreign policy, embassies. Entrepreneurship will be affected, our relations with allies and neighboring countries, national agreements that have been signed but also our relationship with NATO that has evolved since the situation has been developed in this manner, at the Aegean Sea.


The Mon squares Jupiter, which is associated to rebellion, opposition, unpopularity, conflicts, disputes and damages will be caused. Also the Moon is opposing Pluto, that is associated to explosions, resentment, unrest, changes that we do not want concerning matters of the 8th house, that is related to pensions, insurance matters etc. speaks of an unbalanced situation that changes upsets people. The Moon in opposition to Saturn, speaks of deep concern and serious problems.

The Sun squares Jupiter that is connected to, negligence, indifference, arrogance and an over-demanding attitude from the government, but creates conflicts, questioning, with negative results. The Sun conjuncts Pluto, associated to fanaticism, the overestimation of ourselves, but also the imposition of power at any cost. Maximum limit I give the spring for the government of SYRIZA party to go, and while other astrological phenomena have been preceded, the Solar eclipse in Pisces, this March will be the end of it, which affects directly the government.


Mercury squares Jupiter which is associated to arrogance, silliness, superficiality, cunning, sharp behavior, and is also the deceiver and the swagger. Deceit, fraud, mockery and slander, scandals may break out. And of course, is obvious that abroad, concerning foreign policy Greece will have to lose opportunities. Additionally, the conjunction to Pluto, speaks of manipulation and blackmail, rifts and conflicts on a political level, reforms that will bring unrest. The Venus-Mars square will not help at all while the opposition to the North Node, and the square to the Ascendant speaks of full slump and the tremendous pressure we receive regarding our economy.


Mars squares Pluto and Jupiter, we may say at this point that it is in complete disobedience, since the mood of this aspect speaks of resistance against the rules and regulations, is the exaggeration, dissolution, indecision, fights, rebellion against the guard, the refugee issue will be completely out of control and no one is capable really, to imagine what will happen. Mars squares Pluto and this has a war index, conflict and intervention. It is linked to cruelty, brutality, the ruthlessness, violence, the hitch of luck. The debate concerning the Greek debt will enter in a final stretch, later, of course, not in the first half of 2016, but not without hard returns. Instead now, extortion will be hardened towards our country. The lunar eclipse is very close to the spring equinox and is not favoring anything in relation to the economy but also the Summit, deals.


The square of Saturn/Venus, will continue to limit and create serious problems in economy, the conjunction of Mars-Saturn has been also explained in previous articles, is associated with the closure of borders and changes at the Aegean Sea , the square of Saturn –North Node link block is associated to oppression and limitations. The square of Uranus -Neptune, is creating full instability and out of control situations and painful losses. The square of Mars –Neptune is connected to epidemics.

1 2

Let’s take a look at the equations….


Sacrifices related to partnerships – sloppy in relationships – secretive partners – Ambiguity in the environment – Frustration with partners – Losses related to partnerships – Rejection of partners – insecurity – Frustration – dishonesty – cheating people

State measures – Action Police – Domination – arbitrary behavior

Departures or detachment on a community – problems – problems related to the family or society – Divorce or separation of communities

Departures or detachment associated with the beliefs of others – Spiritual or moral differences of the partners – Meeting constraints by others – ideological or moral difference in the environment

Significant events – Excellent stimulation on their partners – Exceptional events – Important tension and anxiety – disorders related to official matters

Cheating – exposure to fraud – corruption or degeneration –demanding tasks – Limits – frontiers restriction/ failed power

  • Important secrets – Extraordinary sacrifices – Importance of water – ship or airline captains – Diplomats – great official deception – Great uncertainty, insecurity, and instability – Extraordinary losses –


Major upheavals related organizations – violent revolution on the money – injustice – Great misfortune – failure

Intense uncertainty, confusion, or frustrations – Actions contributing to continued uncertainty, insecurity, and instability – Fuzzy restrictions – hidden pressure isolation


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Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces- 9 March 2016

The March Solar Eclipse will be held in the sign of Pisces, in 9 March 2016, while in March 2015 we had the first eclipse at the same sign. It will affect Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces in a negative way and into this phenomenon we will also have the participation of Neptune, Mars, Saturn and Pluto. The eclipse will be partial to people in South and East Asia, Northern and Eastern Australia. The eclipse will start at 23:20 UTC, on March 8, with the peak of the eclipse to take place at 02:00 UTC on March 9.Its fullness will last for 4 minutes and 09 seconds, and its influence will last for 4 years. It has a size of 1.0450 and will be visible throughout the Pacific Ocean, starting from Indonesia, and will end in the northern Pacific Ocean. The eclipse will meet on March 9, 2016 a large area of the Pacific, Indonesia, Malaysia, and large parts of Southeast Asia and Australia where it is visible only as a partial solar eclipse.

Global_path_of_the_total_solar_eclipse_2016-03-09 path-760
This solar eclipse is related to other eclipses and including the current cycle between 2015 and 2018. It belongs to Saros cycle 130, and a circle of Metonos 19 years. Repeat every 18 years, 11 days, containing 73 events. The series began with a partial solar eclipse on August 20, 1096. It contains a total eclipses of the April 5, 1475 to July 18 2232. The series will end as a partial eclipse in October 25, 2394. The longest duration of totality was 6 minutes 41 seconds for the July 11, 1619.The eclipse will particularly affect:
• Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia, Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Pulau Ternate, North Maluku, Indonesia, (total)
• Bangkok, Thailand Maximum of Eclipse, Pacific Ocean (Duration 4:09)
• Jakarta, Java, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Manila, Philippines, Darwin, Australia (partial)
• Yap Island, Mikronesia, March 9 only partial in Hawaii, USA, March 8
• Los Angeles / March 8 – 5:54 pm
• New York / March 8 – 8:54 pm
• London / – March 9 – 1:54 am
• Delhi / March 9 – 7:24 am
• Sydney / March 9 – 12:54 pm


solar eclipse

On a individual level, the solar eclipse is focused on healing of a deep wound that exists in our souls, by Chiron, along with the solar eclipse. It may be an old or new wound that affects the body, your mind or spirit. The Jupiter-Saturn aspect is relieving us from the evolving power of Pluto. Freedom from pain allows spiritual transformation and the evolution of the soul. The solar eclipse represents the end and the beginning of a new cycle as with the lunar cycle. Old habits, attitudes and beliefs can be challenged both collectively and personally, searching for new and inventive ways to progress.

solar eclipse 9 March 2016 in Pisces
The solar eclipse conjunct Chiron gives the strongest evidence and information about your new goals or where to focus your energy in the coming six months. For the Greeks, Chiron was the wise centaur who brought astrology to humanity. For Christians, Jesus Christ who counted the number of stars and where he put names to all this. Both were healers of wounded souls who used physical methods, such as the hands for healing, herbs and the strength of mind. Think of all therapeutic techniques where beginning with the word “chiro”, the Greek word for hand. Even the palm reading palmistry called. Chiron was not part of the establishment. He was regarded as an apostate who used unorthodox methods to heal others and to promote spiritual enlightenment.


Therefore, the main theme of the solar eclipse of March 2016 relates to a deep wound in our soul. This could be an existing physical or emotional pain, but may also mostly points to a new wound to be created, which will take place after this eclipse. Other aspects of the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse in two weeks will give more details about the nature of these wounds as also the lunar eclipse. Both Chiron and the constellation of Aquarius have a sense of a new era. Air travel and the Internet will play, a big part, as much of injury and the spread of a disease and treatment through information exchange. The injury / healing journey could be the answer to dramatic changes as much global weather affecting bodies and our souls in a way we can not even imagine.
The solar eclipse is opposed to Jupiter means that there are forces which act against development, prosperity and happiness. The influence of Chiron proposes to consider health issues that might hinder your personal growth and happiness. An old wound pressed within our soul will now manifest as suffering, selfishness, excessive pride or gluttony in food or drugs. The unethical behavior will not be rewarded. The moderation, self-control and self-discipline will help you avoid excessive optimism and excessive nature of Jupiter. Try not to push yourself too hard, because of the tendency to overestimate our resources and abilities.
The solar eclipse will square Saturn which is a frustrating and delaying energy, achieving your goals through obstacles separations, or losses. Fear and pessimism may lead to defeat and melancholy. There will be a tendency to avoid responsibilities and give up our goals. This would indicate the karmic effects causing a wound to another person. However, any issues require hard work, patience and discipline.
The square of Jupiter/Saturn can limit your growth and represents the struggle for healing. Conflicting actions incite to move forward or to remain secure and all this leads to internal tension and stress. The frustration and delays make our concentration on one goal more difficult but also the healing of our wounds.
The solar eclipse sextiles Pluto and the issue of rescue, as it increases your need to succeed. You will feel more determined and articulate than usual to achieve your goals. This aspect also provides enormous potential for treating and sick forces are powerful that can be used to overcome the negative influence of the square cross Saturn. This aspect also describes the effect of your healing process, which is the evolution of your soul.


The Jupiter-Pluto trine means large scale developing and change due to a dramatic increase of strength and influence. This is an aspect that you can really fight and however limit the depressing effect of Saturn. Compensates any defeatism or lack of faith, and ensures highest moral and ethical standards.


The square Uranus/Pluto is behind the solar eclipse, where the source of radical changes is and tension during the last five years. The routines and structures in your life may have changed now abruptly, but this requires flexibility and an enlarged view in order to adjust yourselves better. Old structures and routines is now outdated. Whatever the occasion, you will be forced to evolve but also to adapt rapidly.
The Saturn-Uranus trine is in the front of the solar eclipse, another transitional phase in your life in the next year. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life in order to operate smoothly. The change could not be upset or be irregular. Try to remain calm and patient while you plan your every step methodically. Perhaps, you may be saddled with more responsibilities, but also provides you enough freedom to experience things in your own way.


In opposition to Jupiter, try to maintain your keep equilibrium, to give time to yourself, to avoid excesses, for the healing of a wound that that is going to be created during the phase of the eclipse. Saturn shows the struggle, pain and fear involved. Be patient and self-disciplined. Pluto shows your strong will to succeed and gives healing properties. The healing of your wounds leads to a spiritual transformation and evolution of your soul. Treat others in the same way that you want others to treat you, which means by respect!


Let’s see the solar eclipse in Pisces on a global level. People should be very calm and try to organize themselves properly so they can cope with any difficulties they might encounter. The signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will particularly have to pass through a serious test on professional and personal level. You should avoid to take serious decisions through the eclipse days, while this phenomenon will expose to risks exceptional personalities, world leaders etc. and will be held at the axis of the economy which is the 2 / 8th house.


Just to remind you, in political astrology, the 2nd house affects issues such as domestic trade, stock market, banking and financial institutions, investments, national wealth of a country and its values. Represents the conditions of supply and demand, how food and other resources produced. It affects the banks, the economy in general, stocks and bonds, cash, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in treasury, currency and circulation, consumer spending, trade, and the State’s debts to others. It shows how collectively, people feel safety and about social values, and what society is in great esteem. The 2nd house, called in ancient times, the gates of Hades, apparently with the sense that money is the root of evil. It may also point the death of the enemy in case of war, the finances of the country and the revenue. The national economy.


The 8th house is connected with taxation, inheritance, losses in international finance, multinational companies, social security, and foreign investment. This is the house of economic relations with other nations or groups, multinationals, shows deaths, murders, deaths from disasters, transnational companies are also ruled by the 8th house, as also the debt to another nation. It also rules the rate of deaths, suicides, funerals, rates, pensions and social security and consultants of Heads of State. It is the house of rebirth. Financial transactions with foreign countries in time of war and also is connected to allies of the opposed side. Wills, bankruptcies. The ability to change, to be transformed.


The great stellium in watery Pisces (5 planets and actually two points, in Pisces on the 2nd house) will block completely the energy and the flow of things and we mean in this case, the economy worldwide. On the way, we will analyze it more, because it will bring a global economic collapse that will affect stock markets internationally, at least as it is shown here. The solar eclipse will therefore be held on Tuesday, on March 9, 2016 at the 18 ° 55 degrees of Pisces (the degree of Trauma, is an unstable and changeable degree for economy) at the third decan of Pisces, and will be too strong influence. This degree, is being considered as evil, pointing to our excessive “bonding” to material pleasures and of course, because of that, we are suffering. It also shows, the fact that we can not learn from our mistakes. Just think of the energy of this stellium in watery Pisces, it looks like a tsunami, which runs with a slow pace, and speed and “will wash away everything” on its passage.


The solar eclipse at the 2nd house focuses on economy, represented by Chiron, which conjuncts the solar eclipse, and of course shows that the economy to be affected to a great extent. Chiron is in Pisces at the 20th degree which is connected, to an explosion, but also conjuncts the North Node at the 21st degree of Pisces, associated with prostration, weakness, and dishonesty.It shows how much fragile and serious the situation is concerning the global economy. These degrees in Pisces, will create a complete disarray and turmoil (water). The horoscope of a new moon and solar eclipse is like a snapshot in time, but it takes time to grow and to see the results.

This solar eclipse will remain active until the next eclipse, on September 16, 2016, with the Lunar eclipse in Pisces. As the cycle of this eclipse progresses, the planetary aspects in particular degree of the eclipse will activate and strengthen, the events are associated with the eclipse, which will begin to unfold. These will become stronger when Mercury will reach the degree of the eclipse on 15 March and Venus on March 27, also in the sign of Pisces.

There is a verse that describes the 18th degree of Pisces in this way:
“After his farmhouse is washed away by a flood, a farmer builds a new house downstream, but also begins constructing a dam to regulate the water level of the river.”


The solar eclipse on 18 ° 55 degrees of Pisces, contains no important fixed stars or asteroids like the previous one, last year. That doesn’t means that is not in effect, which was Scheat, if you remember. The solar eclipse conjuncted the fixed star Scheat, which meant: “Danger through water and engines, liable to accidents or drowning.”
Therefore, the astrological interpretation will be based on planetary aspects, but this region of the sky contains no fixed stars at the end of the Aquarius constellation. A solar eclipse in the constellation of Aquarius shows events related to aviation, river flooding and the consequences for agriculture, high technology, computers, electricity, and groups of people, which is not away from the first solar eclipse in Pisces, of last year.

The revolution, social explosions, mobilizations and war will continue, activated by the stellium of Virgo and other astrological past events and we described in previous articles through months, but it will pay more attention to new directions and humanitarian organizations. Another small star in this region of the sky between the constellation of Aquarius and Pisces, is Pegasus the Flying Horse hoof (Flying Horse).

According to astrology, we are in the era of Pegasus. It is an era of climate change and the level of growth and rising oceans, transporting us from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Mythologically, the Babylonian constellation IKU (field) had four stars of which three were later part of the Greek constellation Hippos (Pegasus).Pegasus, in Greek mythology, was a winged horse with magical powers.

One myth regarding his powers says that his hooves dug out a spring, Hippocrene, which blessed those who drank its water with the ability to write poetry. Pegasus was the one who delivered Medusa’s head to Polydectes, after which he travelled to Mount Olympus in order to be the bearer of thunder and lightning for Zeus. Eventually, he became the horse to Bellerophon, who was asked to kill the Chimera and succeeded with the help of Athena and Pegasus. Despite this success, after the death of his children, Bellerophon asked Pegasus to take him to Mount Olympus.
Though Pegasus agreed, he plummeted back to Earth after Zeus either threw a thunderbolt at him or made Pegasus buck him off. In ancient Persia, Pegasus was depicted by al-Sufi as a complete horse facing east, unlike most other uranographers, who had depicted Pegasus as half of a horse, rising out of the ocean.

Back to the eclipse, in Pisces, it will affect countries where the eclipse will be more visible, those belonging to the sign of the eclipse, those who have their moon in the sign of the eclipse, as also world leaders belonging to this sign (Recep Tayyip Erdogan for instance).

The eclipse in water signs will greatly affect mortality among people that will grow, is also connected with major disasters mainly to fish living organisms, to disasters of the sea, or at the bottom of the sea, also causes the death of famous personalities (as also we have several artists and politicians in this sign,) or even excellent people, so it is connected with the destruction of fish, the tidal waves and flooding’s, the oceans.

The eclipse is occurred at the eastern hemisphere of the chart and the results will be direct, on the 3rd decan of Pisces, mostly ruled by Neptune and Jupiter (the traditional ruler of Pisces), but also Pluto (Pisces at the third decan) which is connected to revolutionary situations and events, cruelty and ferocity.
The eclipse on water Pisces, is associated and will affect the spirituality of people, charities, hospitals and institutions of recovery or childbirth. Neptune rules the sea, sailors, prophets, mystics, dancers, actors, medicine, alcohol, drugs, oil, gas, chemicals, and liquids. The Neptune energy dissipates, or creates foggy conditions. It also affects pharmaceutical companies, you may will find that eclipses in Pisces are particularly important to them, as it gives great emphasis in the pharmaceutical industry. Jupiter is the co-ruler of Pisces. In addition increases mortality and is also associated to the spread of extensive riots, treacherous acts, drugs, excessive rains, tidal waves, accidents at sea, or the destruction of birds and fish and all things living near to the water, as also affects cities live near to it. The water signs are emotionally motivated. The element of water is associated with tsunamis, floods and drowning. (So we may have, events like Japan tsunami 11/3/2011 March-Japan / Sendai, if you remember).

In these, I also include the arrival of an alien civilization, in a way, which is a matter that will occupy humanity intensely, for 2016, since we heard officially from the mouths of politicians, many asked me, if actually there is such a possibility or not. I have write a lot about it, although the experience in relation to this issue, is minimal, since however by astrological aspect, I will remain open by putting a question mark, but also I will mention that eclipses are associated to unusual events and experiences, rather somewhat confused and foggy ones or even forged and fake ones if aspects are negative. Nevertheless, I will make the following observation, the Roswell event occurred after an eclipse, in a fire sign, in 1947, as we all know. Although eclipses of 2011-2012 triggered the chart of Roswell, however, we will have the chance to develop it in another article.

Let’s see the aspects are formed and what might those mean on a global level. The Sun in the second house conjunct the Moon which is opposed to Jupiter, at the 8th house, associated to exaggeration and huge losses and damage to economy, the stock exchanges and has a negative influence on global health. It will affect all the issues mentioned above. Jupiter is the wealth, growth and expansion in the material world, but also associated with the expansion of philosophy, moral and spiritual values. Greed is a serious challenge for people. Too great emphasis is being given to the existing accumulation and money during this time that could lead to the moral and material bankruptcy.

It is connected to susceptibility, material wastage, negligence, corruption, conflict whose root cause arrogance, excessive requirements, conflicts with the law and in terms of issues to the 8th house. Also associated to great heat and flames.
Let us not forget that Jupiter is in retrograde motion, and much have happened in recessions and depressions. Its influence can cause recessions just as easily as the transit of Saturn. The retrograde Jupiter and its aspects, including trines and oppositions, tend to blow the bubble of the excessive economic expansion. At the 1929 crash of Wall Street occurred when Jupiter was in retrograde motion (at 15 ° degrees of Gemini Rx, Oct.29, 1929), also was in retrograde motion at the Crash of October (October 19) of l987, known as Black Monday, that happened in the middle of the retrograde cycle, and then the opposition aspect, was accurate. A retrograde cycle because it has been inflated, so it is acting in order to deflate in order thereby to be able to balance what is already over-extended. During this phase, Jupiter might rules decline, and this certainly happened in 1987.

The Black Monday ” crash ”, was the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange on 10.19.1987, which dragged to the bottom the stock markets of the world and that of Athens course, is not the only major market trends of that year. The ” crash or ” Black Monday as it was called, is automatically transmitted to the stock markets around the world. The investment mood completely reversed. Confusion and panic was everywhere.


1987 is the year that culminates to 3 years approximately (1985-1987) an upward phase in shallow Exchange of Athens (ASE), with incredible profits surpass 400% in less than 10 months, since there had been a long downward period. It is also the year that suddenly and violently the strong upward trend in the ASE is reversed to turn into a vertical drop, when at 10/19/87 the New York Stock Exchange collapses. It is the year, despite the strong after the crash of the New York fall, ASE managed to close with gains of more than 160%. One of the most upstream in its history. It is the year that attracts new investors to trade to be projected by 13 or more times over the previous year.

Some years ago, namely in 1984, after a continuous downward trend of 10 years, the Athens Stock Exchange touched the “bottom”. The following year, in 1985, the government took measures for the “Stabilization of the economy” (on 10/11/1985), in order to improve the balance of payments and the fight against inflation.

In 1986, investor’s confidence in the Greek economy possibilities slowly – slowly restored, while psychology has started to change into positive, investors interest is growing, while the international climate is good. Result, in 1986 the ASE General Index show a significant increase of 46.38%, with the annual trade almost doubled and reach 4.5 billion drachmas. In year 1987 ushered with the best conditions. Efforts to stabilize the economy are beginning to pay thus affirms investors confidence in the following economic policy. Interest at the stock becomes more intense. The rudimentary demand for shares that existed in previous years, now growing more and more intense. Existing investors reactivated after a decade, and in some reminiscent of “days of 1972” as characteristically saying. So, at 10/19/87, New York collapses and the Dow Jones dipped decrease of 22.6% in a single day. In five meetings, from 13 to 19 October 1987, the Dow Jones had lost 1/3 of its value. Japan, Europe all affected.
That small historic notes, are important to astrology to be aware of. That economical collapse might be however, stronger than we can imagine. It could be stronger than the 1929 and 1987 crash with the stellium in Pisces.
Back to the eclipse, the Sun-Saturn square is connected to limitations, increase accountability, delays, reversals in plans and subversive states on apolitical level, toppling leaders from power, distinguished individuals, it is also connected to economic losses, and affect parliaments, justice, relations with allies and friendly countries, relations with organizations such as NATO, the UN, and other future goals and plans of a state. Confidence will be shaken, entire communities, the business sector, and in general our aspirations.

The Moon (people, masses) at the 2nd house forms an opposition to Jupiter, which emphasizes dissimilarity and disagreements that exist in matters of 2-8 house, connected with mutiny, distinction, conflicts and problems that everyone knows. And this is connected with the fact that we will suffer. The woman is more affected. Debts will be in focus. The North Node in opposition to the Moon will affect alliances and symbolizes interruption of relations between countries and creates rifts and political separations, blocks everything and creates an atmosphere of paranoia.


The stellium in Pisces will affect much the psychology of the world, through the events that will come. The Moon-Saturn square, is linked to frustration, reckless actions and manipulations, intense anxiety, damage to stock market, lack of perspective and events that will cause insecurity and fear in populations in relation to economy, health and all matters mentioned earlier. In addition there will be serious problems with water, the world of agriculture as we already see happening. The Moon in the 2nd house really makes economy quite fragile and will block everything, as opposed to the North Node.


Mercury, is also at the 2nd house, in Pisces, in conjunction to Neptune, connected with the facts and information that have to do with unreal facts or will actually seem to us unreal what of what will happen. It is associated to complete confusion, with a completely wrong way of thinking, big lies, completely lack of sincerity, jumbled ideas, lack of mental clarity, and hypocrisy. The leaders will give recitals of acting almost anything would not be true. Mercury squares Mars, and is related to disputes, controversies, and also signifies difficulties in relation to agreements have been made, between the Members of governments, treats and deals that have been signed now might be reversed, and will affect the neighboring countries. Includes also altercations, lawsuits, nervousness, irritability, trouble.


Static interference in communication. Mercury also rules agreements, commerce and trade. Education, and media. These will be affected too. I wanted to mention also, that this collapse is artificial, not real. However, we all will count the losses, if that will happen. They will just make it to be soooo big, in front of your eyes.


Venus in the 1st house (general condition, state affairs and public health), at the 25th of Aquarius (degree of blindness) in square with Mars creates chaos, mess and risk of sudden outbursts and explosions, while there is a need for control our acts, but will affect the peace, diplomatic relations, and economics. It is also the desire to control through technology (I will point out the new technology that has appeared, long time now, known to all as RFID). Prowling or victims during a disaster( and of course it is possible, if such a dramatic situation will be created there will be much of raping, stealing and etc.…)


Mars at the 10th house is absolutely important, at the first degree of Sagittarius, which is equally dangerous, and has a military character. Mars squares Neptune and the contribution of this aspect is worse, so we will be witnesses of a very strange atmosphere, strange and dangerous events that will cause disruption, it is also the aspect of weakness, paralysis, impotence and affects the economy, governments and states. Linked to the crime increase, many people will be lost, there will be a lack of planning, lack of energy, and intense dissatisfaction. It has to do with the increase of immigrants that of course, will be much worse through the year. The epidemic and endemic diseases or allergic conditions will be increased and worsen. Also associated to the use of chemicals, chemical fires. The negative aspects attached two planets connected to situations that cannot be saved or handled, and that is formed between the 2 / 10th house. (Economy/governments). Just to remind you that Mars in Sagittarius will be there for long time till September, because of his retrograde motion and also there will be a rare phenomenon, when Mars will approach Earth too close in May.


Jupiter at the 8th house, the square of Jupiter/ Saturn, as we have explained many times has to do with the stock exchanges and further recession and this aspect will be precise, in May of 2016. This means economic losses and damages through dissipation and fraud. International financial sector is part of the problem. However, mutable signs can indicate this period, the approach of a war in order to solve problems, instead of an agreement, something that is not in the nature of Sagittarius / Pisces, while are forming a square.


The trine of Jupiter-Pluto is an energy that tries to keeps us in a somewhat optimistic situation, to continue to fight trying to react to the depressing influence of Saturn. The trine help us to change our beliefs, causes major changes, our faith will be tested, is the struggle for power development, whether in spiritual or in material realm. It is also the desire for control and exploitation of the masses by the plutocracy, what the power wants to hold. Jupiter at the midpoint of Sun but -Moon is the desire for united efforts of the world.


Saturn is at the 11th house, the Saturn-Uranus trine will contribute to the improvement of existing conditions, finding of new but safer ways for better living conditions in future. We have inventions and discoveries, particularly in communications, computers and electronics. Restore of the order and organization in areas where new developments are taking place, and also in emergency situations. Linked to the reform, and implementation of new technology. Nevertheless, the meeting of these two planets in the past brought turmoil to the world, with the Second World War through conjunction aspect and in 1988 the end of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.


The square of Uranus / Pluto, between the 3 /12th house is associated to the creation of new conditions between states, with violence, the upset, reversal, the yet mandatory and appropriate decisions, accidents, terrorist attacks, fanaticism, destruction. It will affect communications, the press, circulation, living conditions, dramatically the world state affairs, negotiations, freedoms, epidemics, prisons, immigration, institutions, spying.
Neptune at the 2nd house of course, is being translated as a complete chaotic situation prevailing in economy, a large bubble that will burst on our faces, while Pisces rules both Jupiter and Neptune, including political conflicts, major scandals will erupt, losses, feasibility, major economic upheavals certainly due to fraud or incorrect information, utopia, big lies and hypocrisy. And certainly all that points to some great catastrophe by water such as tsunamis, floods, large scaled earthquakes.
The North Node at the 8th house conjuncts Denebola, * connected to sharp criticism, perseverance, control, lack of imagination, undesirable associates, mental illness, the happiness turned into despair, disease, natural disasters .
Pluto at the midpoint of Mercury / Saturn is connected to freedoms limitations, shows the lack of confidence and caution, blocking, the alienation, the rupture, breaking any sort of relationships, unusual problems, the plans that specifying our luck. At the midpoint also of Saturn / Neptune, is associated with very serious illness, difficulties, oppression and impotence, poverty, epidemics, insecurity, resentment.

  • The North Node, at the 8th house, at the midpoint of Venus / Uranus is associated to very strong feelings and creates something new. * There is a need for regeneration and transformation – possibly through unexpected events and sudden changes. It has an aggressive nature, secretive, or adventurous features .The powers of self-control and discipline are used to change the conditions of life. The success is being achieved through a complete transformation.
  • Lilith in a Conjunction to Antares, is associated with the Spirit of adventure, obstinacy, injuries to the eyes, the sudden loss, violence, stubbornness, suspicion.

At the Solar eclipse we see the formation of a T-square in a conjunction to the lights, from Pisces, to Jupiter in Virgo and the square of all those with Saturn in Sagittarius, is hiding many traps, bad timing, impatience, and situations that have not matured . We are ready to start new things without having completed the old while we see a strong pervasive insecurity around the world. The chaos will grow uncertainties and show a lack of direction and aims, flexibility, large risks, and jerky actions to take place. The eclipse with the participation of Saturn speaks for internal withdrawal, where we should first examine things thoroughly.
At the T-square pattern we also have the participation of asteroid Ceres, (Ceres), conjunct the Sun and the Moon, so we see that it will be difficult to maintain the appropriate balance in negotiations. Also, there is an exact square to natal Mars of Greece, while above there is the influence of Saturn, in the eclipse chart, an aspect I mentioned in February Lunar phenomena, which means split of political parties, some members will abandon of political parties, fierce battles for power, risky negotiations to the internal and foreign policy of the country, including serious problems to the Aegean sea. Governments around the world will face serious problems which affect legal / judicial matters (Constitution) because there will be conflicting interests.


Compared with the horoscope of Greece we see the Moon squares Mars, Ascendant and Chiron, a semi / square to Uranus and conjunct Venus means tension, serious problems and violence, trapped in a situation and coercion , imposing restrictions to people, fires, incorrect assessment of the whole situation and inability to tackle problems in economy and generally.

solar eclipse greece

The Sun squares the Moon has to do with the tensions in partnerships, disharmony, difficulties, dissatisfaction and conflict between the people and the government. The Sun / Venus in Pisces conjunction in critical degrees, shows complete inability to tackle any current problems at the Aegean and throughout the country, generally shows an image of the country completely in mess, with damaging consequences. The Sun / North Node opposition points to the dissolution of a political group, the final dissolution of the current government in a sudden and complete way. The Sun squares the ascendant, semi / squares Uranus (fires).


The Mercury / Mars square is not positive for negotiating or any agreements but also our relations with neighboring countries, showing twists, aggression and reactions, delays, and this involves violent events, wrath, wrong decisions and military vehicles but interventions too. The Mars / Pluto trine is associated to conflict, war, intervention from NATO, violence, injuries, cruel and inhumane treatment. Jupiter squares the Moon is showing conflicts within the country, the people wrath, rebellion, even in religious or legal level but also points to large fires.


The opposition of Jupiter / Venus, in Virgo / Pisces axis, (Venus of Greece in Pisces) is a critical aspect that will be accurate on 25.3.2016, and is an indicator of stress, emptiness, indifference, wrong maneuver by the government and signifies losses, and certainly suggests further precaution. Jupiter squares Mars, and is connected to dissolution and determination. Issues related to refugees, religion, law, economy will have reached out of control completely. The country is affected by the square of Uranus / Neptune and Mars /Neptune and that marks losses in economic level, but also in agreements and treaties, many entangled situations, instability in financial and political terms. Worse could not be.

china eclipse and europe india japan and eclipse middle east and eclipse usa and eclipse

The trine of Uranus / Saturn shows that we will overcome the problems through several attempts, with will and determination but also through the ability to adapt ourselves to new circumstances while the trine of Uranus / Mars, showing the country’s risk exposure, an accident, sudden events, but revolution and hasty moves. The stellium in Pisces will affect the 11th house Greece, the 8th house with Pluto not to give enough space for the proper management of the debt, is affecting the government, mainly the northern part of the chart, like the square of Uranus / Pluto between 11 / 8th house.


The solar eclipse will affect 6th house Russia,( public health, sanitation, food, national service, army, navy, police, civil service, trade unions, working class.) relations with other states and the inside of the country.

The eclipse and the square of Uranus / Pluto will influence the American economy, the 3rd house, its foreign policy, and its interior, where it will should get ready for terrorist attacks, as well as Russia too, but also great destruction mainly showing to California side. The eclipse will affect China’s economy, where things will be dramatic at the stock market. The eclipse will affect the economy and the 8th house also of Germany where there will be a large terrorist attack there too. Also, it will affect the foreign policy and leadership of Turkey. Japan will be seriously affected too, particularly the leadership and economy. The economy of Spain, also, Sweden, and generally the EU chart hits economic issues. The 9th house and the 10th of France (government and foreign relations). Besides these we had write this before in last years eclipse in Pisces. As you can see the charts below, Mars, Pluto and Saturn affect Europe, Pluto Greece and that is important.


Finally, let’s take a look at Equations
Age of changes / Problems associated with inflammation – Abandonment objectives / Increases on the volume / Need for resignation – problems with medical issues – Psychological exhaustion -resignation- anxiety, failures, defects or damage / High degree of awareness – Intense jamming or opposition of the world / Significant vibrations – Destruction
Possible actions – acceleration – Strong will – Slope dispute or conflict – Active or dynamic action / violent deaths / problems regarding partnerships / deception or confusion – uncertainty or instability inaction – Actions related to confusion or chaos – personal influence Loss – significant losses – Intense uncertainty or deceit / rain showers / Violent revolution /
Restrictions – termination of collaborations
Fighting for the future of economy – sovereignty related to money – high strength injustice – Great misfortune – Spread powerful waves – Measures relating to excessive frustration or deception – weakness – fruitless power or influence – inflation – Spread hurricanes
Causing great sorrow or worries or fears – Actions related to significant losses – impotence – coercion, control – Facts about destruction
Problems associated with society – the political divorce or separation of communities / groups
Religious representation or hypocrisy / Extensive reductions – Restrictions on freedom – large periods of depression / obstacles or heavy loads and demanding tasks in economics – endings relating to the fate of cooperations- violations in connection with the law / termination of partnerships
Obstacles or delays related to education – the Cultural restriction on deliveries
Resistance on official reforms – Constant tension you relate to official matters – Rebellion on official demarcations – Unexpected fall
Ignition – military actions
Shocking activities – Sudden intimidation – Severe accidents – Demolition – murders
Ongoing difficulties or delays – Actions related to disaster
Programming illegal activities / Plans hopeless – endless chatter – malice / resistance or obstacles associated with compulsive Communications – News about disaster
Hidden motives – Abuse – Application of cheating
Errors with the people – Losses related to work – Inaccuracies – Risk related infections – Increasing insecurity or instability – loss increase related populations or nations
Actions contributing to economic losses – Illegal activities – Fraud – expulsion – Impotence
Unexpected medical problems – Sudden –Uncertainty, infections, insecurity or instability related transactions – Actions contributing to economic losses – Illegal actions or activities – Unfair requirements – gas / Suspensions explosions or obstacles related efforts – deaths outside the world- Stable intensity – Public conflicts – Considerations
Travel commands – Problems in the labor sector – Limitation or suspension of activities – Public problems associated with sex – evacuation orders – Significant cost – high impact economic problems – Legal problems relating to policy or power issues
Problems at work – Scientific restrictions / ongoing tensions with others – Groups in crisis –


Social discrimination / severe deprivation – Deep despair
Financial loss – Wrong image associated with wealth – frustrations associated with earnings – Exhaustion of resources – Experience on injustice
Financial abuse – increases associated with disastrous effects – poor results – Actions related economic losses – Actions associated with legal problems or conflicts – unfair or illegal actions
Postponements on beneficial organizations / income affected by technical breakdowns – Sudden money shortages – disorders / deluded populations or nations
Depression – Losses- poor people or nations – Heavy hours / Public opposition on formal issues – restrictions by the Government / Public crisis situations
Deaths associated with important personalities –
Active communication termination – terrorism / restricted income – Blurring the laws –dead ends or congestion – overwhelming conditions outside world – Final outcome
Stormy Privacy / Refusal or withdrawal developments / Reversals on religion – Religious skepticism or atheism
Great deprivation related losses – Anarchy / Public facility management – high-tech settings – Coup – Large volume outside world – Dictatorships
Changes of government that affect the world / Formal conflicts – wars

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29 (2+9=11) and February 2016 (2+2+0+1+6=11) aligns to make this a masterful and magical time for manifesting – it is green light go for acting upon your intuition – those deep, dreamy desires that have been rattling for release and expression are truly calling for recognition and we are being gifted with not only the spiritual significance of a leap year but with its twin flame vibration that is 11:11. You will feel this energy, particularly in your solar plexus (the seat of surrender).

“Walking though February 29 is almost like walking through a rare portal that is only accessible to us every four years…..” Tanaaz

Pay very close attention, this is a cosmic moment in time with the potential to have us ‘leap” into a whole new realm of awareness – there will be synchronicity and significant signs available…. have your heart wide open, as this gateway will hold many clues to your Divine direction, especially as the last full moon energies ushered in some surprise outcomes, both positive and negative and a lot of ‘left of field’ endings, particularly in your personal life chapters.

There is an increased frequency of sightings of 11:11, some days it is almost beyond belief – the energy embraces Oneness, you feel that you are not alone and you feel awakened in the moment. These master numbers represent the language of light, affirming that we are dimensional BEings, no longer living a 3d experience – you are a co-creator, a teacher and a spiritual alchemist, with the ability to transform all experiences with love – you are infinite and you are enough…let us bask in the rays of your Soul Shine.

All Illumination….All Love…….ReRemember that you are guided, guarded and protected – maintain a Divine Dialogue at all times…..blessings.

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Full Moon In Virgo/Thor’s Hammer-22 February 2016

The Full Moon of February will be held in the Virgo zodiac sign at 8:19:48 in the evening, at the axis of Pisces -Virgo, and it will be important for the signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. In this phenomenon, we will have the participation of Jupiter, Mars and Neptune. The Full Moon will have a revisionist character, but there will be a strong influence of illusion, and will mainly affect weak people or weaker social groups are involved in various addictions. Globally, it will bring unrest because Neptune here will appear to be very sensitive and will be responsible of political conspiracy, and Mars from Scorpio will become more violent, aggressive even particularly deadly.
The Full Moon will be held at the 3rd degree (quite critical one) of Virgo, at the first decan, at the 11th house of the solar horoscope shows the peak of tension and conflict which has been already escalated in the previous period. This full moon is the final phase of the moon of the eclipse cycle which began in September 2015.

So, on February 22 the full moon creates extreme tensions through the square of Uranus- Pluto but also a rare pattern of formation which is called the “fist of God,” or the “Hammer of Thor”, this formation releases more anger in order to resolve any crisis. This cycle will be completed in March by the solar eclipse. Outstanding issues should be completed so that we can start a new journey with less emotional luggage. So you need, to put things in order, not to let everything being done at the last minute, because that will cause great stress for you in your life. Delaying things, can lead only to the escalation of a critical situation, as we approach the eclipse, on 8 March, 2016.
The main question that arises is a combination of effects, from eclipses of September 2015, the solar and lunar one, and that is connected to the “healing wounds” even on a political level. It may also involve a relationship of love, friendship or parent-child relation, or a relationship that was the source of your inner pain. Whether it is a separation or continuation of a morbid relationship, expectations and treatment of these wounds will be the focus of problems. The full moon on February 22 will have to praise the subject that was in the new moon on February 8 involving the crisis management. Over the past two weeks after the new moon, two separate crises and a new direction, may have risen in your life. These seizures associated with the initial issue of the eclipse, the wound healing but also to address any existing imbalances in the dynamics of a relationship or partnership.
Each generation, even once, is experiencing a chaotic global turmoil in the world that affects everyone. The Uranus-Pluto square already bear enough in the last five years and this full moon, will complete any process. The issue of integration fits perfectly with this moon phase.


The full moon in the 3rd degree of Virgo, is in the midpoint of Uranus- Pluto square and this represents the radical and extreme change that causes our rapid adaptation to the events. With the Sun and the Moon at each end of the axis, a comprehensive review is required which includes your ego and emotions, your lifestyle and your habits, work and home, etc. The full moon chart shows that the full moon intersects the square of Uranus-Pluto forming a symmetrical pattern resembling which is similar to the kite pattern in astrology, though it is not the classic kite pattern we know in astrology. This formation includes the Sun-Moon opposition and the Uranus-Pluto square. The internal pressure and intensity appear and being expressed as external events. These aspects are showing stiffness and prevent our adjusting to changes are coming.
The semi-squares, are causing less tension, which is usually insignificant and usually we simply tend to ignore. However, those result to upsetting events at the outside world that require conscious action to address them. The semi-square of Sun-Uranus (45 degrees), require openness and flexibility as we enter a phase of uncertainty. The accumulation of nervous tension can lead to unpredictable behavior from your side, which can lead to sudden, rapid direction changes and accidents even globally. Without safe and conscious release of this impulsive and revolutionary energy, the “ego clashes” which is very possible. Arguments and disagreements, at this time would result in losses and unforeseen consequences, particularly if it includes your superiors at work but also on a war level too globally.
The semi- Sun-Pluto square at the chart of the full moon also increases the need for control, but can also lead to conflicts with other powerful people or authority figures. A crisis or conflict with someone creates an intense experience that can lead to extreme or destructive behavior. These challenges may force you to defend your position or make a significant change. Smaller square aspects, like the Moon –Uranus one, can cause rapid mood swings and impulsive reactions. You may feel irritable, have little patience for anything that requires commitment and your focus on something specific. You need extra stimulation and enthusiasm and it is likely to rebel against anyone who tries to cripple you or force you to do something. The smallest aspects of square between the Moon and Pluto can lead to compulsive and destructive behavior and deep feelings that you had buried, and now come to the surface and exposed. It is difficult to control intense emotions and reactions. Power games on an emotional level with your family or partner can become quite unscrupulous and concerns us at any level. Therefore, these aspects are not so neutral.
If we ignore the Sun at the chart of the full moon, then we have the pattern “the Hammer of Thor” drawn between the Moon, Uranus and Pluto. This pattern is called “Thor’s Hammer, or else the” Fist of God “. This may indicate a high danger for the planet that activates our powerful survival instinct that manifests as external events. Additional information that we have is that some people with this astrology pattern are usually witness violent events or violent acts, imprisonment or even war actions.
So, let’s say a few things about that legend of Thor is hiding behind this patter so we can understand more.
The Son of Odin and Jord (Goddess of the Earth) .Thor was the strongest in Aesir, the principal name of the Leadership race of Nordic Gods, who lived in Asgrad and the All Father Odin ruled the lives of mortals. Known as the god of thunder, is staying in Bilskirnir, situated in the locality of Thrundheim (place of strength) .He married the golden/haired Sif, goddess of fertility. He kept also a mistress named Jarnsaxa (the iron Cutlass) with whom he had two sons, Mangni Modi and his daughter Thrud. The Thor is usually depicted as a Great and powerful man with red beard, who loved food and drink, while his eyes are shiny.
Despite his ferocious appearance is revealed as the protector of the gods and the people, against the forces of evil. In popularity even surpassed his father Odin, because unlike him, Thor did not require human sacrifices. At his Temple, in Uppsala, appears with his father Odin, while he sits at his right. In the 11th century the Christian missionary, Adam of Bremen, locating the great temple of God in Uppsala (Sweden), wrote … “It is said that Thor s presides in the air, rules thunder and lightning, wind and rain if plague and famine threaten protects, and the good weather and crop protection. A libation (wine) is poured onto the Thor image. The temple was replaced by a Christian church in 1080m.Ch. The Norse believed that during a thunderstorm, Thor is leading his chariot, which was pulled by two Capricorns, Tanngrisni and Tanngnost, and that the hour of lightning throws his hammer Mjollnir.
The Mjollnir (what crushes) was made for him by the dwarfs Brok and Eitri, who had manufactured many magical objects for the gods. Thor wore a belt (Megingjard) which doubled his already considerable power. The greatest enemy of Thor is Jormugand (the serpent of the Middle Earth). On the day of Ragnarok (Final showdown of the Gods) the Thor will kill the serpent but will die from his poison. His sons are those who will inherit the “Hammer”. The Ragnarok also is being called Gotterdammerung, which means the end of the world, in Norse mythology.

Thor was well known for his speed and passion. We see that in the battles with the Giants (the main enemies of the Gods). Will smash their heads with the powerful hammer. To handle this weapon, Thor should wear the belt of strength and a pair of iron gloves. The Thor’s hammer always turns in his hand after a throw. Also throwing the hammer symbolizes the lightning. Thor was the first of the gods, that common man would be invoked to ensure fertility and widely worshiped. Charms in hammers shape (as this was the weapon of Thor) worn around the neck for protection, in the years of the Christianization in Scandinavia. There are molds of that time which together contain and shape of the cross and the hammer next to one another. His name has been given in many places and the statue was the one that stood in the center of the great Temple of Uppsala. It connected by the Romanians with the planet Jupiter. In an earlier version Thor was Donar for Germans .The Anglo-Saxons also worshiped the God of Thunder who called Thunor. Thor lived, not as part of any religion but in our daily diary and the day Thursday came from him. Thursday = Thor’s Day.


Back to the analysis of the full moon, the sun creates a more intricate design of aspects, with stronger energy, which is similar to Yod. In a normal Yod, the action point is the point where the energy is expressed. On the chart of the full moon, this point is the Moon while the reaction point is the Sun, where the energy is focused like a laser. This is called “Arc” because it looks like that but also is acting as one. The aspects of opposition and a square, compose the frame of the gun, to deal with the conflict or a crisis. The remaining aspects represent of high intensity. Of course what makes it quite possible, and allows great accumulation of tension comes from the Uranus-Pluto square, culminating in the full moon, and then releases the collision energy by the Sun. The moon (arch) pushes the Sun to launch (arrow) to a remoted target.
The Crossbow (arc), essentially is releasing tension that has been created long time now. Although this pattern is a complexed long-termed challenge or conflict, also gives the necessary weapons to defuse the tension and tackle the problem. This is a dangerous weapon and should not be directed in our personal life or even on a global level. It is a matter of survival. The Uranus- Pluto square is connected to extinction matters and rapid changes.
The February full moon, doesn’t give an easy way out but has gives motivation and toughness are necessary to strengthen the ego, to protect ourselves, and those we love because we need to survive. This is the final step in a long journey that has started long ago, concerning to global threats and extreme changes occurred in recent years.


The fixed star Fomalhaut at the 04 ♓ 04 degrees of Pisces, conjunct the Sun at the chart of the full moon, it is ideal for the completion of this stage of spiritual development. It is very lucky and powerful star, but it can be very destructive too. According to Ptolemy, is of the nature of Venus and Mercury by mixing the influence of Neptune. According to tradition, this star is quite variable, and brings results depending on the total cosmic structure. Here, it is particularly powerful with the Sun and means dissolution, blind fanaticism, malicious actions, contextual plots, strong and resolute enemies, blurred distinction, crime, danger bites of poisonous creatures.
What we experience now are the results of Uranus /Pluto square. These things represented by the Moon eliminated from the Sun. The moon represents the woman, the Sun is the submissive partner or someone who is dominant. It is connected to the world, an uprising which is suppressed by the authorities. The Sun is associated with the leaders of a country, the government, men who occupy a prominent place in society, while the moon is associated with the people, especially women, national security, the role of the family in a nation but also affects the sea, the water and economy.
Now, the frustration and anger of the Moon will release this destructive energy back to Sun to correct the wrongs and to balance things. Abused and victims will have the tools to regain their dignity and human rights. A mundane example of this could be the parliamentary elections in Iran, on February 26, 2016. The radical conservative patriarchy controlled the world for 30 years. The Iranian people have suffered more from the Uranus- Pluto square have suffered a lot through extreme changes, sanctions and isolation. The outcome of the wars in Iraq and Syria, the fight against the Islamic state, and the crisis of migration depend more than in Iran than in any other country. After all these challenges, the Iranian people will have the opportunity to resolve despite many both for themselves but also for the world. The silent majority can release the frustration and anger that has accumulated from extremist religious patriarchy, voting against them from power. This really would be an important evolutionary leap for humanity.
Also, at the chart of the full moon we notice the following.
* Sun-Regulus conjunction: ambition, alertness, great power, leadership, sudden fall, accidents, violence
The Sun in the 5th house and the Moon in the 11th house. The Moon in Virgo at this house has great power as it is connected with mass mobilization, the international organizations, the law, the parliament, and the neighboring states.
Mercury at the midpoint of Sun-Pluto, is associated with a crisis breaking out, tension, pride, arrogance, violence, and overestimation. Mercury in the 5th House, rules the 12th house too, and warns of grief, loss and speculation, but it refers to delicate health, suffering, distress, tribulation, danger, linked to dictators and those who express such characteristics, passion for power. Venus in 5th house, in Aquarius, especially loves freedom, * conjunct to Talitha but with Mercury in the same sign, associated to suspicion, mistrust, and uprising with great fury.


The position of Mars at the 2nd house is linked to economic collapse and ruins, and losses. Mars at the midpoint of Mercury-Jupiter is associated to coordination, recommends the use of reason is necessary, a successful conference discussion, success in negotiations, the sacrifice, but the determination and bravery. Associated with a group of scientists the successful orators, otherwise it could bring adverse effects such as deception, sham, fraud, slander, negligence. Mars rules also the 7th and 8th one, and points to the form of a unity government perhaps is just around the corner perhaps could be a solution, for some countries of this planet or at least altogether will succeed more. The square of Jupiter/ Saturn creates additional difficulties, depression, conflicts and lack of discipline, losses and problems in the economy, stock markets, public, health, religion, changes, raging, instability, poverty.


Equally very important is the influence of the Uranus-Pluto square between two angle houses, the 7th and 4th house, associated with revolution, collapse, explosive situations, violence, fanaticism, changes, reversals but also concerns also the appropriate decisions.
*** Pluto conjunct Canopus- violence, scandal.
Pluto at the midpoint of Sun/ Mars is connected to fanaticism, one-sided attitude, ruthless, violence, war, alarmed, firing rockets, satellites and spacecraft, mischief, failure, desire to realize a feat para many things, overcharging, the experience of violence , war.


Comparing the full moon chart to the Greek Independence chart, we notice for one more time this, Saturn conjunct Mars at the 15th degree this time, a fairly critical one as I explained before in new moon chart, of February, by one degree difference, but now Mars off Greece in Sagittarius and Saturn at the same time exactly meet each other, and that produces, according to political astrology of riots and critical events, war incidents, like the incident at the Aegean sea a few days ago with the helicopter, and generally has the meaning of an ignition.
Venus conjunct Uranus at the 6th degree of Aquarius means love of freedom but also a state which is out of control or has broken out, everyone is against the government, Saturn in opposition to the Ascendant, indicate that the situation will continue to be quite uncomfortable and it’s time to say for them to say goodbye.
The North Node squares the moon reminds that everyone should be united, the Saturn-Uranus square will continue to affect the Greek Independence Chart, creating tensions and reactions against any restriction, bringing violent incidents , the square of Mars -Uranus loads additionally the atmosphere because this axis is linked to revolt, the uprising but also interventions, sudden events associated with accidents and airplanes accidents, the struggle for survival, Mars also is opposed to the ascendant but the Moon-Pluto opposition marks the violent explosion of the population of this country.The full moon will affect Turkey, Russia, China, in Asia in general and America, and the coast of Turkey to the side of our country.

1 2 3 5 6

Equations to Greece coordinates…
Meeting on governmental issues – important collaborations
Civil servants – Contacts on the principles – Important hours – surprise authoritarian actions of partners – collaborative work – adventures on their partners – tension or stress -Create turmoil – Injuries – Start fires or ignition – actions involving weapons – Mandatory decisions
Withdrawal – departures-divisions –obvious problems – resignation -deserted
Evening hours- serious or critical concerns – concerns or fears – Sadness or depression – problems specific to women – Problems with the public
Links about the past or history – resistance or obstacles related compounds – Withdrawal of associations – large enterprises – Important discussions – Extraordinary meeting – important dialogues – announcements on senior -dissolution
Surprise successes – Many sports –extended reforms – tension Volume Up
Initiatives related trade – efforts for peace – Liberal action – scientists – Success with technology – Extended ignition – Fire Propagation
Sudden insecurity or instability related acts – related disorders indecision swing – Acute infections – outbreak of many storms
Startups on the influence of partnerships – epidemics

Disorders related to injuries, damages or injuries – Damages related faults or burglary
Losses related to acts of war
News on the withdrawal or suspension of operations – Eviction or persecution
Battles over information about finances



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Astraea Asteroid Through Zodiac Signs

Astraea is named for the goddess of justice, symbolized by the balanced scales. She was last of the Immortals to withdraw from Earth and was turned into the constellation of Virgo. The asteroid seems to be a symbol of integration and wholeness, whether in ideal state or the fragmentation that requires a restoration to the ideal. There is something sublime about Astraea’s idealism, which seems to relate to Divine Order. Unsurprisingly, it does not always sit comfortably in the ‘real’ world – just as true balance is hard to achieve and maintain. Astraea brings things together, and also breaks them apart. It gives intellectual acumen (like Pallas) and practical problem-solving skills. There is a great intensity to Astraea, and it can manifest in a deeply concentrated way, both in personal terms and more mundanely, such as the concentration of energy involved in splitting atoms apart. Astraea’s intensity sometimes means that it shows up as an obsessive streak, and a tendency to wait around too long for something to finish, or a willingness to put up with other people past a point of reasonable tolerance. Another important point is that Astraea seems to relate to the realm of the very small – in material terms, to the cellular, atomic and sub-atomic planes, and to all the quanta of information that the mind processes in order to understand the wholeness of concepts and ideas, and various kinds of relationships.


You have an inability to let go of your independence. You want to continue doing things your own way when it is time to start co-operating.


You are apt to become stuck in your ways and oppose change. You prefer the comfort and safety of things known to the insecurity of the new.


You have difficulty making up your mind. You prefer to keep your options open and may miss opportunities to learn new ideas.


You have an inability to let go of your family. You prefer the comfort of your own home to the excitement.


You lack spontaneity and are liable to become stuck in one creative project. Your pride may stop you having fun.t of an open environment.


Your attention to detail and need for perfection may be blocking your productivity. You are reluctant to change your daily routine long after it has outlived its usefulness.


Your sense of fairness is stopping you from striving for your own independence. You are so busy catering for the needs of those around you that you do not have time for your own projects.


You have an inability to let go of joint projects and your search for external resources.


You have an inability to let go of your personal belief system to make way for a more inclusive and bigger picture.


Your need for respect stands in the way of you achieving your ambitions. You are cautious and may lose opportunities through fear of appearing foolish.


Your inability to conform to other people’s expectations is stopping you from achieving your ideals.


You have an inability to see unity in the world. You may cling to your own spiritual truth believing it to be a universal one. You may be afraid of being overwhelmed by other people.

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Hygeia Asteroid Through Zodiac Signs

Hygiea is named for the goddess of health, a daughter of the Greek medicine god Asklepios. The word ‘hygiene’ comes from her name and the asteroid has a bearing on issues of cleanliness, health and well-being. Illness and disease (especially ‘dis-ease’) come under Hygiea, and the healing processes required for restoration to wholeness and harmony. This asteroid seems to act as a cleanser and potentizer (to borrow a useful word from homoeopathy), and can activate transformative processes that produce a ‘new improved’ version of some aspect of life. Concepts of purity and purification also seem to be very important with Hygiea, and it can help people to ‘clean up their acts’ on many levels.



You are keen to live a healthy lifestyle, and initiate fitness programs. You are impatient to overcome your illnesses. Ill health may be a sign that you need to slow down.


Your comfort and good health are important. You are apt to become ill when you are not moving forward in other areas of your life.


You are keen to gather knowledge on health. Mental health, and the links between mind and body, may have featured in your life.


Your health may be closely linked to your home environment. Any disruptions in the home may spark bouts of ill health. You may be concerned for your family’s health.


You take pride in your health. You may have hobbies and pastimes linked with health.


Health is highlighted in your life. When your life becomes disorganised, your health suffers. The lesson is to recognise the links between mind and body and develop a healthy daily regime.


Imbalance in your life will lead to ill health. You see the links between health and beauty. You want to share your insights.


You will undergo cycles of ill and good health. The lesson is to realise the links between your psyche and health. Sexual health may also feature in your life.


You like to see how health fits into the big picture. You may study or teach about global health issues.


You have much wisdom about health issues. You may later become an authority on health issues.


You enjoy keeping fit with friends, joining fitness or sporting groups. You are concerned about the health of the planet.


The spiritual health of the world is important to you. You can see the links between physical and spiritual health and want to share these insights with everyone. You may suffer bouts of illness in hospital.



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Ceres Through Zodiac Signs

Ceres was the first asteroid to be discovered in 1801 and is named for the great corn goddess and Earth Mother of Classical mythology. It represents a mothering, nurturing principle, often working in very practical ways. There seems to be a strong pastoral and educational quality to Cereal influences, and the asteroid (or ‘dwarf planet’ as astronomers now classify Ceres!) also symbolizes the powerful protective forces that foster growth and development. Agriculture and ordinary working people seem to come under Ceres’s mostly benign rulership. In mundane terms Ceres has a distinct bearing on the well-being of ordinary people, and research has proven it is one of the most important fundamental symbols of the spirit and practice of democracy. In synastry, Ceres is very important, and shows the ability of people to take care of each other, based on deep goodwill or genuine love. ‘Loving-kindness’ is a very good keyword to describe the influence of Ceres. There is also a link here with food issues, and Ceres can be a factor where there are eating disorders or problems with calorie control. Another aspect of the shadow side of Ceres is a tendency to smother-love or some sort of devouring quality, and there can be issues around separation from loved ones. However, the positive side of Ceres is very positive indeed, and seems to be working to make the universe a more accepting, harmonious and loving place to be.



You feel cared for when people are allowing you to be independent. You also believe that the best way of caring for others is to let them be themselves. You will suffer if you feel dominated or caged in.



You feel cared for when loved ones give you a sense of stability and security. You like to be touched and stroked, and nurtured in practical ways. You also like to show others you care through practical means.



You like those close to you to share their feelings and thoughts and to listen to you. You share information with your loved ones to show them you care. You will suffer when others refuse to talk.



You ability to nurture others is closely linked with your own relationship with your mother. If you had a close and loving relationship with your mother then you will enjoy the same with others in your adult life. If not, you may form dependent relationships.



You feel cared for when other people play with you and praise you. You like to show others you care for them by encouraging their creative talents and sense of fun.



You feel cared for when other people help you perfect your skills. You like to be of service to other people.



You feel cared for when your loved ones create an atmosphere of peace and beauty. You like to co-operate with those close to you.



You feel cared for when your loved ones intensely focus their attention on you. You are emotionally committed to those close to you.



You prefer your loved ones to provide you with a sense of adventure and freedom. You feel cared for when you are allowed space to explore and reach for your goals.



You tend to look after yourself and others rather than seek nurturance. You feel nurtured when you achieve your ambitions. You teach others self-discipline and how to achieve their goals.



You feel cared for when others accept and encourage your sense of individuality. You feel comforted when surrounded by groups of people. You teach others to accept their eccentricities.



You feel most cared for when experiencing at-one-ment with the world. You care for others by relieving their pain. You have compassion for your loved ones.

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Juno Through Zodiac Signs

Juno is named for the Queen of Heaven and carries a sense of royalty and entitlement. Juno was patroness of marriage, and the asteroid represents conjugal issues and partnership, especially legal unions. Status and equality issues are important to Juno, as are strong emotions, and also money matters. Juno’s energy can also manifest with violence, and seems to relate to the concept of the primal feminine quality of power, the shakti bestowed by goddesses in order for the cosmos to come into being. Perhaps the most important thing about Juno is that it shows where individuals can find their personal power, although this process can be distorted, delayed or never effectively started. This means that the natal position of Juno can be as challenging as that of Saturn, and as fraught with ‘lessons’ as we call them, although ‘consciousness-raising experiences’ might be a better description, especially if whatever is learnt involves the death of unskilful ego responses or the trimming of egotism and egoism. There is something here too about resource management, whether the resources are spiritual, intellectual, emotional or material. Juno energy is very passionate and can be very big and dramatic. Juno people often have a lot of style, too.



You need freedom within your relationships and may become impatient if this is denied. If you do not express your own need for independence you may attract a dominant partner.



You need to feel safe and secure in your relationships. You want your partner to be reliable and stable and are likely to want a traditional marriage.



You want variety and stimulation within your relationship. Talking, swapping ideas, writing, planning and studying are all ways in which you may meet your needs to communicate with your partner.



You want a close and caring emotional bond with your partner. You want to share your meals and home with your loved one.



You want to be proud of your partner, and for them to take pride in you. You want to have fun, romance, and creativity within your relationship.



You are looking for the perfect partner and may need to make adjustments in order to accept less than perfection. You need a partner who can attend to details and contribute to the daily household chores.



You want your partner to consider you as an equal. Peace and harmony are also vital ingredients for you within your relationship. If unsuccessful you can be unco-operative.



You want an intense and sexual relationship. You want your partner’s total attention and demand a high degree of sensuality.



You would like a partner with a common belief system or vision. You want to be free explore the world, literally and philosophically, with your partner.



You want a partner who you can respect, and who respects you. You seek long-term commitment, and may marry later in life.



You want the freedom to be your own person in your relationship. If this is not available you become rebellious and unreliable. You are unlikely to be comfortable in a traditional relationship.



You want to be at-one with the world through your relationship. You crave for the highest romantic ideals within your relationship, and become disillusioned with reality.


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Asteroid Pallas Through Signs

Pallas represents the wisdom seeker and intellectual pursuits, and perhaps handicrafts. Like Uranus it has a bearing on ‘wake up calls’, sudden changes and shocks. It rules a higher understanding of things, and the processes, however challenging, difficult and demanding of change in one’s life, that are required to gain it. Palladian energy can be quite violent and disruptive, even destructive, making things as hard to endure as they need to get, in order to catalyse necessary action and alteration. In this light, Pallas by transit can point to times of great stress, particularly if the person affected is resisting change. Pallas is also one of the symbols of the mind, and prospers intellectual acumen and the cultivation of intelligence. Pallas people tend to be smart and fast, quick on the uptake and quick in action, although ‘negative’ or unskilful expressions of Pallas can be apparently stupid (because blocked on some level) and clumsy, or sometimes very cut-off and alienated. The energy of this asteroid can take quirkiness to the point of oddness and the inability to relate in ‘normal’ ways. However, the best gifts of Pallas are those of insight and understanding, and the capacity to know and act in more astute, informed and ultimately kindly ways. And there’s another bonus with this asteroid: Pallas seems to prosper a sense of humour, and is always prominent in the charts of satirists and comedians. One of the ways in which Pallas helps us to deal with the rigours and stresses of life is to make a joke of things instead of crying about them. This means Pallas helps us all to become that much tougher as well as smarter, and helps us to laugh in the face of adversity whilst finding a skilful strategy to deal with whatever life throws at us.


You have a keen intellect with the ability to come up with exciting, new ideas. You are also happy to risk putting your new ideas into action.



You have the ability to see the beauty in nature and the arts. You have much common sense and wisdom. You may become involved in either healing with your hands, or healing the earth through environmental movements.



You have a keen mind able to grasp many concepts. Therefore you are adept both in written and spoken language.



You are very intuitive. You rely on your emotions to guide your opinions and thoughts. You are an empathetic listener and are keen to keep up communications with your family and loved ones.



You have a creative mind, which you enjoy using. You like to play with words. You may write or be involved in a creative project in the world of the arts.



You have an analytical mind which you can apply to detailed and exhaustive projects. Your powers of discrimination are strong. You also have executive abilities. You may become involved in the field of health



You are able to see both sides of a story, and help bring opposing parties into agreement. You are a diplomat and a defender of justice.



You have a probing mind preferring to always get to the bottom of things. You can be ruthless in your pursuit of the true story. You are a detective and a psychologist.



You possess the ability to see the big picture. You enjoy philosophical discussions and can include all cultures. You are a defender of truth.



You possess wisdom and the ability to structure your thoughts. Your mind copes well with plans and you like to put things in their proper place.



Your mind can be brilliant, original and insightful. You are able to quickly grasp new ideas and apply them to the future. You fight for your ideals, and humanitarian or political causes.


You have a meditative mind, the ability to merge in your mind with the universe. You desire to heal the world through words, and may be involved in some form of artistic expression.


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Vesta Asteroid through Zodiac Signs

Vesta relates to the Classical goddess of the hearth and family, and is Keeper of the Flame of Life. The asteroid encompasses this holon and symbolizes tradition, piety, dedication and service, focused behaviour and efficiency. It can also indicate tunnel vision, fanaticism and excessive conservatism. Some of the earlier work on asteroids elevated Vesta somewhat higher than the other symbols, perhaps because its rather Saturn-like qualities are more accessible and more readily understood. Both Vesta and Saturn are symbols of work, but Vesta tends to like work better than Saturn, or point to areas where one is less resistant to having to take up whatever responsibility or burden may be indicated. Indeed, Vestal people can be willing to be quite self-sacrificial, usually for those they love, or for some noble cause. The negative around this can be postures of martyrdom or (if self esteem is much lowered) to becoming some sort of doormat. There is an ascetic quality to Vesta and those in whom its influence is strong can operate in quite austere or priestly ways. Importantly, Vestal energy is usually apparent at endings, including death, when the flame of life it has supported is extinguished.


You are self-reliant and self-motivated in your work, sometimes to the exclusion of other people. You have commitment to your ideas and enjoy working by yourself. You have a commitment to independence and the ability to achieve personal success. You may alienate those close to you.



You have the ability to work in a stable and persistent manner. You are committed to working in a comfortable and predictable manner. You need to avoid becoming inflexible.



Networking and coordinating are two key factors in your work. You enjoy communicating and exchanging information, particularly at work. You have a tendency to avoid emotions, in favor of intellectual conversations. You may be a committed writer.



You are committed to your family and loved ones, especially when they need you. However, you may withdraw like a crab into your shell if you feel hurt by those closest to you. You enjoy working with those close to you.



You work most creatively when left to your own devices. You feel pride in your work and can be inspired by romance and fun. Play and work are closely linked for you.



You have a perfectionist streak. You work hard and expect the same from other people. You need to avoid being overly critical. Positively, you have the ability to set up efficient and productive routines at work.



You prefer to work with other people, rather than on your own. You like to share work resources and yet need to watch that you don’t become too competitive. You want to be recognised as an equal.


You are intensely committed to your work. Dedication and the ability to focus are keys to your work. Sexual morals may feature strongly as you seek to either break existing sexual mores or repress sexual urges behind a strict code of ethics.



You have the ability to work relentlessly for a cause in which you believe. You need to make sure you do not exclude other people’s points of view. You have visions and enjoy the adventure of discovery in your work.



You place importance on structure and order in the workplace. You have great discipline and personal ambition, and can succeed in administrative and management positions. Workers will turn to you for a sense of stability and authority.



You work best in an atmosphere of freedom and have a tendency to escape from routine. You will have commitment to humanitarian or political causes which do not offend your sense of individuality.



You work best when you are striving for service to humanity. You are committed to making the world a better place for everyone. You feel overwhelmed by work unless you focus on service to others.



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